Friday, September 01, 2006
Root, shoot and marry #5 - world leaders
Tony, who has appeared in despatches here several times, is about to swan off once again to Africa to spend some quality time with his wife, his camera, and his next novel.

While partaking of four galloping schooners of VB with Tony in a rl Ladies Lounge on Thursday night, we cooked up a truly brilliant theme for Root, Shoot, Marry this week. Sadly, the execution has proved more difficult in reality than through beer goggles and will take another week - but be assured, there is something special on its way.

Meantime. My fallback position is World Leaders Throughout The Ages. Okay, Okay, it's cheesey but it gets me out of a hole and I am promising you something much more special for next week. Cut me some slack here.

And remember, this week is our first week of breeding pairs. SO: not only do you choose who you would root, who you would shoot, and who you would marry (shag, cliff, marry for certain boozy North Americans), for BONUS POINTS you can also choose your most desirable and least desirable breeding pairs from both the boy and girl lists.

Off you go then: root 'em, shoot 'em, marry 'em and knock 'em up.

1. Franklin D Roosevelt

2. Nelson Mandela

3. George W Bush

1. Queen Elizabeth II (the current one)
2. Catherine the Great (who, if you don't know, rooted most of Russia)
3. Eva Peron, Argentina (perhaps not technically a world leader but I did want to torment you with THAT song in your head)

(blogger is now only eating the girl photos - I'm trying to work out why but in the meantime, play away.)



Blogger Badger said...

Okay, well I would shoot Bush and marry Mandela right off the bat, so I guess that means I'm shagging FDR.

I don't get the breeding pairs thing so I'll have to wait until someone else does it to answer that part.

Blogger MsCellania said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Loving the idea of a super race of intelligent, cunning, tolerant, vengeful AND forgiving, over-sexed political leaders created by Mandela and Catherine!

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

Okay, let's see...

Root - Nelson Mandela
Shoot - George W. (I like vickee's reasons for shooting him!)But just for good measure, we have to get siblings too okay?
Marry - FDR

Least desirable pair - George W. and Queen Elizabeth II because ewww. Well really, the least desirable would be either one of those two with anyone else!

I don't know if there is a most desirable? But to choose one - Nelson Mandela and Eva Peron. Because I said so that's why! ;o)

Blogger nutmeg said...

I'm going to have to do this by process of elimination again. OK.
Root - FDR (looks like it could kill him though)
Shoot - George Dubya (With his own gun if I can locate it. Hell, he's probably got a thousand down on that Texas farm of his - maybe I could talk up some kind of Waco style ambush with the help of the FBI - should wipe that awful fake smile of that wife of his face as well - can you tell I don't hold him in high esteem?)
Marry - Nelson (he seems a lovely, well considered man - how did he end up with that awful Winnie?)

I don't know about most desirable but most suitable would be Catherine and Bill (Can I substitute one US president for another). They could be rooting from here to whenever. Least desirable pair would be the Queen and FDR - they both look a little past "that sort of thing!"

Anonymous the prof said...

I'm with Nutmeg in the breeding stakes and agree we swap dubbya ( I hate that man and all he stands for)for Bill and breed him with Catherine, what a litter.

For the others I would root Eva cause I can't get Madonna out of the picture, shoot her maj 'cause I'm a republican even though this will piss off Bec 'cause I know she thinks she a nice old stick and Marry Catherine, what a rush!

Blogger Suse said...

Can I marry Tony Blair? I've always had a secret crush on him.

Oops, I just told the internet.

Blogger My float said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger My float said...

Given that George Bush isn't really a world leader but a dick in a not-too-clever disguise (hey can you imagine the bedroom games with Laura, "Look Laura, I'm attacking Iraq"..."OOH Georgie!" "Laura, guess who I'm declaring war on NOW!" Squeals and giggles - from George.)

OMG, where am I going with this?? I think I should just shoot myself!Ok, I've been up since 3.40am so cut me some slack.

Back to the game.

Shoot George, marry Mandela (for Vickee's reasons) and root FDR although I'm not really into the corpse thing. He's dead, isn't he? Just checking.

Breeding pair: Um, Catherine and Mandela, because I figure she'd show him a good time and boy, does he deserve it. And imagine the children! Beautiful and lusty - they'd fit right in with our society.

(Pssst, Suse, I'll fight you for Tony. But don't tell anyone, ok?)

Here we go, to finish things off:
Root: Nelson Mandela - have you ever seen a pic of him in his pre Robin Island days? And when he got out he must have been gaggin' for it.
Shoot: do I even have to say it: Dubya. For reasons deserving of a blog all to themselves.
Marry: FDR - because he has a kind face and there's the whole cripple thing and besides, wasn't his real life wife the lovely Eleanor? I could do bigamy that way, I am sure.

Worst Breeding Pair - George W and Corazon Aquino, because with his lack of brains and her ample brains that's mating arrangement that's just never going to work.

Best Breeding Pair - I'm going with the Mandela/Catherine the Great combo. I can't see any other superior choice.

That makes Vickee the inaugural winner of Bonus Breeding Pair Points - but OH NO! Vickee has suddenly disappeared from the blogosphere - if anyone knows where Vickee's World has gone or has an email address for Vickee, please let me know...

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