Saturday, December 16, 2006
'Tis the season to be ... totally uninspired.

The rocks from our little fish pond. There is a constant and amiable battle waged between me and the kids to keep the rocks in the pond.

As you can guess from the water-less state of the above photo, I usually lose.


Back here I mentioned there were two beyond-busy seasons for me at work?

Observant types may have guessed we're in the throes of the second one.

There's something about a 63 hour week leading into a full weekend in the office that just leaves me a bit flat in the blogging department.

Dunno why.

I've tried to pull it together this week, really I have.

I've rewritten the Christmas meme that's been doing the rounds to make it an Australian Summer Christmas meme. But then I couldn't be bothered answering my own questions and it seemed a bit smart arse to put it up just for other people to do. Do you think?

I wanted to post some party pics but I haven't managed to download them from the camera.

I have some before and after pics of our front garden. Ditto for the camera ennui.

I had some Santa wish list stuff I wanted to record for posterity from the kids, but now I can't find the piece of paper.

I had a rant about the inconsiderate nature of women who give birth in December: aimed largely at my husband's mother, may she rest in peace; but then I realised I couldn't finish it off properly without having a go at the Virgin Mary, and I didn't have the energy to offend anybody as saintly as that.

RSM has definitely gone missing this week, although next week's Christmas one is half-written, so there's a bonus.

You see? I just can't get on top of things.

So in this season of joy and peace, in which I am reminded every year of just how desperately I need a wife, I found myself looking at the fish pond rocks and making a decision.

I have decided to forgive myself for failing to meet my own standards of achievement in the blogging department, and everywhere else, for that matter.

I will forgive myself the last minute gift purchases.

I will forgive myself the store bought cake for The Prof's birthday on Monday.

I will forgive myself the absence of cute home made presents for co-workers next week.

I will forgive myself forgetting to pay the council rates on time.

I wil forgive myself the unsent Christmas cards.

I will forgive myself the failure to blog.

Anyone else need some forgiving? I'm in the mood.



Sunday, December 10, 2006
Root shoot Marry #17, Super Size Me, Baby.
Out of the night
When the full moon is bright,
Comes a horseman known as Zorro.
This bold renegade

Carves a 'Z' with his blade
A 'Z' that stands for Zorro
Zorro --The Fox so cunning and free

Zorro --Who makes the sign of the 'Z'

Party was great, thanks for asking, but what wouldn't I give to have superpowers?

Not technically a superhero, I know, but with Zorro's sword I could have sliced carrots and celery for the dip as well. Never mind, the crackers were enough.

And with Spiderman's web...

I could have flung myself much more quickly from kitchen to lounge to deck to backyard, making sure everyone had drinks and food and that children were doing ok. Never mind, the walk did me good.

And with Superman's x-ray vision

I could certainly have made sure that the bathroom was free before opening the door to throw a dirty tea towel into the laundry basket. Ew. We do have a lock, people, and it would be much nicer if you remembered to use it.

Are we sensing a theme here yet?

I did promise you a Super Root, Shoot or Marry this week.

Your choices this week (Rules here) are


The new Superman

Brandon Routh. I love the idea that he was discovered by the director walking into the bar he was tending. Also, that as a kid he wore Superman pyjamas. It's a bit like Katie having a Tom Cruise poster on her wall...

Batman, but not just any Batman.

I toyed with Adam West for a loooong time (ever since I was 10 and watched him pop the bubbles concealing some evil woman in a bubble bath, actually)

but in the end, by today's standards? The daggy grey leotard
just doesn't do it for me any more.

But this does.

When you make your Root Shoot Marry choices this week, kindly picture Batman with the sexy smile and broad shoulders of Mr George Clooney. I know his costume was even more bizarre than Adam West's. Deal with it.

And lastboy but not leastboy, back to the start of this post we go with yet another man in a mask, the legendary Zorro.

Antonio. Of course. Sigh.


so many to choose from, so little bandwidth.

Again, I was torn over Batgirl.

The Yvonne Craig character was something of a role model for me as a little girl.

SO cute!

But in the interests of accessibility I think we'd better go with young Alicia Silverstone.

And in the interests of a bit of edgy hotness, could we go past Jennifer Garner as Elektra?

Nope, I didn't think so.

And the final choice tonight is the one, the only


Has any superhero ever managed to look so tough and so prissy all at the same time?

Here she is holding onto her magic golden lasso with all the enthusiasm of a nun at a male impotence clinic. And remember her magic bracelets? The bullets just bounced off them!

As a special bonus this week, I'm throwing in a Wild Card.

If you really can't decide from either list, you are - for one week only - permitted to add a fourth option.

Can you guess who it is?

Click here

Have fun!