Saturday, January 13, 2007
Root Shoot Marry #19: Beau Brummel.

These two are simply too pretty to have only one showing this week.

So, themewise, you're stuck with it this sunny Sydney Saturday (ok, the weather was shitty here most of the day but the alliteration is irresistible).

You can blame half of it on Jane Henry, (Comment:Actually I think Jeremy has aged better then Anthony... AND I would definitely have rooted him!)

and the other half on Joke. (Comment: I was admiring the raiments, myself. )

Upshot is, you get to cliff, shag or marry a fop tonight.

I'm eliminating Anthony Andrews/Sebastian Flyte and Jeremy Irons/Charles Ryder (above) because you have had too long to think about them.

Trouble is, the nature of fops being what it is, I'm struggling to come up with parallel girl versions this week, so I am hoping that male players like Joke, and the Prof, and Muzbot and maybe even Mr Blue Moon Girl will feel they can play along based on the clothing aspect alone this week - fellas?

(btw, guys, am open to girl suggestions to be covered in an edit - let me know what your period-costume suggestions are and your wish shall be granted)

EDIT: SEE BELOW. Joke: wish granted, and thanks for the inspiration. One of them was even born in the right church for you: although maybe to the wrong political party?

So first up tonight we have a thoroughly modern fop - of the cad and bounder variety:

Jude Law, The Talented Mr Ripley

Second fop, more of a classic, Robert Redford in The Great Gatsby:

Although he looks more convincingly foppish here with Mia/Daisy:

Third fop, Ewan McGregor in Moulin Rouge:

There they are, and they've defied not one, but two Blogger crashes tonight so I think they were, as we say, meant to be.

And continuing with the above edit, once Joke suggested Grace (with that bizarre noun I can't even bring myself to type) the other two were obvious.



Pick a root, pick a shoot, pick a marry. Roger someone's delectable arse off. Or just quibble about his choice of collar.



Blogger Jane Henry said...

Sorry folks - it's all my fault. I still fancy rooting Jeremy though!

Still, in lieu of him, Jude will do. He's too cool to be utterly foppish, but he is definitely shaggable material, and most definitely not marriageable. I suppose we could all shoot him on Sadie and Saffron's behalf, but let's face it ladies, we'd probably do what the nanny did given the chance wouldn't we?

Shoot Robert, for looking so ridiculous.

Marry Ewan, because he still manages to be manly despite being a fop, and though I have yet to see Moulin Rouge, I have been watching Stormbreaker with the kids, where sadly he dies within the first two minutes, but boy does he make an impact... and I defy anyone NOT to want to be the one to tame him...

PS I could NEVER shoot Obi Wan Kenobi....

Blogger Joke said...

The female equivalent of a fop is a quaintrelle. So, you might want to offer Grace Kelly...who may or may not've been a quaintrelle; but I have always believed that her life would have turned out far better had she married me.

Well, at least our children would have turned out better. And we would have had way more than 3.


Blogger telfair said...

Oooh, this is lovely!...


Root -- Robert, because he might be so foppishly sensitive that he would do something completely unexpected -- say, for example, cry.

Shoot -- Jude. I cannot suffer a nanny-rooter to live.

Marry -- Ewan. Of course. We could ride motorcycles around Mongolia and at the end, all foppishness would be swept away by the dust of the road.

Blogger Badger said...

Oh. Well, this is easy.

Shoot Jude.
Root Ewan.
Marry Robert.


Blogger mar said...

Dropping by to say hello and wonderfully surprised by such handsome fellows...

Blogger Carolyn said...

Root - Jude Law. If I married him, it's obvious I could never compete with the nanny.

Shoot - Robert Redford - So not my type.

Marry - Ewan. I could look at him all day long.

(Must now remove tongue from keyboard.)

Blogger meggie said...

Cant give reasons, really,

Root McGregor

Shoot Law, shoot Law, shoot Law- just want to make sure he is gone, you understand.

Marry Redford- it might be an age thing...though his recent freckle/liver spotted appearance could be a bit off putting.

You've all done so well. Not sure I could be so quick to decide!

Joke, your wish is granted, although you may have to refresh the page to see them.

Blogger h&b said...

I'm sorry - I am a fop tragic, and flop around like a lovestruck 13yr old on the couch when one graces my tele. Cannot.resist.the.fop.

So i'm rooting them all, marrying McGregor. ( I can't believe you left Hugh Grant out ! )

And the girls, the girls, the girls. I have so many picture books on Jackie O .. but I reckon all three would have been total ho's to hang with.

