Sunday, December 10, 2006
Root shoot Marry #17, Super Size Me, Baby.
Out of the night
When the full moon is bright,
Comes a horseman known as Zorro.
This bold renegade

Carves a 'Z' with his blade
A 'Z' that stands for Zorro
Zorro --The Fox so cunning and free

Zorro --Who makes the sign of the 'Z'

Party was great, thanks for asking, but what wouldn't I give to have superpowers?

Not technically a superhero, I know, but with Zorro's sword I could have sliced carrots and celery for the dip as well. Never mind, the crackers were enough.

And with Spiderman's web...

I could have flung myself much more quickly from kitchen to lounge to deck to backyard, making sure everyone had drinks and food and that children were doing ok. Never mind, the walk did me good.

And with Superman's x-ray vision

I could certainly have made sure that the bathroom was free before opening the door to throw a dirty tea towel into the laundry basket. Ew. We do have a lock, people, and it would be much nicer if you remembered to use it.

Are we sensing a theme here yet?

I did promise you a Super Root, Shoot or Marry this week.

Your choices this week (Rules here) are


The new Superman

Brandon Routh. I love the idea that he was discovered by the director walking into the bar he was tending. Also, that as a kid he wore Superman pyjamas. It's a bit like Katie having a Tom Cruise poster on her wall...

Batman, but not just any Batman.

I toyed with Adam West for a loooong time (ever since I was 10 and watched him pop the bubbles concealing some evil woman in a bubble bath, actually)

but in the end, by today's standards? The daggy grey leotard
just doesn't do it for me any more.

But this does.

When you make your Root Shoot Marry choices this week, kindly picture Batman with the sexy smile and broad shoulders of Mr George Clooney. I know his costume was even more bizarre than Adam West's. Deal with it.

And lastboy but not leastboy, back to the start of this post we go with yet another man in a mask, the legendary Zorro.

Antonio. Of course. Sigh.


so many to choose from, so little bandwidth.

Again, I was torn over Batgirl.

The Yvonne Craig character was something of a role model for me as a little girl.

SO cute!

But in the interests of accessibility I think we'd better go with young Alicia Silverstone.

And in the interests of a bit of edgy hotness, could we go past Jennifer Garner as Elektra?

Nope, I didn't think so.

And the final choice tonight is the one, the only


Has any superhero ever managed to look so tough and so prissy all at the same time?

Here she is holding onto her magic golden lasso with all the enthusiasm of a nun at a male impotence clinic. And remember her magic bracelets? The bullets just bounced off them!

As a special bonus this week, I'm throwing in a Wild Card.

If you really can't decide from either list, you are - for one week only - permitted to add a fourth option.

Can you guess who it is?

Click here

Have fun!



Blogger telfair said...



Root: The "new" Superman. He's young and virile.

Shoot: Zorro. Antonio Banderas...well, there's something wrong there. The arrogance, I think.

Marry: BATMAN. Because his alterego Bruce Wayne is a disgustingly wealthy sort with his own butler.

Blogger Carolyn said...

Root: Zorro. But he has to wear the mask. The mask does something for me, well that and the black outfit and the sword. He can hold his sword in his mouth while he is rooting me with his mask on. :D

Shoot: Superman. It won't kill him and he's never been my type.

Marry: Clooney, er I mean Batman. And he has to take off the mask, and everything else, when we exercise our marital playground rights.

Blogger Carolyn said...

And I have to say "Phew". I though Santa Claus was going to be an option.

And I'd hate to shoot Santa Claus!

Blogger Jane Henry said...

No contest.

Root Zorro. Antonio presses all my buttons. Always.

Shoot Superman because I haven't seen the new film and there is only one Superman and that was Christopher Reeve (I did see the film at a very tender age...)

Marry Batman. George Clooney. Who wouldn't?

Blogger MsCellania said...

Root Anthony. The Spaniard/Macho Thang would give him some true Rootin' Zest!

Shoot Superman. He certainly wouldn't die and he probably needs practice deflecting bullets.

Marry the Most Delicious Batman. I've always wanted me own butler and batcave. I could FINALLY get some alone reading time!

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

Can I just root them all? Would that be okay? No?

Root - Batman. Bruce Wayne doesn't seem the type to settle down, but he sure could show a girl a good time!

Shoot - Superman. For the same reason as Carolyn (it won't kill him anyway) and because he's a little to stiff and plastic for me.

Marry - Zorro. Antonio Banderas as Zorro was my favorite!

Although I could really go either way on the "root" and "marry."

