Sunday, June 11, 2006
Reasons for this blog part 2 - the new front yard
I'm not so fretful about the front yard because I know almost exactly what I am going to do.

Here is what it looks like now from the house ...

... and from the street..

... and here is the first part of my plan - a small Secret Garden...

It won't be so rocky, and the fountain and pond won't be so big, but this is something like what you will see when you walk down our driveway - a path through a hedge to a secret view. From one direction - the driveway looking north - you will see a magnolia tree with a seat around the base. From the other direction - th ehouse porch looking west to the street - you will see the fountain backed by the (camellia or lillypilly, jury is still out) hedge. There will be a small criss-cross path through the lawn to draw you across either the drive to the tree or the porch to the fountain. In my mind's eye, this is the special place where we will take the major family photos - the graduations, the engagements, the dances, the weddings. I think it will be worth the wait.



Blogger MsCellania said...

There is nothing like owning your own home - nothing! You will gladly watch the money fly out of your wallets. And the transformation to Your Home will begin.
Congratulations! I hope you have many happy years there.

Blogger MsCellania said...

Oh. My one Tip would be PLANT TREES FIRST. They grow slowly. And are expensive. Plant them first, and in 5 years, you'll really have some shade!

Blogger My float said...

Aah, how delightful. What a lovely sanctuary you will create. what thoughtful former owners to leave you this blank canvas to create the garden of your dreams.

Blogger Kim said...

Am I allowed to come here and snark? I mean it is all glorious and all, but dear LORD can we come over any more Mr Darcy and Jane Austen? (you know I'm teasing)

It will all be divine, but most importantly, are you saying that this is THE house? The one from which you will never move?

Blogger Surfing Free said...

Ooooh, a secret garden! How nice :)Now I want one!

Blogger Lazy cow said...

Just gorgeous. I will be stealing many of your ideas.

Oops - missed that bit of Kim's comment - yes, this is THE house. Do you have any idea how nervous that makes me feel? More on this later.

Blogger h&b said...

Absolutely gorgeous.
I adore housey stuff, and this one is a beaut !

*Love* the Secret Garden idea ..

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