Saturday, September 30, 2006
Root Shoot Marry # 8 - the Boys' Own Edition
See below for the main game of Root Shoot Marry #8 - I tried adding the girl pictures into that post and almost lost the lot so here are the ladies for anyone who wants to give them a try too, this week.

Carly Simon

Marianne Faithful (is that spelled correctly?)

Frida from Abba - sans the satin hotpants, sorry about that.

Remember - this is a moment in time theme, so you take them just as they are here, not as they later became!

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Blogger h&b said...

I was only waxing lyrical about my love for Carly with my mum recently.
"No Secrets" was a brill album.

So, root ( eww, i'm not into lesbo action ) - um, Marianne, I guess.
Even if the "Mick & The Mars Bar" story aint true ...

shoot - Frida ? So sad, I can't do it. Fortunately, at the last moment, Anna steps in the way and k-pow, seeya.

marry - Carly. We have No Secrets, we tell each other everything ( and also have pillow-fights and jump up and down on the bed )

Ah hell, looks like i'm rooting and marrying Carly .. and shooting Marianne - she always shit me anyhow.

Hope I played ok for a virgin ;)

Well done - and on the boys too!

Blogger Joke said...


This is difficult stuff. Not because the subjects are particularly undesirable (unless, of course, one has to LISTEN to them warble) but because they are rather a bland-in-a-soupy-way bunch.


R - Marianne. Just to see what the fuss is all about.

S - Frida. Because in Sweden they don't have firearms of any sort and they could stand to be surprised. Besides, if convicted, I'd be sent to a 4-star hotel of a prison and told to remain in situ and think about what I have done.

M - Carly. She'll wake up one day at 4am and skulk away forever and then write a song about it. ("Oh, How You Punished Me" or "When I Saw Your Haircut I Knew I Wouldn't Get Any Sleep"). And I'll be famous.


Blogger meggie said...

I just dont fancy ONE of them- but then, I dont fancy women at all!

Root Marianne- those appealing eyes.

Shoot Carly- for wearing that hat!

Marry Frida- the accent would be interesting.

Blogger Suse said...

Root - Marianne (live dangerously)
Shoot - Frida (she was responsible for moneymoneymoney, remember?)
Marry - Carly (seems wholesome enough?)

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

I can't believe everyone's shooting Frida, she was my fave popstar growing up!! Carly Simon is way more annoying surely???

Is anyone else getting worried about how closely Joke is identifying with The Punisher's, ah, 'haircut'?

Anonymous shula said...

Definitely, he's been banging on about it for days.

This is a soggy bunch, Bec.

R - Carly, just to get a good look at those breasts, I wanted a pair of those when I was a kid.

S - Marianne, because we all know where she's heading, and it's not pretty.

M - Frida. A word of advice to the men....marry the sensible ones, especially those of independent means.

Anonymous shula said...

And tell Joke to allow anonymous comments on his blog.

I know, they're all a bit white meat, aren't they?

I have a bit more sizzle planned for next week.

And yes, Joke should definitely allow anonymous comments. Meantime, if you have something really rude to say to him let me know and I'll post it. I'm in the good books after completing Shredded Granny Pants and I'll probably get away with it...

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