Friday, January 12, 2007
In which we note that life is a beach: or, if it's not, it should be.
I have a confession.

Remember my slow-down resolution back here?

I fucked up.

At the start of this week I gave the verandah, stairs, outdoor table and some of the chairs a double dose of decking oil*; baked bread - twice; sewed a new dress for the Pea Princess to match the one I made for her little sister last week** and to add to the curtains, pillow, other dress and nightgown I sewed for PP over the weekend, and finished a fabric wall hanging to go above the marital bed.

After three days of this I had an aching back, builder's tan marks and had started grouching at pretty much everyone. I remembered I was supposed to be on holidays.

So now I am.

This morning we dropped the Gorgeous Boy and Sparkle at daycare and PP and I made like convicts and headed for Botany Bay.

Have you ever noticed how often nature just poses for you at the beach?

Have you ever seen a seagull doing yoga?

Sparkle had given the Pea Princess a floatie boatie thing for Christmas: it was launched today with great success.

That should work as an album.

There is always excellent people-watching to be had at the beach.

When I'm her age I want to be that comfortable in my skin. (Albeit, I'd like to be just a bit smaller, please).

I read my new book. Simple, classic, spooky, not at all up-himself, and able to be purchased for a mere $5.95. Oh how I love thee, Henry James.

(And, look here, all you book bloggers are giving me feelings of inadequacy verging on intimidation lately! I got the chance to browse for a couple of hours in Shearers on Norton this week while Pea Princess spent her school book prize [ahem, duxed her Year 3/4 class including all the year 4 kids who are 18mths older than her] and could not make a decision about anything without intrusive thoughts like "is that the one Nutmeg said was great?" or "didn't Lazy Cow say that was a waste of time?" or "wonder if Suse has read that?" or "I know Babelbabe mentioned this one but as a best or a worst? AAargh!")(Hence: Henry James as my 'new' book)

Finally, of course, we built a sandcastle.

We came home via the fish and chip shop. Yum. We are now browner, cleaner and happier than we've ever been in 2007. We plan to do it every day*** the weather allows this month.

In keeping with slow and satisfying resolutions, Root Shoot Marry will appear on Saturday this week. And thanks to Jane Henry for her inspiration for this week's RSM theme...

mtc (which, yes, stands for more to come, as in old newspaper reporter code, discussed somewhere here previously, but I can't remember where!)


*Anyone who has done deck oil will know how much is involved in this. And for anyone who has not done deck oil? My advice is stay innocent.

**I have to put on the record that - even as mother of twins - I have NEVER dressed my kids in matching outfits, but the possession of two pretty pink dresses made big and little sister giggle, so it was worth it.

*** Every day that Sparkle is in daycare anyway, since, on New Year's Day, the Gorgeous Boy's massive skull bounced down on the trampoline just as her arm bounced up - leaving her with a buckle fracture in a fibreglass plaster that can go in water but can't go to the beach...


Blogger h&b said...

Oiling decks and associated furniture is the pits. You've got to do it at least twice a year, you know, after the summer, and after the winter.

It's a crap job.

I can't believe all the work you've done, are you crazy ?!?!

The beach sounds cleansing though. I'd like to go soon, but i'd like all the holiday people to go back to work and school first ;)

I know, h&b, and to make it worse, I have to go over to our rental property and do the deck there next week too - not that it will be getting quite the same treatment that this one got!!

The beach was great - Botany Bay is so different these days - and not crowded at all.

Blogger Lazy cow said...

Glad that you're slowing down. My goodness woman, it would take me a month to do what you did in a week! As for the book thing, I always carry a list with me, so I don't forget what I'm looking for :-)

Blogger nutmeg said...

Bec, Bec, Bec, Bec..... You'll kill yourself lady! Glad you put it in neutral, eventually! The beach looked great. The diva looked over my shoulder while I was reading and asked when we were going to the beach! Next week I said - care for some more surf, sun and sand next week? Have car, will travel :-)

Hi Lazy Cow - I FINALLY updated my blogroll to switch it to your bookblog today rather than jumping to it through other people's blogs. Whoa: there's goes that over-achieving again...

