Friday, September 29, 2006
Root Shoot Marry #8 - When they were young...
Choice is the very essence of Root, Shoot, Marry. You have to choose: sometimes the best of a bad lot, sometimes the worst of a good lot, either way, you have to choose.

But something interesting I've noticed about participants in Root, Shoot, Marry, is a tendency to make choices within their choices: "Oooh, yes, I'll root him - but only if he's the way he looked on the poster I had in high school." or "Oh, well, I'll shoot him if I must but only if we believe the vile rumours in the magazines"... You see?

So this week I'm making it easier for you. I'm giving you Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan and Sting not just on their own megastar merits, but in a snapshot in time.

Take 'em or leave 'em, but you have NO CHOICE in how they look when you do. Oops, maybe that's not easier after all ... sorry about that.

Go forth, pick one to root, one to shoot, one to marry - just as they are pictured here.

(and for male participants - you know who you are - stay tuned, and I'll post a girl option shortly via an edit.)

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Blogger Carolyn said...

I feel like an idiot. Does shoot literally mean shoot them? And does root mean to do them?

Or do I just have a dirty mind? I can't help it with the Punisher sitting just below.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

You cannot sink too low in an RSM game, Carolyn, and to help you, here is a link to the most recent iteration of The RSM Rules.

Play up, play up and play the game.

Blogger Joke said...

You might wanna rephrase yourself on teh matter of The Punisher's relative position, Carolyn.


behave, Joke, or I will be forced to bring forward my Barbie RSM game...Oh yes! I *have* a Barbie RSM game in reserve - and it is GOOD.

Blogger thordora said...

Root dylan in the hopes of passing on the writing skills-with tape over his mouth of course. He annoys me.

Shot Mick. Cannot fucking STAND him

Marry Sting. Good money maker, and all that tantric stuff. Gotta be worth something...

Blogger blackbird said...

Cliff, shag, marry...

Cliff - Mick Jagger - can't stand him.
Shag - Dylan, just for fun.
Marry - Sting. Terrible crush on Sting.

It occurred to me in the wee hours of the Australian morning that I could have very simply explained the rules to Carolyn just by giving her the Blackbird title. Duh.

The problem with posting RSM on Friday night is that there is very little left of whatever brain power I have by the end of the working week... Bear with me, players.

Blogger meggie said...

Root Sting- supposing that harness thing comes off??

Shoot Jagger- fellow has had more than his share of fame.

Marry Dylan- Hoping to 'catch' some of his skill with words!

Blogger nutmeg said...

Excuse me Bec, but when do you sleep? Up past eleven; rise before seven?

Anyway as I am in a pain addled fug after severely spraining my ankle I am going to make my choices purely based on the photographic evidence supplied by Bec:

Root: Sting. He certainly looks like he's got one hell of a package behind that "codpiece"!

Marry: Mick. He looks so nice and wholesome here. (I'm blocking all other thoughts as I'd normally shoot him)

Shoot: Dylan. He looks near dead in the picture, anyway. Let's put him out of his misery.

Blogger Emma said...

These are some tough choices!

Root: Ummm Sting, but only once.

Shoot: Bob Dylan, because I can't stand cigarette smoke (instant migraine)

Marry: Mick Jagger, because he looks like he bathed.

This was not an easy choice at all.

Oh, and I try to menu plan, but nothing is ever set in stone!


Blogger Joke said...

You've obviously paid no mind to my Punisher haircut.


P.S. I also do laundry, but I do not fold. But I iron. Full of contradictions, am I.

Blogger Angelica said...

root Bob Dylan
shoot Sting
marry Mick

done and done...don't ask me to rationalize

Blogger Badger said...

Okay, you people obviously did not read Pamela Des Barres's I'm with the Band.

Root Jagger.
Shoot Dylan.
Marry Sting but he can never wear THAT again.

Blogger MsCellania said...

Short and sweet this week.
A first!
Root: Dylan
Shoot: Jagger
Marry: Sting

Oh DAMN I cannot just say the whose w/o the why or wherefores!

