Friday, September 22, 2006
Root Shoot Marry #7 - Let's get personal
Right you lot. Time to get personal. No hunting down 007s or ogling the drugged out gazes of people who are too drunk to fuck, too rich to care.

(and by the way, nicely diverse work on the mugshots dudes, even Nick Nolte scored a pity bonk.)

This week, we're playing the same only different. Intimate, even. But rest assured, it's still within the rules of Root, Shoot, Marry as we're not being asked to make the beast with two backs with any family members.

Your choices this week are:

1 - your first high school crush
2 - your most attractive boss so far
3 - the most desirable spouse of a friend (yes, this is within the rules as long as neither friend nor spouse is present and it makes for excruciating game play in real life version of RSM)

So, go at it. I think this should cover both male and female players and - yes, no matter how nice all three of your choices might be in reality, one of them still has to die.

If it was too easy, it wouldn't be fun, now would it?



And this is a tad experimental - so you'll be sure to tell me if it's too hard, yes?

Blogger Badger said...

Hmm. Not too terribly hard, I don't think.

Marry the crush.
Root the boss.
Shoot the spouse.

There. That does it.

Blogger blackbird said... I play this cliff, shag and marry, remember?

so - cliff? the desirable spouse of the friend.
shag - the high school crush.
marry - the gorgeous boss.

Blogger MsCellania said...

Oh, this is EASY! I was thinking one needed to divulge names! WHEW!

Root: Most desirable spouse of friend as lord knows I wouldn't marry a KNOWN CHEATER.
Shoot: First Crush - that asshat tried to molest me. Luckily, I had different ideas and did that knee to the groin thing my father had taught me.
Marry: My handsome boss. He is sweet, kind and owns half the town. *ahem*

lovely stuff: although showing an intriguing early tendency to murder the spouses of our friends rather than - what? risk the friendship? interesting, interesting...

lovely stuff: although showing an intriguing early tendency to murder the spouses of our friends rather than - what? risk the friendship? interesting, interesting...

Blogger Suse said...

I just loved that you included a Shakespearian quote in there among the terms fuck, root, shag, drugged out, dudes and mugshots.

You are such a classy gel.

Ah, Othello! I'm thinking that a Baz Luhrman version would contain much that is similar to a Friday night Root Shoot Marry...

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

Oh! Duh! I was thinking the same thing as MsCellania! Now that i know that I don't have to give names, this is much easier!

I think it's funny that everyone is shooting their friend's spouses too!

Root-Most desirable spouse of a friend because damn is he hot. But I couldn't marry a cheater either.

Shoot-First high school crush because he was also my first high school boyfriend and he didn't treat me so well. But I'll try to make it quick because he did introduce me to my husband...

Marry-Most attractive boss because he is simply the best both inside and out!

Blogger kt said...

Hmmmm, I came in on the toughie!

I guess I'd say:

Root: the high school crush (just to test him out)

Shoot: the cute boss (as he is a boss, he's likely been a big jerk more often than not)

Marry: the desirable spouse (as I know th most about him and he's hot, too! BONUS!!! CHA-CHING!!!!)

Blogger Joke said...

Well, I can't marry the desirable spouse until they do something about the polygamy laws, and there's a reason why I didn't marry my first crush.

R - Crush. For letting me think she was particularly pious and then finding me online AND having turned into a "phone actress" after I got respectable and married.

S - Spouse. For being all hypothetically unfaithful to my hypothectical pal. (That said, MY wife is the desirable wife among my immediate set...and since half of my friends are women, that makes half the spouses husbands and I'm not progressive enough to try THAT.)

M - Boss. I'm a capitalist, so career advancement plays a part in this RSM installment.


Blogger telfair said...

First time player here...

Root: First high school crush. Then you can forget about him properly.

Shoot: The desirable spouse of a friend. Wanker...

Marry: Attractive boss. Which would allow you to quit your no-good-very-bad job with a modest, understandable excuse...conflict of interest.

more dead spouses! lovely stuff.

welcome KT and Telfair, brilliant rationales from both of you!

And Joke, congratulations: you've just become the first person I know to know a professional orgasm faker. Interesting that she didn't get the bullet...

So glad this is working out without the famous faces!

Blogger BabelBabe said...

first timer here - bec, glad you are blogging again. also, Telfair! Telfair, I am off to see you right after I do this!

Root - most attractive boss, although am fairly certain he's gay

Shoot - desirable spouse - he's cute but he drives her bananas and works so much she might as well be a single mum, and get his life insurance. hey, i'm all about bettering my friends' lives.

Marry - the high school crush. except he married the ex-girlfriend of my older brother. ew. too close for comfort : )

Blogger mar said...

Hi, I am running for "Best Foreign Blog" at the current blog emmy's...need your support, if you are willing to. Ok: I will put it this way: Vote for me!!!!

Lovely to see you playing, BB, and as far as the boss goes, well there's only one way to find out for sure, isn't there?

Blogger nutmeg said...

That'll teach me for getting here so late. All the good answers are already gone. Choice of the meet so far is Joke's comment about not being that PROGRESSIVE (sorry Bec, I'm muscling in on your commenting on the comments gig) I'll butt out and play now.

Root - first high school crush - I was a prim and proper 15 year old and never got that far with him.
Shoot - most attractive boss - she was far too much competition!
Marry - has to be the desirable spouse of a now ex-friend (I covet her house a little, anyway).

Blogger Joke said...


My weakness is curiosity, not vengeance. Besides, the story only gets more weird and surreal from there.

This is why it is policy in my house to not remain on even the barest speaking ternms with exes. We do not speak to them, of them or about them.

History confirms the wisdom of this outlook.


An excellent policy, Joke. I barely remember my current husband's first wife's name, and unless pressed by a temporarily wedding-obsessed eight year old daughter, I never remember my own first husband's name at all...

Blogger MsCellania said...

Yes, absolutely. Never mention the ex's; unless children are involved. And then, only when absolutely necessary, as in "That AssHat's check is late again." or "The ShitFerBrains is late picking up the children again and it's disappointing them"
Things along that line are not only acceptable they are, unfortunately, expected. (One rarely needs to mention the good ex's; they behave as expected and become part of the wallpaper.)

Blogger My float said...

Shoot: first high school crush who was a teacher and who didn't dissuade my best friend from her alas excessive crush leading to her nearly having a nervous breakdown at 17
Root: the most desirable spouse of a friend because I'm the lovin' kind

Marry? Attractive boss? Sadly, this is where the game ends because I would never mix business with pleasure!

Anonymous The Prof said...

I'll play although as Nutmeg said all the good answers are gone

Root first high school crush, because I didn't

Marry the desirable spouse, I did

Shoot the Attractive boss because beauty it has been proved is really only skin deep and all my female bosses already screwed me, metaphorically speaking

Blogger meggie said...

Late finding this- shame on me!

I would root the delectable boss- & hopefully get his gorgeous arse out of my mind!

Shoot the spouse -set the poor thing free to enjoy life without him.

Which only leaves the first crush to marry... well divorce is so easy to get these days!

well done, meggie! (but what will the GOM have to say about the divorce?!)

Blogger meggie said...

At the moment, probably "Goodbye"!!

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