A list: that word kept occurring to me in Shearer's too. Damn.

Ooh Nutmeg! You sneaked in while I was responding to Lazy Cow!

Yes to the beach, as long as you promise to look away from my hideous girth! Will email you.

Blogger scribbit said...

Oh your pictures are like torture. I'm so sick of snow! What I wouldn't give for a day on the beach. It looks like a great time was had by all.

Blogger Emma said...

Lovely! I spose I really should drag myself off to the beach with the kids some time too. I know it will be worth the effort once we get there!

Hi Scribbit - sorry about the seasons: although I'm sure my kids would be just as happy in snow!

Emma - the nice thing about this particular beach is that it is SO close to home. A couple of kilometres maybe? Not walking distance, but close enough that it's not a drama to pack up and get there.

Blogger Jane Henry said...

2k Away from the beach???

Sitting in blazing sunshine???

It has been pissing with rain here, and we had a mini tornado warning yesterday. Kids are back at school and the hol- hol- idays are over. I should hate you, but I don't cos actually it's nice to hear about sunny days in the depths of gloomy January!

Bec, my mind is boggling. Have you followed the Jeremy Irons thread (yum, yum!) or the Dear Bill one (marriage maybe, couldn't shoot him, and he's far too old to root!)...

Must really go and do some work.

Don't you go overachieving now... Or send some my way, I am in definite underachieving mode!
love Janex

Hi Jane, wait and see...

Blogger Joke said...

Y'know, I don't think I've ever actually mentioned it but the PP is a beautiful girl.


Blogger MsCellania said...

Glad you got it all out of your system at once.

Nice photos! And yes; your children are bee-yoo-tee-full!

Blogger meggie said...

Looked a fabulous day!
I got tired reading of your overachievments! Heh!

Can't argue with any of you about the gorgeousness of the PP. She, however, thinks she looks like an elf in these pics. I'm led to believe, by her tone, that being an elf is not a good thing.

Blogger Joke said...

Are her ears pointed?


Thank you! That is all!


Blogger MsCellania said...

I dressed the boys alike whenever we were going some place I could lose one - like a park, shopping, the library - okay; I dressed them alike all the time. That way, if youngest took off, I could hold up his older brother and yelp "Anyone see one of these?!!!!" When Youngest became a reliable tag-along (he usually is Lead Dog, but unreliable in that position!) I quit with the dressing alike. So, over a year ago, nearing 2 years now.

I still dress them in matching shirts when we go to amusement parks/zoo--big open events. When you've got a child teetering on the ever-exciting autism scale, you try to make life easy. And I feel a teeny bit badly about poking fun of my sil when she dressed her boys in matching shirts 10 years ago!

You're right, MsC, there are some good reasons for the matching thing. And I do, now, recall a very cute pair of pink and blue onesies from Pumpkin Patch that I may have put the girl/boy twins simultaneously from time to time as babies, just for fun...

Blogger Kim said...

OK. I left a comment here yesterday and it's not here. What the?

It basically said that my favourite bit of this whole post was the fact that from the Sparkle and GB incident, involving GB's head, it was Sparkle's arm that came off worse.

And Joke - let's not overlook the fact that not only is PP gorgeous, she is a complete and utter braniac to boot. Dux indeed.

Hey there you: no one else has mentioned the whole buckle fracture thing. His head is truly formidable and I italicise so that you will feel inspired to say that word in your head in a fully French accent.

Blogger ewe are here said...

That's some serious maintenance you've just completed!

Glad you had a nice break at the beach; it's always so nice to just 'be' outside when the weather's nice,no? :-)

Blogger BabelBabe said...

What everyone else said re: gorgeousness of children, buckle fracture ow, learning to relax on vacation, oh the beach!, etc.

But - I ADORE Henry James. Excellent choice. : )

Blogger Wes said...

You sure know how to put "hectic" into the phrase slow down! Loved the pictures of the beach. This is a great time of the year to be enjoying it!

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