Monday, June 12, 2006
Blackbird's House Plant Show and Tell
A bit late, as usual, for Blackbird's show and tell.

This is our main house plant at the current house, a Valencia orange tree that's probably close to 40 years old. We built our deck around it so it's really a part of our house - that makes it a houseplant, yes?

The fruit is quite bitter to eat, but not when juiced - how does that work? It's so prolific that we have more than enough for juice in winter. I will miss it enormously when we move out and the Pea Princess has several times suggested that it can't be that hard to dig it up and bring it with us.

We're making it a condition of the lease that our tenants let the agent know if the tree appears to be sick!

And here, just for fun, some other house plants - many will be coming with us when we move.

You might be able to see the thick brown stem of the columnar rosemary these cuttings were grown from. Sadly the mother plant didn't make it when we had to transplant her out of the main garden bed, but the babies are doing very well.

Speaking of babies, this is the kitten who broke the camel's back - she's the reason we really have to move.

Nasturtiums, so cheap, so cheerful, so 1980s garden salad! I love knowing that I can pull this up, stick it in a plastic bag and poke it in the ground at the new house and - with no more effort than that - get a lovely cascade of yellow and orange flowers this spring.




Blogger blackbird said...

lovely lovely lovely -

we struggle every year with rosemary and lost a giant one during our renovation a few years ago...we are trying again this year.

your plans for the new garden are impressive to me (who does not garden).

I've done so well with rosemary and was very upset that we lost this one! We have such a hot summer, maybe that helps us?

Blogger MsCellania said...

Rosemary does really well at my sister's house in las Vegas. They will eventually have a huge hedge of the stuff. But Rosemary at 6000 elevation? Not a good idea for here. The winter kills it.

And your 80's salad nasturtiums? Yes! Used to buy bags of them and make my mother go crazy with the cost.

It will be exciting to see your yard blossom.

Blogger Lazy cow said...

We have a rosemary bush that grows in the front yard unchecked. In fact, it is the only thing growing there as I don't water anything.

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