Friday, October 27, 2006
Everybody wants to work (oh no, not me) - The Uncanny X Men. Theme song for Root, Shoot, Marry #11. [Stolen by Bitacle]

I love and hate this time of year.

There is something about being part of a hard-working group of people, with common cause and common drive, with a sense of greater good, with care and consideration and wit and intelligence; it simply makes you feel more alive.

I love this job more than I have ever loved doing anything in the world of work.

But fuck you feel dead at the end of this part of it.

And we're not quite at the end of it yet.

So. Twirling those Pollyanna curls, here we go with three good things about working too hard:

  1. Remembering dawn is awfully pretty in springtime.
  2. Cabbing it home every night on the corporate bill.
  3. Knowing it ends; knowing it pays off in a year's worth of respect and allowances made for the flexibility I demand for kids and co; knowing it's a worthwhile job (ok, I'm cheating on the three things. I'm Pollyanna, right? Give me a break.)

Were you waiting for three bad things? Do you even know who Pollyanna is?

Anyways, there are, of course, far, far too many more than three...

Meantime, I try to enjoy the ride.

escalator, martin place

Quickly now, to Root, Shoot and Marry #11 and then to Sleep.

For speed's sake, you're only getting the boys tonight, girls tomorrow.

Hard working lads

1. Bill Gates

2. Donald Trump 3. Richard Branson

Root, Shoot, Marry rules in full via the link on my nav bar above.

You have my two week gap to make up for, so Bed 'em, Dead 'em and Wed 'em with a vengeance, folks.


And just one more thing, especially for Shula at Poppalina.

Guess who I'm listening to as I finish this post tonight?

Shula, darling woman, when you see Jackie on Sunday, can you please tell her I love her music beyond all sense and reason?



ps - dealing with mad jealousy at the amount of face to face meeting going on down Melbourne way just now. Please note that Nutmeg, My Float, Kim and I are getting very close to a date for a mass Sydney bloggy meeting and EVERYONE else is welcome - email me.

pps - goodnight moon.


Anonymous emma said...

Root shoot etc. Oh God, my stomach is churning just looking at this trio.

Root: Branson. It's only the one time,isn't it? and we could do it on the beach of that island he owns after I'd had a few rum punches.
Shoot: Bill Gates, for producing a truly shit piece of software.
Marry: I guess, the Donald, in the hope I could get my hands on his millions once we got divorced.

Blogger meggie said...

I feel sick!
I have a headache!
There is not one I want to be anywhere near!
Root Bill Gates -he is the only one who looks like he doesnt just ADORE himself.

Shoot Donald- the hair!

Marry Branson, but hope he went off quickly to play with his blonde dolly birds & have his hair tinted- again

Blogger Lazy cow said...

Let me just confess that I have seen Uncanny X-men live 4 times (due to a massive crush on that little twerp - I can say that now - Brian Mannix).
On to the men.
Root: Donald Trump. I don't know why. I have a feeling he may not be able to - ahem - perform anyway.
Shoot: Richard Branson. Sleaze city.
Marry: Bill Gates. I might even be able to have a conversation with him.
(Please don't think us Melbournites are being exclusive, I've long contemplated organising an Aussie-wide blogger get-together but have been too chicken to do anything about it).
And of course, I'm jealous that you are all getting together.

cheap Virgin airfares make everything possible, LC...

Nice to see every one of the lads has already scored ...

Blogger Joke said...

I feel exactly the way you do about your job, with the minor exception that I hate all forms of labo(u)r and work.


Blogger Stomper Girl said...

So nice to see you back!

Such a bunch of unappealing men, the only apporach can be business-like...

Root: Richard Branson, on one of his private planes and get to join the mile-high club without having to slink off to a cramped,stinky cubicle
Shoot: Donald Trump, just to piss off a whole lotta blonde gold-diggers scheming a wedding day as tacky as Melania's
Marry: Bill Gates, and use the massive fortune to do good and cure sickness ... (and raise my kids and myself in luxury, obviously)

Blogger Suse said...

Jealous that you're doing an en masse get-together. Lazy Cow keeps saying she's going to organise a Melburnian all-in but we're still waiting ... (no WAY am I organising it!).

And so.

Root: Richard because he's a Virgin, right?
Shoot: Donald. Obviously.
Marry: Bill. He looks quite decent. did you hear the surprise in my voice there?

Anonymous shula said...

toughtest RSM yet.

R: Branson. I'm with Stomper Girl on the Mile High Club. An unfulfilled fantasy of mine. Private Jet, of course.

S: Trump, I honestly think the world would be a better place without him. And an even better place without the rug.

M: Gates. Not that I feel any better about him, but I'd devote the rest of my life to eliminating poverty and disease with all those gazillions.

Nice to see you surface, Pollyanna, I was beginning to get nervous.

Blogger My float said...

Easy peasy.

Root Branson. He's been around so much that he's bound to have some tricks up his sleeve.
Shoot Donald. He's hideous.
Marry Bill Gates. You get loads of money PLUS you get to do charitable works. That's the life.

Blogger nutmeg said...

Well, your back with a bang - RSM with all those ugly millionaires. Makes my "marriage and divorce" line in many previous RSM's all a little redundant!

I'm just going to have to "turn it all on its head" so to speak:

Root: the most revolting - Mr Donald - a bit curious as to what role the rug would take.