So with this in mind, i'm shooting all the girls, keeping all the prettyboys.

HTH ;)

Blogger BabelBabe said...

Root - Robert, even though I don't really find him attractive - because I want to MARRY delicious Ewan so I can root him whenever I like. Of course, I am shooting the horribly weak-chinned and annoying Jude Law.

Blogger Joke said...


R - Audrey, by default. Although one must take care with her, as she probably had a strategic tattoo reading "Fragile."

S - Jackie, because her voice sounds like an asthmatic Minnie Mouse on Thorazine doing a singularly difficult crossword puzzle.

M - Grace. Catholic, well-bred and the single most beautiful woman the human species has ever produced.


Blogger Kim said...

I never play this because - well normally I'm gagging at them all. But in all honesty - I'd just shag all those guys and be done with it.

Is it bad that Sebastian is on our list of boys names? (I haven't seen Brideshead Revisited since about 1985 and then, at that age, it all kind of washed over me) although I prefer Sebastien, but refuse to give any child of mine a name they will have to spell for people for the rest of their lives.

Blogger Kim said...

WHAT WAS I THINKING - Jude Law - somehow I missed him (I sort of got caught up in a menage a trois moment involving Robert and Ewan).

Shoot him. Totally.

H&B - saving Hugh for another occasion. I had a kind of sub-theme here of acting in period costume and couldn't think of a similar role for HG.

Joke - I thought Grace was born otherwise and converted to Catholicism for the Prince? I was referring to Jackie...

BB - from previous post: so glad you like H James - I think one of the others confused him with James Joyce and the page long sentences - erk.

Kim! Nice start, although I'm cutting you some virgin slack here as you DO have to make a choice between the root, the shoot and the marry... No reason you couldn't marry Robert and ask Ewan to join you in the threesome, though.

Blogger nutmeg said...

Even though it looks like he's well and truly spoken for I just have to join the long line waiting to marry Ewan.

Shoot Jude. Doesn't do it for me I'm afraid. Hate all that good looking/bad boy thing (another in that clan is the woeful Colin Farrell; anyway I do digress).

Root Robert. Default really - but still definitely worth it :-)

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

Root - Jude Law because while he isn't my favorite actor, he is still pretty darn cute.

Shoot - Robert Redford. He just sort of annoys me. Although, I did like the movie Great Gatsby.

Marry - EWAN!!!!!! I haven't seen Moulin Rouge yet, but he is the one person I would leave my husband for. (Mr. B knows and is totally okay with this, I assure you! He's leaving me for Jennifer Garner.)

And now for Mr. B (who truly appreciates you for finding some girls)

Root - Audrey. Just because.
Shoot - Jackie because she's annoying.
Marry - Grace Kelly because she's a princess and unbelievably beautiful.

Blogger kt said...

What about Hugh G in "The Englishman who went up a hill and came down a mountain" or however that title goes? Don't know if the time frame is quite right, though, so I guess I'll just have to be patient for him to make his appearance in the game.

I'm with badger this week-easy peasy.

Root-Ewan; we'd have a good time.

Shoot-Jude; just doesn't do it for me, and that's enough reason, yes?

Marry-Robert; whenever my mom sees him, she exclaims sadly, "Oh, but he's gtting old...", but I don't mind. Yum.

Strangely enough, the bloke who seems unable to keep it in his pants in real life is doing very poorly in RSM...

Blogger scribbit said...

I have always thought Grace Kelly in Rear Window is the absolute most fabulous dresser in the world. You can't get classier than that.

Anonymous sueeeus said...

Ditto what BabelBabe said for me, but Anthony, oh Anthony! Swoon. He was the quintessential fop in The Scarlet Pimpernel (1982 version). Sink me!

Blogger Suse said...

root: robert
shoot: jude because well, yuck
marry: ewan because well, der.

All the women are already dead so my work here is done.

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Joining in belatedly after a relaxing sojourn at the beach so there may be spelling and or grammar problems. Possibly also loquacity for good measure...

I loved H&B's call about shagging them all, adding in a BONUS Hugh Grant and then marrying Ewan. And if you need a theme for a Hugh Grant RSM, there is always the delicious agony of the 3 Hughs...

But anyway.
R: Jude. He's shaggable even if he's a hopeless slut, and is it just me or does anyone else think he's either short or has an oversized head?

S: Robert. He's lovely but as has been noted, lots of slightly offputting liver spots and waaaay too old for me. Circa the Sting though, he was tres dishy.

