Sunday, June 11, 2006
Welcome to the Ladies Lounge
Welcome to the Ladies Lounge.

Once, every Australian hotel, railway station and golf club had a separate ladies lounge, ostensibly to protect the ladies from the rough and ready behaviour of the blokes in the public bars.

Then along came equal rights and equal access and - while that was all important and wonderful - a part of the deal was giving up the "ladies" in ladies lounge. Most Australian pubs still have an area you can easily identify as the former ladies lounge. It's often the nicest room in the pub and, because it was so separate from the main bar, it is often the room the publicans initially chose to make smoke-free.

I'm calling this the Ladies Lounge because there was something rather nice about being given the best room in the house for girl talk and pleasant refreshments.

While gents were usually not allowed into the original ladies lounges (there were separate lounge bars for mixed company), they will be welcome here. Especially if they obsess about food and gardening and paint colours.

I hope you'll join me from time to time.



Blogger My float said...

I'm your first guest in the ladies lounge. And isn't it a beautiful place to be! May we all enjoy many a fine 'drink' and chat here...

Blogger Sarah Louise said...
Blogger h&b said...

"Especially if they obsess about food and gardening and paint colours"

Well, that's me.

Funny i've found this blog, after my recent paint obsessing ( you should have been around for my first reno ... my workmates found it hilarious that i'd take my lunchbreak to hang out at "The Paint Spot" to pick up my pre-ordered sample pots. This was sans kids .. of course ...

Yesterday was paint, today I hung out at a discount wholesale plant place. It was awesome, I will be back .. ;)

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