Monday, June 12, 2006
Hedging My Bets: Camellia vs Lillypilly vs David Austin Roses
As Vickee says, the major plantings must go in first. The order will be hedges, trees, borders, fillers.

As to the hedge, we have two areas needing screening plants - the front fence and the long southern side fence between us and the two storey place next door.

The side fence will be planted with lillypillies, probably this highly recommended acmenia smithii.

Apparently it is a fast grower, has white flowers followed by pink berries, and goes through an autumn red leaf change. Plus it is a native and doesn't need much water.

I may break up the side hedge effect with fruit trees, but more on that later. (note to self, remember the Edna Walling designs and persimmon trees).

The BIG question is what to plant for the front hedge? My first instinct was camellias, because they are so linked to the 1920s and 1930s in my mind, hence suitable for a house of that era.

I was a bit dazzled by the range when I first started researching camellia hedges, which set my mind wandering to other options. But if we do go with camellias, a good choice appears to be the sasanqua 'Early Pearly'

According to the Burke's Backyard bible

'Early Pearly' has pink buds opening to large, ivory white flowers
resembling waterlilies. It has a medium to strong, upright growth habit and dark
green, shiny leaves. A taller grower than 'Silver Dollar', it will reach about
3-4m (10-15'). 'Early Pearly' can be used for hedging, as a privacy or specimen
plant, or as an espalier. As well as having long lasting, exquisite flowers, it
is also sun hardy, and very long flowering (mid-March to end of July).

Then there is the David Austin rose option, thanks to David Austin rose junkie Suse passing on her addiction to me (there's a mental image, yes? a room full of spaced David Austin addicts sprawled across each other sucking in the perfume and marvelling at the intricacies of each petal).

I keep going back to this website to bask in the glory of these roses, but my current pick would be (subject to Suse's approval!) Mayor of Casterbridge for a front facing rose hedge.

(rotten bloger is refusing to load the pic, so click on the link to see how lovely he is!)



Blogger Suse said...

Oooh eee, I didn't know it was going to be a GARDENING blog. Wacko!

The Mayor looks like a better choice than Mary Rose would have been. Not that I have intimate acquaintance with the Mayor, but I do know Mary and she's too weak and wimpy.

And I love the pink text. Tres appropriate for a Ladies' Lounge. (I can't believe you work full time, have three children and now FOUR blogs. You over achiever, you.)

Plus house renovations in the current home, yep. Over Achiever Moi.

I don't manage everything though, my nails look like crap and my grey roots are two inches long.

Blogger Lazy cow said...

This site is going to be ADDICTIVE. Damn you!!
Just be careful with the lillypilly overhang on the street. We have a massive one on our nature strip and the pink fruit makes a hell of a mess on the ground. If I don't sweep every day (and THAT'S going to happen right?) it looks like someone's dead body has been dragged away leaving the blood. Not pretty. You can always keep it pruned though.

Blogger Jeanne said...

Oh no! -- "Mary Rose" is supposed to be wonderful! I've had that at the top of my wish list for two years now!

If it's hedge you want, "Gertrude Jekyll" might be a consideration. They don't call her "Galloping Gertie" for nothing! Mine is on a trellis next to the driveway -- the scent is fabulous. I was half-drunk with it the other day.

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