M: Ewan. Have you seen Long Way Round? He's a really nice man and husband (and also a complete babe). Also, he was gorgeous in Moulin Rouge, even though his luminosity couldn't save that movie from being ruined by the execrable performance by N. Kidman.

Blogger velcro said...

OK Shag Jude Law (everyone else in London seems to have)
Shot Robert
Ewan, even though he was a complete prat at school and his big brother was a thousand times better looking than him I'd marry him

Blogger Nic said...

Easy peasy lemon squeezy this week!
Thanks Bec!

Root: Robert - really, is there anyone alive who wouldn't? And if we're thinking character, Gatsby's got to be worth one? Although he would have to take that silly hat off first...

Shoot: Jude. Not even going to apologise for this one - as a person he does nothing for me, and as a character, Ripley really freaks me out.

Marry: the luscious Ewan - such a romantic anyway, and I'd love someone to suddenly sing to me as he does to Nic in Moulin Rouge!

Blogger Nic said...

A says he would have to marry Jackie in his pursuit of power and wealth (picked a wrong'un with me, dear...). He spent a little longer on the other two, but finally announced he would have to shoot Grace because he couldn't pass up on Audrey "One of the most beautiful women on the planet. Ever. And she's kind of cute".

I so agree with you Nic! I'd love someone to burst into song just for me, too...

In fact, that gives me an idea for an RSM theme.

Blogger My float said...

Most definitely marry Ewan. I cry each time I watch Moulin Rouge and not because of Nic's acting.

Root Jude because he's so experienced. Shoot Robert because it's the only lefover!

Blogger Surfing Free said...

CANNOT go past the goregous Robert Redford at the height of his beauty. He was kind of fopish in The Way We Were as well .... so I'm going to take him home and marry him and shag him!! Hurray!

I think I'll just shag Ewan even though he seems like a very nice fellow. Of course it wouldn't be JUST a shag, it would much much more :D

Going to have to shoot Jude though 'cause he was a bounder in the movie and is an utter bounder in real life.

How could you shoot any of those ladies!!??

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Excuse me Bec, just needed to ask a quick question here - is that alright? - Velcro? Did you go to school with Ewan McGregor?

Blogger Joke said...

Grace Kelly came from one of the most prominent Catholic families in Philadelphia. (Old money, Ivy League universities, blahblahbla)

But even if she were Orthodox Druid, I'd be hopelessly smitten.

In fact, if I were only a picofraction more smitten with her, I'd seek professional help.


Good point, Stomper. God I'm unobservant sometimes. i focused on the idea that he had an unknown big brother who was CUTER and mentally wandered off into 'how much cuter??' fantasy land...

So, Velcro, spill.

And Joke. Dude. This is getting painfully close to necrophilia in a very sweet and gentlemanly kind of way. Are you sure the professional help is not needed?

Blogger velcro said...

yes I went to school with Ewan; he was in the year above me though so had no idea that I existed. His big brother (who is not famous so I'll not mention his name) was the headboy and I confess I had a serious crush on him and pestered him relentlessly (so maybe he moaned about me to Ewan, you never know!) He was utterly completely beautiful, intelligent, and good at sport.

Blogger Kim said...

OK - I'd shoot Jude, I'd root Robert and marry Ewan. It's an ageist thing. And Robert also has those weird bumps on his face that are getting worse the older he gets. Plus I saw how Ewan missed his family and reacted to seeing his wife on The Long Way Round and I want me a piece of that.

Oh - and just to stir the pot.
Shoot Audrey (so thin and irritating), root Jackie, but only under duress (again so thin - those hip bones would be owie) and marry Grace because there are things I would do...

Blogger Joke said...

No, it's just wistfulness. There is no danger of my heading to Monaco with a shovel.


Blogger h&b said...

I'm changing mine.
I now want to marry VELCRO.

So she can introduce me to the Head Boy.
Hubba Hubba.

Blogger ewe are here said...

Late as usual, but I can't resist...

Shoot right away: Robert. Have to admit it, I've never understood the attraction.

Root: Jude.

Marry: Ewen. There's a reason I have Moulin Rouge on DVD.... And I've rented Down With Love a couple of times... ;-)

Blogger h&b said...

Oh - I forgot about "Down with Love" - how delectable is that movie ?!??! *swooning*.

Love the 'dirty' scene on the phone, doing pushups, etc .. very clever filum ;)

Blogger M2 said...

*The female equivalent of a fop is a quaintrelle.*

A quaintrelle is the female equivalent of a DANDY, not a fop. Big difference.

- Michael Mattis,

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