Up, up and away we go: great start.

I am particularly taken with the image Carolyn has left behind. I take it that kissing is optional, in your Zorro scenario, my dear?

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

Okay, now Mr. B's answers...

Root - Batgirl. Because she could do all sorts of fancy flips. (Men.)

Shoot - Wonder Woman. Because she could block it anyway.

Marry - Jennifer Garner, he means Elektra. Yeah. He has always said that she's one of the few people he would leave me for. So that's his excuse.

Blogger Suse said...

Root: Antonio. Wasn't he Puss in Boots in the Shrek movie? Those over-the-knee boots, those little furry ears, the way he stuck one leg over his shoulder and licked his ... um.

Shoot: Superman - Christopher Reeve was so wet.

Marry: Who else but George. Bonus deal - Robin comes too.

PS. I want a red satin bustier like Electra's for Christmas.

Blogger meggie said...

Root: Batman- just to see if the rumours are true??

Shoot: Superman, hope he dies, didnt like Christopher -gasp- or the 'new' one.

Marry: Antonio as Zorro, always was taken with an accent & the mystery of that mask.

Anonymous shula said...

Talk about taking the party line...

R: Antonio

S: Superman

M: Batman.

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

This is a fantastic RSM. Thankyou Bec. *rubbing hands happily*

R: Much as I adore BatGeorge, and feel that he hasn't settled down yet because he hasn't met the right woman ie. me, I think his long-term fidelity could be an issue in a marital situation. Plus, I don't really want to settle down in Gotham City. It always looks bleak and gloomy and is full of very weird bad guys. So I'll settle for one glorious night of lust with him.
S: SuperBrandon. He can just fly away faster than my speeding bullet and go on saving the planet, unshackled by any intimacy avec moi.
M: Zortonio. He would be a better step-father to my charming but illegitimate children, and he is obviously a kind and patient man if he's put up with Melanie all this time. He may also be good for hot, sultry sex with passionate sweet nothings in a melt-making Spanish accent thrown-in. And that gorgeous singing voice could serenade me when he pops the question!

Smiles all round:-)

Blogger Joke said...

Easy peasy.

R - Elektra. Seems as though this is the only thing for which she is qualified.

S - BatGirl. Seeing how her career's wound up, it's the only merciful thing to do.

M - Wonder Woman. She has her own airplane! But that lasso is a problem on 17 levels.


P.S. Nice to know Iberics are so rootable.

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Poor Punisher.

Nobody loves him.

I know, Stomper!
I thought for sure someone would want to saddle up for Punisher by now. I don't think I'd want to marry him with that grimace, nor try shooting him ...

Blogger creative-type dad said...


Even though the movie was really, really, really bad.

But the costume made it all good.

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

"Saddle up for Punisher"????

Boggling. That's what my mind is doing now.

Anonymous shula said...

Damn! I forgot about him.

I may need to rethink this...

I'll add it to my pre-Christmas list of things to re-think.

Bah...from the Humbug.

Have another look at him; I think you'll agree I've got the adjective right!

Shula? Are you a taker?

Blogger shellyC said...

Oh WOW Super Powers....surely they must have some super powers that make a trip to the bedroom or sofa with these boys really worth while!!!!! Not really one for these type of Movies but we are talking about the actors TOO!! Oooh this is an exciting one!!

Root- George (Batman)- he is not the marrying kind anyway. And are there rules to say that "a root can only happen once"? Here's hoping is can happen many more times!!!

Shoot - Super Man/Young Bar Boy - like the others have said, he will survive!!

Marry - Antonio (Zorro)- just to be sure I could Root him everyday!!! Can you just here that Spanish accent "Come to bed my darling"
"Honey, I am already here!!!!"

After this great choice of guys, I will leave the girls this week.

Blogger velcro said...


Root - Zorro. Halfway point between my dislike of superman and adoration of Mr C

Shoot - Superman. I can't stand Superman, he's just too goody goody. Rob

Marry - George Clooney, I mean Batman, on the condition that we move out of Gotham City. Too dark, but definately keep the butler.

Anonymous shula said...

That's a very personal question, Bec...

Blogger My float said...

Oh, I'm definitely choosing the Punisher. It's kind to be cruel. Or something.

To marry? Party line, I'm afraid. Mr Clooney can wake up in my marital bed every day of the week.

Shoot? The new Superman. And if that fails, I'll hunt down some kryptonite. That ought to do the job. (Not liking him, in case you can't tell!)

Blogger h&b said...

