Sunday, September 24, 2006
Odds and sods...
It's Sunday morning, and you're going down, Dad.

The old man should know better than to mess with a boy in Spiderman pyjamas.

I think that's what the dog was trying to tell him.


I don't do asterisk posts. I wonder why? But I'm doing one today.


The Pea Princess went to her first Guide Camp this weekend and - despite a major fit of nerves as she drove away with her dad, and only knowing the girls in this patrol for a few weeks, and not always being the greatest joiner-inner because, hello! PEA Princess! - had a brilliant time.

I am so very very happy for her.


Back home, we got to see what a two-child family felt like.

(Parents of two children, block your ears.)

SO fucking easy.

(Parents of two children who didn't block your ears just then? Ok, you can gloat now because, yes, the two-child family may well be the crowning achievement of the 20th century. You win.)

And quiet. Except for the incessant whining of two four-year-olds wanting someone to fill big sister's role as Head Prefect and Games Mistress.

Then I remembered the $10 Ikea tent that has saved my So-Not-The-Games-Mistress arse many times. It's still set up under our one tree, full of sleeping bags, barbies, cake crumbs and ants.


We made pumpkin scones. They were almost perfect (I wasn't game to let the oven get too hot first time, so the first batch didn't rise quite as well as the second, but all would have passed muster at a Country Women's Association street stall).

The recipe was from my mum's precious family recipe book and, as usual, when I open it she starts talking to me again. It's still a bit overwhelming, to hear her so clearly in my head, and it's taken me a very long time to use the book at all because of this.

I loved Badger's recent cookbook post and in fact have something similar in my draft folder about this cookbook packed with handwritten and typed recipes from my mum, nana, great aunts, great grandmother and her mother and so on... Problem is, while Badger's post was delightful, mine is all dark and torn and angsty and since that is never how I really feel about food and only how I may feel about family, that post's not emerging from drafts until I, like the second batch of pumpkin scones, can rise a little higher.


If I was really into world peace and shit I would go and find out once and for all what the difference is between American and English scones. But if the notion of pumpkin scones needing to rise is confusing to y'all, do your own damn googling!


Kim tells me she has no intention of returning to the Evil Empire where we first met.

I can't tell you how relieved I am.

But I do wonder what kind of camping she is doing that she can check her blog comments on Saturday and text me her response...


And finally, because this asterisking is boring me and may well be boring you and that's probably why I don't do it more often (being a Bear of Little Brain and Low Boredom Threshold), I have yet to mention the package waiting for me in the mail on Friday from our mortgage broker.

I can't name him, but I want to because he has a totally delectable Argentinian name. That, and with the miracles he pulled off to get us into this house without selling the other house, I should be flogging his business at every turn. But I ramble...

I can't name him but there was his name on the back of this heavy package. "Oh bugger," I thought, "It's probably our paperwork that I'll have to try and file." And so I let the Pea Princess open it while I hung out the clothes.

In fact, what she came racing out to me with was a copy of Maggie's Table with a lovely inscription from the nameless Argentinian.

In the way of all great gifts, it was something I wanted, but not so desperately that I would have bought it for myself. I have been ogling it all weekend and planning my festive season around some of her wonderful big-quantity recipes.

As a result of this and other reading I was able to do sans the third child, I was inspired to add the Library Thing to this blog and it was So.Simple that I urge you to try doing same (unless, like Lazy Cow, you've already built one all by yourself!).


Phew - done! The current Root Shoot Marry Game is just below this post if you've not yet played this week. At least three RSM virgins joined this week and have made wonderful contributions to the world of the virtual drinking game.

Back to my blissfully noisy three-child house.

bec Posted by Picasa


If you click to enlarge you may notice the very effective beard-grab manouvre by the Gorgeous Boy in one of these shots. I don't think it's legal in WWE.

Come to think of it, does anyone in WWE have a beard? Apart from the women, of course.

Blogger Em said...

I agree re the 2 child vs. 3 child family. 2 kids is a piece of cake... If only we'd known... (actually I'm glad we didn't know as #3 is pretty great!)

I'll have to try the library thing. Another way to while away a few hours :)

I think the three child thing is mostly that they out-number you!

Mind you, I have friends with just one child who makes more of a ruckus than our three put together, so it can go both ways!!

Blogger Joke said...

That Library Thing is brilliant.


Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

That Library thing is awesome! I've been wanting to try to add a list of what I'm reading to my blog, but I haven't been able to figure out an easy way to do it! Thanks Bec!

You're all very welcome!

Also, I don't understand how Amazon works but there seems to be some pay-off for using Library Thing if you are something called an 'Amazon Associate'? I assume that's not referring to the male slaves the Amazons used to care for the babies and sharpen their spears, so maybe it applies to some of you instead?

Blogger Joke said...

That Amazon wheeze is that if someone clicks on a book, and goes to Amazon and buys it, the Amazonian in question gets some sort of recompense.


Blogger nutmeg said...

Thanks for the LibraryThing tip Bec. I use Amazon to list my books so it gives me "personalised" new selections and I thought LibraryThing was also used in this way. But seeing how you can use it in your blog sidebar has sent me into a fit of delight (nearly better than you know what...well, close anyway). The only problem is that I spent nearly a working week entering my books into Amazon. Wouldn't it be good if I could cut and paste somehow. But I'm sure life wasn't meant to be that easy!

Blogger nutmeg said...

Oh, I forgot to say, that I am sure having only two kids is completely fucking easy. I know that when quietly whispering to friends about those who "only" (can't you just hear the tone behind that word?)have one, I think the group consensus is "Oh, they don't know how easy they've got it!" (followed by knowing look). Each time you step up in numbers, the last amount you had always, I'm sure, looks like a piece of cake. (I too want to add a disclaimer that I do not wish offend those with one child. You'll know what I mean if you choose to have some more ;-))

- I know, I know, the grass is always greener!! Fact is, we're all pretty busy with whatever life has thrown our way.

The two child thang is interesting for us because we went straight from one to three kids and never got to road test 'just two'

Blogger nutmeg said...

Just finished updating my blog sidebar with my new "Some Books From My TBR Pile" powered by LibraryThing. Thanks again Bec :-)

Blogger Suse said...

A girlfriend of mine had two children and said to me (when we also only had two), "Never let the children outnumber the parents."

She then went on to have FOUR.

And justified it by saying "well, it's one for each parental hand."

I'm just waiting for her 5th pregnancy announcement.

Blogger Joke said...


Nice to know you've chosen to have offsprung in keeping with all the prime numbers.


Nutmeg: a pleasure

Suse: I often think that with three kids you can at least pretend to have a normal car, even if we don't...

My dear Joke, are you suggesting there is something odd about my children?

Blogger h&b said...

Hey - thanks for the Library Thing !

I'm so behind in reading my fave blogs .. but i'm going to have to .. and add this to mine - stat !

Too bad i'm not actually reading much at the moment .. hmm ... makes it all easier, I suppose ...

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