Marry: - the "not marrying" kind - make the confirmed bachelor's life a living hell - we could get married on that island of his and I could invite all my worst relatives to a week long celebration.

Shoot: probably the one that should be kept alive - he is giving away some of his money to charity, isn't he?

Great to see you back :-)

Blogger h&b said...

Love the escalator shot - hope things wrap up soon at work so you may fall into a merry/drunken? heap.

Your R.S.M, is giving me the heebies .. really, could you find 3 more undesirable ??

I'll have to come back with my choices after a quick heave of my early dinner. Really...

And LC really does have some fab ideas for a huge meet-up. It should be done, it would be a blast....

Blogger telfair said...

THIS is a horrible trio.

Root: Branson. As Emma asked hopefully, it's only the one time, isn't it?

Shoot: Trump. He sucks. The hair will not decompose, though, I'll bet.

Marry: Gates. He does seem like a nicer sort than the other two.

Blogger telfair said...

I feel a bit dirty now.

Anonymous shula said...

Hey Bec,

forgot to add, so glad you like the CD, isn't it great?

Blogger Badger said...

I will have to vote the party line on this one.

Root Branson.
Shoot The Donald.
Marry The Gates for The Dough.

But yuck.

Blogger Carolyn said...

What Badger said. Hee hee

I'm glad you are posting again.

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

Oh man is this one tough! Yeesh! It's nice to see you back here though!

And sooooooooo jealous of a "Sydney Meet-up"!!!!! :)

Root - Ummm, Branson. It's just one time. I could make it through with eyes closed. And maybe the whole private island/jet thing wouldn't be allll bad!

Shoot - The Donald. He annoys the hell out of me in every way - his voice, his hair, his attitude.

Marry - Bill Gates. He seems like a pretty okay guy. Plus I think he's the most okay of the three!

Blogger Joke said...

The way I see RSM is that 99% of the time there is one clear choice in one of the 3 categories. This is what I call the pivot point. In this case the clear choice is to marry The Donald. Why? Because he ends up divorcing whomever he marries and she lives happily everafter with a bazillion dollars from the settlement.

That leaves "R" and "S" to determine. Bill Gates is simply un-R-able. So that automatically sends him over to "S" (which leaves few moral pangs if your PC's crashed often enough). This leaves Branson over at "R" which, as StomperGirl aptly noted, has the happy side Mile High Club effect.

But, since I'm addled by a Y chromosome, I'll have to wait for the "girl" side of RSM to show up.


And I am tardy on the girls, Joke, and my sincerest apologies.

My only excuse is a huge weekend of cooking and entertaining, but that should be most acceptable to your epicurean self, yes?

Oh - we also lost an hour to daylight saving; an hour in which I would totally have blogged the girl RSMs for this week.

Blogger Joke said...

My condolences on the Daylight Savings Time thing. I'm on record as despising it freely.


Blogger Kim said...

I hate daylight savings. H.A.T.E.

Oh you two SO misunderstand me.

I adore Daylight Saving. I strongly believe it should start at least a month earlier, at the October long weekend.

There is no sane reason possible to dislike having an extra hour of daylight in the evenings.


Anonymous shula said...

Would anyone believe me if I said that Daylight Savings gives me jetlag?

I never know what time it is for about 2 months.

Apart from that, it's okay.

Blogger MsCellania said...

Root: Branson
Shoot: The Dreadful Rug Wearer
Marry: Gates

Blogger Joke said...

I could stand to live half my life in the southern hemisphere when DST ends there, returning here when DST ends here.

To be honest, I fail to see the allure of daylight, especially in the evening. At 6am-ish (like, say, now) it aids in rousing offspring from slumber.

DST just makes it more difficult to get the lads to bed at their 8:30ish to 9pm-ish bedtime. Because the sun is out.

So, I'm reveling in the fact we're in Daylight Wasting Time, treating daylight like the, disposable nonrenewable resource it is.



P.S. Is DST the reason Bec & Kim (amicably) divorced?

Blogger mad muthas said...

why are you working so terrifically hard at the moment? look after yerself, girl. if you burn out, everything falls apart!
couldn't i marry them all sequentially, about 5 years each, maybe have one child, just to be on the safe side, then make up nasty stories about how they forced me to cook for them and unreasonable stuff like that, try to get the media on my side then D.I.V.O.R.C.E ...
nah - no-one would sink that low ...

Blogger kt said...

HA! We don't have Daylight Savings in Arizona!

It's because we don't WANT another hour of brain-searing, pizza-oven heat on a daily basis, thank you so very much!

Ok, on to RSM. This group is the absolute definition of an unholy trio, but I'm holding my nose and here we go...

Root: Branson. Yep, he can wine me and dine me and most of all, TRAVEL me all over the globe until I'm good and ready to make a man of him. Then I'll kick him to the curb.

Shoot: No contest. Shall I just say, "Yuh Fie-uhd!" (pun intended) and leave it at that?

Marry: Mr. Gates. He seems to be an okay kind-of-a-joe, and I'm thinking it'd be nice to help him share the wealth with the rest of humanity. (I'll take my cut, don't get me wrong.....)

We missed you! So glad you're back.

Blogger BabelBabe said...

Root: Bill Gates - I do like geeks. And he's the only even remotely cute one.
Shoot: Richard.
Marry: Donald. Who says you have to consummate it? God, he makes me gag.

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