For the first time ever, i'm preferring the boys ... it's nice to be able to confirm i'm not a lesbian, I guess ...

So, for my super-special time, I elect:

R: Zorro. Mmm, men with whips.
( 2nd place is the sexually charged bubblebath with Adam West .. I can't help it. I loved the ep's when he was toyed with by sexy grrrl evildoers. Hot )

S: Superman. Never liked him. Gay in an 'ineffectual' way. Wimp. Goodbye.

M: Spidey. Only because whatsisface with no chin .. ah yes... Tobey McGuire .. actually became appealing to me over his sweetness and absolute adoration of Kirsten Dunst. Plus, he's kinda growing into his looks and is more manly/grown up these days. Not bad to hang off my arm ..not bad at all ...

Phew .. i'm all worked up now.
I think I need a good superhero ravishing.

TMI ? Probably ;)

Blogger h&b said...

Ooh - I screwed up. Spidey wasn't on offer...

R: Adam West. I love the tension and innuendo-play. I'd be so blinded with flattery, it wouldn't matter what happened next ..

S: Stuporman. Same as before.
Someone called him 'wet'. Apt.

M: Antonio. Someone pointed out he puts up with Melanie. Good point .. if he can live with her, he'll *love* me ... and yeah, the marital bonuses would be .. err .. dreamy.

Phew! This RSM has got me all blushing and toasty. Phwoar !

Blogger ewe are here said...

Wow. I can do this one!

Root: Zorro. Antonio Banderas.

Shoot: The 'new' Superman. No thank you.

Marry: George Clooney / Batman.

Blogger Muzbot said...

R: Electra and Zorro
Phew, what a night that would be. Both masters of the sword.

S: Batgirl and Superman
Geez, the attitude from her and from him a constant morose sense of his own tragic history. ZZZzzz boring. Please, let me at the Kryptonite.

M: Wonder Woman and Batman
Now, any man would love a “Wonder Woman” as a wife. Some are lucky enough to have already achieved this feat. The B man… well… He has cool toys and a very powerful motorbike.

Blogger nutmeg said...

I'm so BLOODY late. My schedule is shot to pieces. Maybe RSM can restore my vim and vigour. And if this RSM can't; NOTHING can.

Oh, I've got it:

Root: Antonio

Shoot: The new superman. Too young. He wouldn't know how to pleasure a mature woman like myself.

Marry: Mr Clooney. Marrying and rooting are not mutually exclusive are they? And we all say that the "wandering ones" stop wandering when they met ourselves (don't we!)

Anonymous The Prof said...

Not many blokes in on this so I had to post.

Root Batgirl, I loved her alter ego's school uniform

Marry Electra as Ben has and he seems a good judge, after all he dumped JLo for her

That leaves Wonder Woman and I don't like lasso's and ropes so....

By the way girls with regard to Superman, for a couple of reasons you would be on dangerous ground to either root or marry him, remember he was 'faster than a speeding bullet' this may have referred to both velocity as well as speed.

Blogger Carolyn said...

Yes, kissing is optional, at least the first time. LOL

Blogger Carolyn said...

I'm back. :)

Can you imagine how hard it would be to hide anything from Superman with his x-ray vision?

"Honey, is that the Nordstrom's card in your purse? I thought you cut it up and paid it off. We've talked about this."

And regarding the Punisher, while many ladies like a man with a little extra meat on his "bone", that's a bit too much extra. Ouch.

And I bs you not, my WV is "oncry".

Blogger Angry Dad said...

Root: Jennifer Garner. Although Elektra blew chunks as a movie, she was pretty hot.
Shoot: Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl. C'mon people, it was terrible.
Marry: Linda Carter. Childhood fantasies abound!

Blogger BabelBabe said...

Root: Zorro. WITH THE MASK ON - oh yum! Carolyn has the right idea!

Shoot: Superman. he's freakish.

Marry: Batman. He's effing George Clooney, I don't care what his outfit looks like!

Nice to know I am such a conformist!

Blogger Nic said...

This is SOOOO tricky...shooting's the easy choice...

(Thinks long and hard...)

Root: Batman - who wouldn't with Gorgeous George?

Shoot: Superman - WAAAAY too young for me to be putting up with in any department

Marry: Zorro - listening to that voice evey day... bliss!

(N.B. I think for these purposes, Antonio and George are almost interchangeable, but on balance I'm not sure I could deal with playing second fiddle to a dead pig...)

Anonymous Tuxedo said...

I love all those super heroes.

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