Wednesday, August 16, 2006
RSM #3 and why I hate Elvis
Another week, another chance to indulge in fantasies of murder, marriage and mutual sexual gratification with Root, Shoot, Marry. You'll find the rules if you click here. This week's theme is 1980s popstars.

Scroll down if you want to get straight to the game. Dawdle on if you want to know why I hate Elvis.

Reasons to be late with the RSM this week (also, if you pay attention, reasons to hate Elvis):

  • Lots of work - no, really, stop laughing. I have been terribly, terribly busy and important for most of the week.
  • Lots of play - Wednesday lunch that turned into a seven hour session on Darling Harbour courtesy of Julie (for organising fantastic lunch at Georges) and Tony for providing just enough incentive to kick on and watch the sun go down from the upstairs bar at Pier 26
  • I should also thank my boss for having the decency to be away on Wednesday and leaving me guilt free in skiving off for the afternoon.
  • By the time I got home about 7-ish on Wednesday - RSM day - I was just a little too relaxed to be sure of the difference between Depeche Mode and Mondo Rock so the 80s popstars were postponed and I watched Spicks and Specks instead, then The Extras. I had desperately hoped this new show would be an adequate substitute for the unexpectedly brilliant Absolute Power . Sadly, The Extras failed to raise a single smirk , although I am willing to give it one more try because my hatred for Ben Stiller (this week's guest star and a total goober) may have tainted the show. Oh. Also being pissed didn't help. Will try for at least semi-sober next week.
  • Also, by the time I got home Wednesday there were other things to do. Like eat the meal of lamb cutlets and vegetables, lovingly and perfectly prepared by the Professor.
  • And open presents.
  • Are we getting any closer to why I hate Elvis yet?
  • Wednesday = 16 August.
  • 16 August 1977 = the day Elvis died
  • I was 10.
  • My best friend arrived at school and I waited for her to say happy birthday. Instead she says, "My mum was crying this morning". "Why?" I asked, still waiting for the chance to brag about my beautiful new double bridle and black velvet riding cap. "Don't you knooooow?" she exclaims. Nope. Nor had my world at that point ever included the kind of adult who would weep (fer fuck's sake) over the death of a celebrity. My double bridle could never compete with the thrill of a weeping mother.
  • E.V.E.R.Y. year since then my birthday has been drowned in Dead Elvis memories with freakish Elvis media mourners ensuring I have to listen to their ridiculous bleating about how the world stopped the day The King died.
  • Worse, because he died when I was 10, every significant decade for me has been a significant landmark for the Dead Elvis freaks.
  • And how good is your maths? Because this year it was 29 years since Elvis died and yes, next year's party is already being planned.
  • Will Elvis feature in any way at my party next year?
  • No.

RSM #3 - 1980s popstars.

I'm not going to try the pics again until I work out Flickr. Follow links on each name if you need to be reminded how they worked as eye candy way back then.

Let's hear it for the boy!

1. David Gahan, Depeche Mode

2. Adam, Adam and the Ants

3. Billy Idol

Yes, I deliberately restricted your choice to one haircut. That way you can't let the music interfere with your judgment. Be grateful I withdrew Boy George and George Michael. It was a near thing.

Girls just want to have fun!

1. Kim Wilde

2. Kim Carnes

3. Chrissie Amphlett, the Divinyls

this one was way too hard. Next week's theme is open to the audience, leave your suggestion with your comment!




ps - you can thank Pea Soup for David Gahan.

Blogger Lazy cow said...

Um, I can't even remember what David Gahan looked like (a bizarre aside: I used to work with a guy called David Gahan, I'm positive it wasn't the same guy though!)
OK: Root: Billy Idol. He would make me laugh.
Shoot: David Gahan. What I don't know won't hurt me right?
Marry: Adam. Mmmm, hope he hasn't aged too badly....

Poor guys, they have a harder task. The women are seriously feral.

(Fabulous idea for Friday afternoon, especially since I've had a couple of drinks. Have a good one!)

Blogger Lazy cow said...

Happy Birthday for this week!!! I remember the day Elvis died - it was our generation's Kennedy.

Thanks LC - I think maybe Friday night should be RSM night, yes??

Oh, also, if you pop your mouse back on his name you will get a link to a Depeche Mode website with lots of old and new David Gahan pics - may jog the memory! (and thank Suse for the thought)

Blogger Badger said...

Happy birthday!!!

My answers are the same as LC's.

Blogger Suse said...

I was just starting to wonder why this week's post didn't include a link to ME when I opened up the comments and read the very first one.

I thank you.

Onto the business.
Root: Adam Ant
Shoot: Billy Idol
Marry: David Gahan of course

PS. I'm fainting with horror that you can't tell the difference b/n Depeche Mode and Mondo Rock when under the influence. I think Ross Wilson might be fainting with horror too when next he googles his own name and lands here.

