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Ladies Lounge Bar Games # 1Root Shoot or Marry
Back to blogging I come, did you miss me? Well Suse did, and sent me lovely messages so I knew it was worth the return!

Also, various real life friends complained they were sick of looking at my woks and jugs and wanted something that more accurately reflected the life of a Ladies Lounge: in short, drinking games.

Now it's all very well to say let's have a drinking game online, and if anyone can make it work I should have a decent chance as a large proportion of my online time is spent in a state of post-work half-sozzlement with a large glass of red wine to hand. But I have none of the skills that a real web designer might bring to the bar to make the game more lively so unless I get a volunteer html bartender (hmmm, Craig?) you're going to have to make sure that you too are already as tired as a cricket and just imagine you're in a real bar when you play the game.

First up, as promised, is the delightfully Australian "Root, Shoot or Marry". For any non-Australians who want to play, please remember that the verb 'to root' here means to engage in sexual intercourse and has nothing to do with cheering on the team (unless you like to combine those things, Oh Mickey style, but I digress). It's a cultural barrier, admittedly, but "Fuck, Shoot or Marry" sounds too much like a Tommy Lee and Pamela home movie.

Tony Park has already gone to the trouble of explaining the RSM game on his blog (visit it HERE for some great reading about Africa and to bask in the glow of a real-live-published-by-a-mainstream-publisher AUTHOR and maybe buy his new book too, hmm?) so I've pasted it below.

Tony tells me that Susannah is responsible for inventing RSM - but other than knowing her as "Parachute Packer Susannah" I can't give you any more detail on this intriguing character and am hoping that if she drops in (geddit? parachutes?) she'll tell us all how the game evolved.

Read the rules and then scroll down for this week's RSM choices. You should post your choice as a comment with this entry. Try not to read anyone else's before you enter your own.

Links back to this entry would be great if you have your own blog, and if you don't have your own blog? Get one! Because blogging is without doubt the single best cure for an eBay addiction... (what do you mean you're not addicted to eBay - are you sure you're even ON the internet right now?)

Root, shoot or marry (Tony's description)
It's simple in its concept, but devilish in its strategy.

A player is given a list of three people - they may be famous or simply known to the player; but must not be a relative or partner.
Whether the player is given three people of the same or oppositve sex depends very much on the player, the group and the level of intoxication.
For example, if I was to give you: Russell Crowe, John Howard and, say, your boss, you then have to tell the group which one of the three you would root (for non-Australians: have intimate relations with); who you would shoot; and who you would marry.
By the way, the rooting is a one-off, so don't go thinking you could marry Russell Crowe and have a long-term affair with the PM - not fair.
It's not as easy or straightforward as it may seem.
Warning: don't try this game at home (Rebecca's note - best not played with a spouse in earshot, either).
And people say blogs are a waste of time!Never.

Right-oh. I'll make it easy for first timers by giving both male and female lists. Play both if you feel up for it. This week's Root, Shoot or Marry choices are:

Stephen Hawking
Bill Gates
Albert Einstein

Mother Theresa
Margaret Thatcher
Condaleezza Rice

Go forth, root 'em, shoot 'em, marry 'em.



Blogger My float said...

oh, thank the LORD you're back!! I kept flicking to the Ladies Lounge in desperate hope that you'd found the time to blog.

Welcome back.

Blogger My float said...

Ok, back to the game.

Root: Stephen Hawking (well,the other two fell into their category much more neatly and only left this match for poor ol' Stephen).
Shoot: Albert Einstein (thanks for the atom bomb)
Marry: Bill Gates. Goodness knows I'd try to talk him out of wasting all that lovely money on those terrible charities (Just kidding, folks)

Ok...on to the gals. Ah forget it, too darn hard! Just shoot them all and be done with it.

you'd shoot mother theresa? mind you, she wouldn't thank you for the other options...

Blogger My float said...

She's dead. How much can it hurt??

Blogger tonypark said...

Is mother theresa dead?

Blogger tonypark said...

OK, whether she's dead or not,,, here goes.

Root: Margaret Thatcher (she's hot, so it's a no-brainer)
Shoot: Mother Theresa (if it's dead it won't hurt)
Marry: Condi. I so want to be the first gentleman. What a bludge job, and you get get to have sex on Air Force One, with Condi - win, win, win!

I always knew the army would turn you that way...

Blogger Lazy cow said...

