Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Root, Shoot and Marry, game #2
I know Tony and Pete and all will be terribly disappointed, but since I can't find the camera's usb cable to upload gardening and knitting pics (sorry Suse!) we're just going to have to play Root, Shoot or Marry once more...

If last week's theme was 'best of a bad lot', this week the theme is Bond, James Bond.

Your choices will be drawn from 007s and his/their ladies - pick from the boys, pick from the girls, or go to Pussy Galore mode and do both: the important thing is that you must choose between rooting, shooting and marrying for each of the characters on the list.

The Ladies Lounge is open. Drink up.

James Bond List

  1. Roger Moore
  2. Sean Connery
  3. Pierce Brosnan

Bond Girls List

1. Honor Blackman, Goldfinger, "My name is Pussy Galore."

2. Barbara Bach, Moonraker, Agent XXX aka Major Anya Anasova

3. Halle Berry, Die Another Day (remember the cliff dive?)



ps - Blogger is refusing to load all my pics - probably because the Norwegians are once again busily downloading googled images of "kinky mummy boobs diapers spanky" - I'll try again tomorrow when blogger may be less photographically challenged. Because I don't know about you? But it's just not the same when you can't see Sean's eyes looking deep into yours...


Blogger Badger said...

Ooo, easy.

Root: Connery
Shoot: Moore
Marry: Brosnan

Blogger My float said...

Oh so easy:
Root: Brosnan
Shoot: Moore
Marry: Connery

The gals? Shocking thing to say but the only Bond girl I can remember is Jane whatshername. Halle is gorgeous but I didn't see her or her cliff dive. I suspect it was released post-baby...in which case I've seen the grand sum of three movies.

Blogger Surfing Free said...

Root: Sean (over and over!)
Shoot: Brosnan
Marry: Moore (he's the oldest and most likely to leave me a rich widow)

I haven't seen the Halle Berry one either and I don't seem to pay any attention to the girls.

This is why I love this game - three women with instant primal reactions and three completely different responses!

Blogger SueeeuS said...

Shoot: Connery... He's too sleeeezy for my tastes (info from a v. reliable source).
Marry: Brosnan... He seems like a nice guy, although way too pretty...
Root: Sigh, that leaves Moore. But I s'pose that's okay. I've always had a thing for older men.

Welcome back, btw!

Blogger Suse said...

I think Sean Connery is the oldest and therefore likeliest to leave me a rich widow. So:

Root: Brosnan (can it be more than once? please?)
Shoot: Moore (can't stand him anyway)
Marry: Connery (see above, plus I do adore a Scottish accent).

Blogger Suse said...

PS. You need a flickr account. Much better for photos. And free.

Suse, it's the missing USB cable for the camera that's my main problem - can't get the pics out of the camera and into the computer, let alone Flickr!

I have a USB cable for my new phone - haven't tried hooking it up yet but will give it a go tonight.

The OTHER pics that won't load are just Blogger being obstinate - does anyone else find that Blogger sometimes seems to limit your post to two pics? It's happened to me several times but, be assured, I am determined to get Sean's eyes into this post!

Blogger tonypark said...

I thought about rooting honour blackman for some time (perhaps, in fact, since about the age of 11) so despite her advancing years I am going to have to follow that line of thought to its logical conclusion.

Barbara Bach - was she Daisy Duke in TV's Dukes of Hazard? If so, she gets extra points for wearing pantyhose with hotpants and high heels.

Halle - very nice, I'm sure, but a little after my time...

Enough boyhood reminiscences..

Root: Pussy Galore
Shoot: Halle Berry
Marry: Barbara Bach

And,for what it's worth:

Root: Moore
Shoot: Brosnan
Marry: Connery

Blogger tonypark said...

And, by the way, you need to throw in some of the less popular Bonds, such as George Lazenby (Diana Rigg hated him so mcuh she used to eat raw onions prior to the kissing scenes) and whoever the new softc*ck)Bond guy is. Apparently he is anti-handguns and doesn't want gratuitous sex in his movies!!!!!!!!!!!!

Blogger Lazy cow said...

Easy peasy:
Root: Brosnan (couldn't marry him, don't like the looks of him bare chested, urgh).
Shoot: Moore (those face moles, shudder. He's just oily).
Marry: Connery - then I can have sex with him whenever I want.

Blogger Suse said...

Wait, now I have to go google Pierce Brosnan's bare chest to see what I've let myself in for.

Blogger MsCellania said...

This one is easy, easy, SO EASY

Root: Brosnan
Shoot: Moore
Marry: Connery and then root him to death so I'd be a rich widow. Although I'm now off to do more research on Connery, since Sueees has said so.

And just for *ahem* fun:
Root: Halle Berry
Shoot: Barbara Bach
Marry: Honor Blackman (again, the rich widow idea)

Blogger My float said...

Bec, thanks to you last night I dreamt of Sean Connery. THANKS!

Hey Tony, no sex or guns in Bond films? That just leaves cars and bad guys with dodgy face makeup. Why don't they just call it Fast and Furious 3 or whatever they're up to.

I give up on the pics! However I strongly recommend a browse through google images, ladies, for Messrs Connery, Moore and Brosnan... following said search, here are my picks:

Root: Connery. The rules say you can only do it once, so I'm taking him in Never Say Never Again.

Shoot: Moore. I was temporarily side tracked by some rather sexy shots of him in safari poses in the early 70s, but compare pics of the sleazily ageing Moore with the excruciatingly sexy ageing Connery and the solution is clear: Moore must die if only to save the world from more leering under enormous tinted eye glasses.

Marry: Brosnan. Do I need a reason? Graceful both in the full glow of fame and when outed by the blond usurper. Stunning in the obligatory Bond black tie, and divine, too, with mud staining his previously crisp, white, open-necked shirt... Plus, isn't he still a widow? T.O.T.A.L.L.Y marriageable.

This Wednesday, the theme for RSM #3 is 1980s popstars. I'll consider requests by private email.

And coming some time soon-ish, by popular demand, the Reject Bonds - Lazenby, the Blonde One, and why the hell didn't Richard Burton ever say yes?

Blogger tonypark said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

I like this game! I'm glad I remembered to check your blog today!

Root: Sean Connery-because hello, accent so sexy! Do I need to say anything more?
Shoot: Roger Moore-because icky and that's all.
Marry: Pierce Brosnan-because serious yummy-ness (sorry, but he has remarried Bec to Keely Shaye Smith and they have two kids according to imdb.com. That's so sad. sigh.)

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

Okay because I need to learn to include something called puncuation and proofreading, I meant to say: Sorry, but he has remarried. Her name is is Keely Shaye Smith and they have two kids according to imdb.com. That's still sad.

there was a moment, blue moon girl, when a tiny part of my brain really thought you meant that pierce had married me... sigh!thanks for playing and there will be a new game up shortly (when I finally pull it out of the drafts folder)

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