Sunday, October 15, 2006
STOLEN by Bitacle

What a day.

I did a big one of these

truman conference

But without so many suits in the background. Who ARE all those people?
And, of course, since Truman last stepped on the White House lawn there have been a few advances in technology, so mine looked more like this


We got all state and national TV crews, and the two daily metro newspapers, and all Sydney radio, and it went off like a frog in a sock (full credit to Kim for that most apt and brilliant phrase).

It’s about the third biggest media conference we do all year. There are a number of personalities involved and the balancing act is – err – challenging. Sadly, if I told you more I’d have to kill you, so let’s avoid ruining Sunday night with too many fatally curious cats, yes?

I can promise you that, whatever it is about, it’s not as exciting to the media as this


This, apparently, is what happens at Chez Cruise when there is a rumour that Katy Holmes is going shopping alone!

On the other hand, this is what happens at Chez Ladies Lounge when the family hears Bec is going shopping alone:

sad family

We all pay a price for fame.

So, the tv newses (is news its own plural? I feel I should know) are done and we’re all happy.

The Prof, after seven hours alone with the three little Lounges and a mountain of successfully completed housework, has retired early to bed with a migraine.

I have retired to the couch with a large glass of oh-so-unfashionable-merlot and, best of all, HIM:


What a perfect way to end the weekend.

And, assuming this works, the many photos in this post will have been brought to you courtesy of the genius of Suse of Pea Soup, who finally explained to me exactly what she meant by “Get ye to Flickr”.



Blogger Kim said...

And I miss every evening news bulletin due to being on BBQ duty.
Congrats - and well done!

Blogger telfair said...

Wow -- your day sounds impressive and more than a little tantalizingly mysterious. Politicians? Game show hosts? EDDIE MCGUIRE?!?

Now I'm twitterpated. But loving the "frog in a sock" phrase -- I so have to remember that.

PS -- I can think of nothing more satisfying than an evening on the couch with merlot (which I still like, too) and Steve McQueen.

Hey Kim, check the Daily Tele coverage today. Huge and hilarious.

Telfair: I'd be just a little bit afraid of media managing Eddie McGuire, now that we all know about his 'boning' threats an' all!

Blogger mad muthas said...

oh go OOOON - for those of us far away - spill the beans, wontcha? what was your press conference all about? (and what did you do with your steve lookalike?)

Blogger meggie said...

Wow Tantalizing Stuff indeed, Bec!

As to Merlot- New Tricks?

Oh Meggie you are an ABC watcher after my own heart!! Yes, New Tricks on Saturday night, and also that US wine movie of a year or so ago (help me here, someone, it had the chick who's the competitive freak doctor in Grey's Anatomy??)

Mad Muthas - sadly, I've taken the anti-doocing vow of no professionally identifying/ incriminating material on my blog. I usually stick to lots of pics of my kids to keep the pedophiles happy instead...

Blogger h&b said...

" PUBLISHING and Broadcasting (PBL) shares joined News Corporation shares in hitting record highs today " ?

No, I have no idea.

Intrigue is good for the soul anyway ;)

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Was this the culmination of the Very Important Job, involving sulky blogstrikes and the promise of a great view that was not in the end fulfilled? (See, I pay attention too!)

Blogger Em said...

I'm intrigued... but I won't ask.

I'll just speculate :)

Blogger Suse said...

"The genius of Suse at Pea Soup". The same genius who has to use two browsers to make a blog post, and still gets rogue spaces everywhere, and a weird symbol (random) at the end of every post, and who f*cks up her template every time she tries to update her sidebar?

Yeah, that genius.

(The one who's so old fashioned she didn't even KNOW merlot is passe).

(And can't do accents on the word passe).

(I'll stop now).

Anonymous shula said...

Are we to assume that you've solved the issue of the mulitple photo flickr-cross-blog post?

Care to share that secret with the rest of us?

Or am I going to lie awake wondering about that as well?

Blogger Irene said...

I just discovered another loony mommy. Woohoo! I'm hooked! :p

Blogger My float said...

(I'm not going to say it, I'm not going to say it.) I don't know how you do it. Oh, it popped out.

I'm impressed, ok?

(And Irene's comment: Another loony mummy. Hee hee. Too true. Oh, sorry, Bec. I know, we're all potential inmates! )

Blogger nutmeg said...

Very intrigued ;-)

I have to say I also love Steve McQueen. I think I've watched The Great Escape about.... well, alot. Also that racing car driver one. He's nasty but oh so nice to look at.

Blogger scribbit said...

Okay now I'm feeling as stupid as humanly possible. What was going on over there?? I know I should have been paying more attention in class, dang!

Politicans and others, folks, not so sexy really - but it's a big story here Every Year at this time and Again in December(if that gives any enduringly curious Australians a clue).

I keep coming back to try to catch up with comment responses (you know I love a good comment boxz conversation!) but dammit, work gets in the way.

I am best described today by Telfair's term 'twitterpated'. Is that not THE BEST word?

Anonymous shula said...

Were you one of the guys in the 'carpark' without a union ticket talking to Kim?

This is worse than trying to work out Badger's birthday present.

Which she still hasn't told us, after weeks and weeks and weeks.

That's quite a day....

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