Root Dylan because I sure couldn't marry a person whose WHINING VOICE I cannot stand.
And I have to shoot Jagger as I cannot abide his short-legged swagger and his done-nothing-for-the-common-good attitude.
I'd marry young Sting, as I have the benefit of knowing the man he becomes.

Blogger Carolyn said...

Three equally nasty choices, hmmmm.

Do I have to root the guy I marry or can I assume that since we're married all rooting will end?

Assuming that I don't have to root the one I marry -

Marry - Mick Jagger. He's gone on tour most of the time anyway so it's not like I have to see him.

Root - Sting. He seems the healthiest of the lot, up for a goodly romp.

Shoot - Dylan. Because even if he said, "Don't shoot," I wouldn't understand what the hell he was saying.

Blogger kt said...

Oh, this one's easy for me.

To Root: I quote the late, great Gilda Radner (as Candy Slice on SNL long ago--yes, I'm old)


To Shoot: Sting
Just. Don't. Like. Sting.

To Marry: Dylan. Too interesting to pass up. And I have a good ear for languages, so no worries.

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

Hmmmm... Let's see.

Root- Mick Jagger because well, he's the only one I haven't chosen yet.
Shoot- Dylan because his mumbley sound annoys me.
Marry- Sting. Because he's Sting, duh.

wow. mixed bag. play on...

Blogger h&b said...

Oops - I did the chick version first. What a dirty girl I am.

Root - Mick, 10,000 girls can't be wrong, and there's something about a bad boy ...

Shoot - Sting. Dream of the Blue Turtles was an AWESOME album, but you are a pretentious wank, sorry.
Tantric sex with Trudi makes me go all cold. Also, that's a vile pic.

Marry - Bob ??? So not me, but we divorce a week later, when I discover he's really Cate Blanchett in disguise. I get a nice settlement and live in luxury for all my remaining years.

Mwah !

Excellent work H&B - and do you find the incredible Dylan-likeness they've produced on Cate Blanchett just slightly creepy?

Blogger Carolyn said...

I was thinking that if one were preparing to shoot Dylan and he said, "Don't Shoot" it would sound like "Bless You", leaving the shooter to believe he was thanking them for the mercy killing.

Blogger Suse said...

Root - Jagger
Shoot - Dylan
Marry - Sting but not with that codpiece thank you very much ...

Anonymous shula said...

R - Sting. I'm curious about the Tantric experience, though I suspect the lady doth protest too much. Still, the abs are nice.

S - Dylan, while he's still good, and before he descends in the plagiarising wanker he becomes.

M - I'm a musician, honey. Do you really think I'd be stupid enough to marry one?

Shula, there are very, very few acceptable excuses for abstention in RSM - but you've just found one of them. No wedding for you this week.

Suse, sorry, the codpiece is part of the package this week. Maybe another time I'll go with the "Rockstars who took themselves so seriously they almost became human" and then you can have him black shirted and shaven headed and a respectable 50 something. Until then, any wedding with Mr Sting will involve orange hair, dry ice, and yes, a codpiece.

Blogger My float said...

Shoot: Bob, because seriously who could put up with the smoking AND the attitude? And that hair.
Root: Sting, because that codpiece is obviously hiding something of value. And just look at that body.
Marry: Well, that just leaves Mick. And on the basis of that photograph, I'd marry him any day.

Blogger telfair said...

Hahahaha...I love that you used a photograph of Sting from the movie "Dune." I loved that movie. Yes, I know, I'm one of three people who's actually seen everything David Lynch has ever done. Even "Dune."


Root: Sting. I almost said "marry" for Sting, but I couldn't stand being married to someone that beautiful. I'd always be a bit worried.
Shoot: Jagger. Prancing wanker.
Marry: Dylan. I never could resist the tortured artist. It probably wouldn't last, but he might serenade me with "Just Like A Woman" and it would all be worth it.

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