Saturday, November 18, 2006
Root Shoot Marry #14: Live Fast, Die Young, Leave a Good Looking Corpse
There is an excellent reason for the late appearance of this week's Root Shoot Marry.
My Friday night was spent elsewhere.
With someone you know in a bloggerly way, but, unlike me, have never met...
And unless she blogs it first, you won't know more until Sunday: stay tuned or scout around the blogroll, maybe she'll publish first?
I, however, have the photos!
(Updated to add - she's blogged it!)

Ahh yes, the credo of hard rock and quick fame: live fast, die young, leave a good-looking corpse.
Apparently James Dean was the first to say it, with the original quote being 'leave a beautiful corpse', later changed by John Belushi to be 'good-looking', which probably says something subtle and sad about both men.

This week's Root Shoot Marry #14 is brought to you by the deaths of James Dean, John Lennon, River Phoenix, Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe and Diana Spencer - or was it Windsor?

But don't be put off by the fact that fate has already chosen the 'shoot' option for all six of our candidates this week. The fantastical bliss of Root Shoot Marry is that you start with a clean slate: they are yours for the wooing - or to kill all over again.

Rules are here or on the navigation bar below my header. Virgins welcome.

I wonder, by going with died-young-and-pretty, have I finally found a batch of RSM candidates whom no one really wants to see dead?

James Dean

John Lennon

River Phoenix

And the pretty girls...

Grace Kelly

Marilyn Monroe

Princess Di

For the record, in last week's Root Shoot Marry #13 Ugly But Interesting, a vote count reveals Neil Young scoring highest on the shag-o-meter, Ozzy Osbourne dying in agony at least 12 times and Meatloaf - repulsively romantic as he is - heading to altar more than any other victim for the week.

For the ladies, Whitney is most shootable (duh), Michelle Shocked most marriageable, and the prospect of a threesome (foursome?) with the Dixie Chicks was most likely to get players hot and sweaty.

Your died-young-and-pretty choices await: rock on.




Blogger scribbit said...

Wish I could vote for Joaquin Phoenix instead, I love him in Signs and The Village. SIgh.

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Why can't we know till Sunday? What's so special about Sunday?

It seems somehow cruel to resurrect 3 people and then immediately piff one back to oblivion. But as we know, this can be a cruel game.
So I'm going with :

Root:John Lennon (think he was too dependant to have as a life-partner if the whole Yoko vibe is any guide, but I think a lot of people would be very grateful to me for bringing him back)
Shoot: James Dean (moody, rev-head,and one of them's gotta go)
Marry: River Phoenix, because YUM!
And maybe keep it a BIG secret that's he's alive again so no-one else gets him, ever.

PS Is Bloglines broken? Anyone else having trouble?

Blogger nutmeg said...

Yes Stomper, Bloglines seems to be having a fit tonight. Not updating the feeds!

As to RSM - we've gone from wanting to shoot all of them to bringing some hunky ones back to life :-)

I have to say:

Root - Jimmy Dean - too moody to marry; but divine for a one night stand

Marry - There's got to be someone, anyone, better than Yoko. I think I could even be in with a chance.

Shoot - River Phoenix. Really, one of them has to take the bullet and even though he's pretty easy on the eye, someone has really got to say "What's up with that name?" I know the penalty's harsh but such is life.....

Blogger velcro said...

Root - definately River Phoenix. I had such a huge crush on him in my teens that I went to see Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade over and over.

Shoot - James Dean. never did anything for me.

Marry - John Lennon, very rich and as we all know, is destined to be shot by someone else. why not become a rich widow?

from MrV....

Shoot - Diana because she was a pointless vapid insipid person (big fan of the Royals my man)

Marry - Grace Kelly because she's classically beautiful, elegant and stylish and possibly not too high maintenance

Root - Marily Monroe gorgeous but far too much trouble in the long term and you'd have to compete with the Kennedy brothers.

off to a flying start even without bloglines... and you're giving the prof and i some much needed amusement here...

The reason you have to wait until Sunday, Stomper, and the reason we need the amusement?

We have an extra two children here tonight, which is fine, except our Gorgeous Boy has developed a vile lurgy that includes 'green pus' in his throat, according to the doctor, and the Pea Princess roller skated without wrist guards this afternoon and is showing excellent signs of a greenstick fracture.

For the record, it's Saturday night, we're broken limb veterans, and I am NOT going to spend eight hours in casualty waiting for our turn to be triaged through to X Ray.

So please- play on!

update: 9.50pm and we have five sleeping children. Some small success from the day!

Blogger nutmeg said...

Glad to hear all quiet in the Ladies Lounge. Maybe time to check a few blogs....?

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Wait. You're broken limbs veterans? I'm calling the socials.

No. Wait. You have green-pus-throat and greenstick fractures and you're having other kids sleep over? I'm calling the funny farm.

Anonymous shula said...

R: Jimmy Dean. Wasn't he gay? Oh, well, it wouldn't be the first time.

S: John Lennon. Some great songs, but talk about a pain in the ass. I subscribe to the 'thanks John, but that's waaaaay too much information about you and Yoko' club. I'm surprised someone didn't shoot him sooner.

M: That leaves me with River, who is too young for me, I know, but if he hadn't died, I believe he would have aged well. That is one beautiful boy.

Anonymous shula said...

And hats off to you and the Prof for the sleeping children.


Blogger Joke said...


R - Diana. She seems to have had a knack for it.