My sister and I were giggling hysterically and attempting to play this. We didn't get very far - I just couldn't come at any of the blokes (ahem).
So glad you're back!!!

Blogger Badger said...

Hey! I swear I've played this before, but I can't remember what we call it up here. Anyway...
Root: Einstein
Shoot: Gates
Marry: Hawking

Kind of a no-brainer for me!

Blogger Pete said...

sorry ... just cant bring myself to doin Thatcher ... so i would have to go:
Root: Condi (the boots work for me)
Shoot: Mother Theresa (as bec says, she would rule out all other options anyway ... though the habit also works for me ...)
Marry: Thatcher (because there was no other category to put her in)

Welcome Pete - hope this helped fill a billable hour!

Sounds like it's a good thing there aren't too many nuns loitering around Ultimo wearing habits and knee high boots...

Blogger The Prof said...

marry bill gates 'cause he's rich; shoot albert einstein 'cause he is already dead and marry stephen hawking 'cause you would get lots of sleep.

As a bloke I would root Condy 'cause she is hotter than the other two, shoot Maggie 'cause she should have been shot years ago and marry Mother Teresa 'cause you could always go back to Condy

Blogger Pete said...

welcome prof .. great reasoning for both ... though would be a bit gay (not that trhere is anything wrong with that) to comment on the blokes! and btw bec, who says there are no nuns around ultimo wearing the boots?

Granted, Pete, and I will expect you to show your true colours again next week when RSM goes Ursula Andress with a 007 theme...

Blogger Suse said...

Einstein is dead so the idea of rooting him is kind of repellent.

Can I say Gates for all three? Marry him, root him once on the honeymoon and then shoot him and inherit all that wealth. (Which I would distribute to various charities of course. *Cough*).

(Welcome back).

Oh and thank you for not doing word verification. Just PUBLISH. I love it.

Blogger blackbird said...

is this the same as
cliff, shag and marry?

cliff - Stephen Hawking, I'm sorry but I just couldn't listen to him, er, the thing he speaks with...

shag - Albert Einstein! great conversation in the bedroom after, I'm thinking.

marry - Bill Gates. The second marriage should be all about money.

Oooh! I think we've found the North American variation! Assuming that cliff refers to "push 'im off" I'd say they're exactly the same.

Suse, honey, I'd love to let you do all three to Bill but that would defeat the purpose of the game which ultimately engenders hilarity by forcing your friends to make grotesque relationship choices in public... Come back, face up to the rules, make a decision about what to do with the dead and living professors!

Blogger MsCellania said...

Root Einstein; my best roots have been Jewish
Shoot Hawkings; He has to be in pain and it would be a mercy killing
Marry Gates and fill think tanks up with other Hawkings-type folks to fill the void from the mercy killing.
Oh, who am I kidding! I would absolutely marry for money. Hell with the cosmos.

Blogger Sarah Louise said...

Root: Einstein
Shoot: Hawkings
Marry: Gates (yes, it's all about the money)

I'm not particularly crazy about any of these men, since Einstein left his first wife cuz she was too smart and Hawkings left his wife for a nurse, but Gates does have the ka-ching, so there you go.

Ok, now that Game #2 is up I think I should post my choices. By the way, some excellent reasoning from all concerned (except Pete, who was just plain kinky about the nun thing) and some marvellous variations in your forced choices.

So, given no other options I would:
Root - Albert Einstein because I have a bit of a thing for older men and his brain, oh god, how could he NOT be sexy? Plus, I like that he didn't talk until he was 4. More men should consider this as a way of starting life.

Shoot - it's gotta be Stephen Hawking. Not just for the irritating voice thing, not just for the mercy killing thing, but, ladies, DID YOU FORGET THE dumped-his-wife-for-the nubile-nurse THING?? Sheesh. Just goes to show that you can remove all physical capacity and they are still arseholes.

Marry - Billy Bob Gates, of course. Because, and only because, when I was about 10 years old I did a school project on "An Invention" where I described a screen you could hang on a wall that would let you choose any picture you wanted and change whenever you liked. And Bill? Did it.

Look ahead for the 007 theme for the next RSM game and THANK YOU all for playing.

Blogger Surfing Free said...

Hurray! You are back!! I don't have to make any more sad faces when I go to the Ladies Lounge only to find it is bare again ...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Kai Tier said...

i can only assume you've left for good, but if not, root or shoot is alive and well.

Come by sometime............

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