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

Ummmmm, this one is hard! Okay.
Root - Adam Ant
Shoot - Billy Idol
Marry - David Gahan

Happy Birthday! :) I hope you got to celebrate the whole week! Because who doesn't love that?!?

Blogger MsCellania said...

Root - Adam Ant
Shoot the friggin smirk right off his face - Billy Idol
Marry - David Gahan - just saw them live a few months ago and it was The Best Concert.

Blogger MsCellania said...

Even though I heard Elvis as a kiddo, I could never stand the fellow. I was young when the Stones and Beatles hit the scene, and that was my musical birth, so to speak.

Blogger Surfing Free said...

My parents must not have run on Elvis-loving circles because I don't remember his death at all. But I do remember being on a school bus on our way to a sports carnival when news that John Lennon had been shot came on. I was one of the only girls who knew who he was. My parents were Beatles and not Elvis fans ... so can I stay in your Elvis Hating club??!

Yikes - so hard to choose, but

Root: Billy Idol
Shoot: David Gahan (in the hair!)
Marry: Adam Ant (anyone who can write lyrics about ants who come looking for you if you step on them must have a little bit of kindness in him)

Blogger Surfing Free said...

Oh, and happy birthday!

Blogger blackbird said...

Happy belated birthday to youuuuuu.

I never cared much for Elvis - though my dad died on Halloween, so I do understand the issues at hand re anniversaries...

On to the game!
(which I know as cliff:shag:marry
and so that is how I play)
cliff - David, as I don't know who he is.
shag - Billy, just to see him smirk.
marry - ADAM ANT! such a crush on him!

Blogger mar said...

Happy Birthday, Bec!!! I know it was happy :)
you have every right to hate Elvis...

Anonymous sueeeus said...

Root Adam Ant, 'cos gosh he's GORGEOUS!
Shoot Billy Idol so I don't have to see that smirk again
Marry David Gahan because he's all that's left after all the rootin' and shootin' 'round here. :)

Love your reasoning Sueeeus!

That's almost my take on it this week too - same picks, slightly different reasons!

Root Adam Ant - the source of 20 years of pirate fantasies

Shoot Billy Idol - even though In The Midnight Hour has been playing seductively in my hind brain ever since looking him up for RSM

Marry David Gahan - because, well, google more recent pics of him sans The Haircut and you'll see why!

And thanks for all the birthday wishes, folks - you're worth a bunch of Dead Elvises!

Blogger tonypark said...

Now there, Miss Rebecca, don't be so disrespectful to the King. Uh-huh. Hep us, o' Lord to remember the great man on that special day each year. Ah too remember that fateful day (and my momma cried, so lay off on the smart remarks missy).

Lord, Hep Rebecca to get over her unfounded hatred of the King. She too, will see the light one day.

And Lord, we thank you for Kim Wilde (whom we root); and we commend unto the darkness, to burn forever in Damnation Kim Carnes for Bette Davis Eyes. Ah know that his Majesty would have approved in me marrying the eternal school girl, Chrissy Amphlett, just as he sanctified our Lady Priscilla (another famous schoolgirl).


I stand by my cynicism re celebrity-inspired weeping, Major Park. Further, I can't believe anyone was surprised he died when he did. Isn't the surprise that the gargantuan pill bottle lived as long as he did?

Nice work on the RSM ladies, though, top marks for you.

Blogger Joke said...

Once the barrier of a common language is removed I have sifted my thoughts and the results are:

R - Chrissie Amphlett* seeing as how she would appear to be enthusiastic and energetic at this sort of task.
S - Kim Carnes, because that gravel-voice is begging to be put out of its misery.
M - Kim Wilde, because she seems a shade mor circumspect than Amphlett and sounds less hungover than Carnes.

There you have it.


Oh Joke, Welcome!
So glad you got through the language barrier. Maybe we shall see you back here, n'est-ce pas?

(if it helps with language, Blackbird says this is called cliff/shag/marry in her part of the States)

Blogger Nic said...

Do I get a prize for being SO very late with adding a comment?

Root: Adam Ant - v sexy when I was into them, but I wouldn't want the responsibility of looking after his fragile mental health!

Shoot: Billy Idol - the sneer pisses me off

Marry: Have to be Dave Gahan - but at least I like his voice!

For the first time ever (remember, I've been working backwards here!) I'm going to do the girls.

Root: Chrissie
Marry Kim Carnes
Really very little to choose between the two here, not very familiar with either of them. But the logic is that leaves me with shooting Kim Wilde. Personally, I have nothing against her, she's a lovely lady, but she married someone who was two years above me at school who I had a crush on and I've never really forgiven her...

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