S - MM. It's really only merciful. Poor thing led a pretty miserable life. After being discarded by a series of diminishing Kennedys, there's really no hope.

M - Grace Kelly. The single most beautiful woman ever to grace our species. Had it all, beauty, talent, charm, polish and, erm, grace. I adore Grace Kelly.


Blogger telfair said...

Good ones!!

Root: James Dean. Although he might weep moodily afterwards.

Shoot: John Lennon. Talented, but such a pretentious git at the same time.

Marry: River Phoenix. I like his last name the best.

Blogger Jane Henry said...

Ok This is easy...

Root joacquin because he's reasonably good looking and I don't have anything else against him.

Shoot John Lennon (ok someone already did) for giving us Woman and Imagine

And marry James Dean. Yes, yes, I know he's not the marrying type but he is WAY too good to let go....

As to the women, that's easy too.

Root Grace Kelly because she's so beautiful
Shoot Diana for leaving us with the People's everything
Marry Marilyn because she was amazing.
love Jane

Blogger Jane Henry said...

Sorry sorry, wrong Phoenix, but you know what I meant...

Blogger Jane Henry said...

PS Bec - just saw your comment on the green stick... I'm a vet too. Last one on holiday in Germany... Actually in Switzerland for the day then two boats back to get car, before getting to German hospital several hours later...

Luckily I speak German.

Even more luckily, the word for Green stick Fracture is pretty much the same.

I hazarded Grunstuck Fraktur and the guy looked at me like I was a medical genius...

Hope pus dimished by the morrow and greenstick is really sprain (which happened last time I thought we had a greenstick...)

love Jane

Blogger MsCellania said...

*Throwing Holy Water all around the House of Lounge*

"BEGONE all vile illness and accidents!"

Root: River (The young have staying power)
Shoot: Dean (He didn't care for girls That Way, and didn't make enough money to warrant marriage)
Marry: Lennon (Still funding the retirement account here) and live on a different coast or in a different country. And I would shoot Yoko if she ever visited.

Blogger Muzbot said...

Root: Di and John.
Although, I don't think John would be a great root... way to earthy.
Shoot: Maz and River.
Marilyn seems to be more a legend than anyone real these days. River, meh. Is he really missed?
Marry: Grace and James.
Calssic beauty and a slight kinky bent. Nice combination.

Blogger Badger said...


Shoot Dean. He was before my time anyway.

Root River, because he was way cute, and I wouldn't marry him because of the drugs.

Marry John. Er, because I sure as hell don't have the heart to shoot him, but he never struck me as all that rootable (I was a George gal).

Blogger shellyC said...

At last they are good looking and therefore "rootable".

Root - River Phoenix. I always liked him.

Shoot - James Dean. I cannot stand reckless driving!

Marry - John Lennon. I am sure it would have been an interesting, spiritual and probably kinky marriage!!

The girls, well I have gone for them the other weeks so;

Root- Diana. I could make a mint selling the story and the pics of course!!

Shoot - Marilyn. She was juts plain painful!

Marry - Grace. If it meant I was the princess!!

Anonymous shula said...

Wot is this thing called 'greenstick fracture'? The way Jane Henry explains it makes it sound like some kind of typeface.

Blogger Jane Henry said...

Shula, LOL... Most words in German sound like typefaces. Maybe it's because Heidelberg invented the printing press? For the record my favourite German words are: Brustwort (literally Breast wart= Nipple) and BrustHalter (Breast Holder = Bra) - it's a very literal language....

love Janex

...yes, or: snap a green stick and it doesn't break in two, it bends and splinters - just like younger kids' bones. Does this mean your Mym has all her bits intact, Shula?

Blogger Carolyn said...

I hope all the little ones are feeling better. They were not supposed to get sick/hurt for at least the rest of the year. Didn't they get the memo?

Marry - River Phoenix so I could root him again and again and again.

Root - River Phoenix. Oh yeah, wait let me it's getting tough.

Hmmm. Need more time. Heh heh heh

Anonymous shula said...

Ow! That sounds so unhappy making.

No, the girl's never broken anything....touch wood. Maybe that's because I won't let her leave the couch.

In case she hurts herself.

I also have to leave the room when she's using an industrial sewing machine. I cannot stay.


Blogger Carolyn said...

I'm back!

Root - John Lennon. I wouldn't even have to shave my legs first.

Shoot - James Dean. He was before my time anyway.

Marry - River Phoenix for future rooting pleasure.

Blogger kt said...

Oh, I'm glad you got to go have fun on a Friday night. The rest of us were just surfing about aimlessly, scratching our collective noggins, wondering, "Why, O God in the heavens, if You are there, Why is there no RSM to brighten my incredibly tedious life this Friday night?"

Now I know. Glad you had fun.

Root: Jimmy Dean-cool duds
Shoot: River--too many hard drugs, thank you!
Marry: The smart Beatle. Don't think we'd ever lack for interesting conversation, and I'd promise not to play my concertina nor sing on any of his recordings!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's so easy !
Shoot: John Lennon, 'cause he married Yoko.
Root: James Dean, such a beautiful style.
Marry: River Phoenix, so he can be my very own boy. Ow!
That's my way. heh heh heh
And it's easy to the girls too:
Shoot:Diana, not interested in the Royals 'though she's fine.
Root: Marilyn, she's gorgeous but anoying, not a marrying style, right ?
Marry: beautiful, stylish, and talented Grace Kelly, of course!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing to say but: Marry - RIVER PHOENIX

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