Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Yes, I'm on blogstrike.

No, I don't know if I'll get over it this time.

Maybe, you'll get to play Root Shoot Marry this Friday. Can't be sure.

Could I? Continue being a complete cow to the world? Very likely.

Do you? Want to read the Other Post in my Draft Box about being on Blogstrike? Almost certainly not. Vile, evil stuff for the most part.

In the meantime, please enjoy the above test pattern, comprising pics of my Sydney and including the view from the desk I sit in when I am seconded from my merely Busy and Important Job into a Very Busy and Important Job. This happens from time to time and I am not usually happy about it and only the thought of the View From My Desk in that other place gets me through.

You can actually see my Other Desk in the pic in the centre left.

And so, because I am shitty and uncertain whether I will return, I don't think I can sign off with an mtc (more to come) tonight. Instead I suggest you all go to bed, as I am, and sleep soundly.

Tomorrow is another day.

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Blogger Joke said...

I don't want to read vile/evil stuff about your blogstrike.

But I could tolerate a hint or two.


Don't. You're making me think it might be nice to keep blogging and I'm not over my snit yet.

But, since you know Saki, and Wodehouse, I think you know I'll probably get over it once I've killed the butler and got rid of whatever is nasty in the woodshed...

Blogger Badger said...

Uh oh. Was it something we said? Fine, I'll marry FDR and shag Mandela, if that'll make you happy! I'm still shooting GWB though.

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Bec said...
Fuck, listen, it's bedtime here in Australia and I was very happily sulking off to sleep until you wide-awake Yanks started showing up and making me feel glad-I-didn't-post-the-vile/evil-crap instead.
So I'm really going off to bed now and I am NOT going to check comments again before I go. A) because that is part of why I wrote the vile/evil blog, and B) 'cos, crap, you're really messing with my sulkiness, ok?

And Badger, babe, you won't regret rooting Mandela. It was amazing.

Blogger My float said...

Come back, all is forgiven. Please.

Blogger Surfing Free said...

Hmm .. now I want to root Mandela as well!!

And I also want you to stay in the blogosphere, but I want you to WANT to.

See, I only ask for small things.

Blogger Suse said...
Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

Awww, Bec. I'm really sorry to hear this. But if you need to take time off, then please do. But please come back!!! You are one of the only people who actually reads and comments on my blog! Take care of you and yours.

Blogger Joke said...

We're an insomniac race, that's true. Now, if you'd like some help keeping the snit alive, let me know and I'll see what I can do.


Blogger Lazy cow said...

Oh, not you too. Soon there will be no one left to read. Don't go (unless you really, REALLY want to).

Blogger Kim said...

OK, this is going to sound weird - but I'm SOOOOOOO pleased you're feeling vile, weird, and so on and so forth. If only

Perhaps we should both go back to Glam and live out June in reverse - you can be all hell-bent on the world and I can sit there radiating contentment nay, just being a little more closer to the centre called sanity than normal.

You are also free to stand me up on as many occasions as you see fit, not answer your phone (although granted, in your job that would be difficult) and just generally fall off the radar - and that's OK.

Dare I ask if playing at the big desk with the FUCKING AWESOME view is going to hang around until the ides of March, because that is just a bit too ugly for anyone to sustain...

If it makes you feel better... on any level, at least being back at the big desk shows you what a LEGEND you are and how highly people around you regard your professional ability.

I'm on a flex tomorrow as mum is going on her 'big trip' so if you can sneak away to a quite sulking corner please feel free to give me a buzz and you can bitch your snarky heart out for as long as you need to.

You are so loved.


Blogger Kim said...

that came across wrong - the saying I'm glad your cranky - but I think you'll get what I'm getting at... at least I hope so!

Blogger Kim said...

oh, and seeing as I'm now on the Aurorix-that-makes-your-bits-go-ping, yeah third drug try lucky, I've got all manner of pills and scripts over here that you're welcome to.

Your empathy is much appreciated but totally misplaced! Mind you, that Aurorix sounds like fun...Do they have a party plan? Seems to me it would sell a squillion if you coupled it with a room full of married women, cheap champagne and over-priced lingerie!!

Blogger Joke said...

Shouldn't, erm, there be some husbands nearby?


P.S. I like your enterprising streak.

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