Monday, November 13, 2006
Sunshine: Sydney: Seven pm.
Recognise this?

If not, you've never seen The Matrix.

Sorry I couldn't find a lady in red. Grey will have to do.

And this? You might not know.

It's the interior of the Martin Place Commonwealth Bank.

Is it not glorious?

And the Old GPO (General Post Office)

It has the most incredible facade, including what appears to be about seven different faces of Queen Victoria from girl to old woman.

But does anyone ever look up?

Well, hardly anyone.

Spring flowers.

This might all be concrete and old dark buildings to you, but you should have seen how grim they were a month ago.

My spirits instantly rise with Daylight Savings Time each year.

Sunshine: Sydney: Seven pm.


pics courtesy of my phone.
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Blogger My float said...

We have some beautiful places in this city of ours!

I used to love spring in the city -all those beautiful flowers, and people just seemed happier. (Probably happy that another Sydney winter was over!)

Is the Christmas Tree up in Martin Place?

They put the trunk up last night - I took pics of that too, with the cherry pickers on either side!

I'm hoping they take a few days so I can get a progression of shots but I suspect it will be done quite quickly...

Blogger Surfing Free said...

You have inspired me to take some photos of Walsh Bay and surrounds now :) It's a very photogenic city.

Blogger telfair said...
Blogger nutmeg said...

I'm sorry I didn't post a comment yesterday but I really didn't have anything to offer (bloody useless, I know).

But...I finally got around to reading Saturday's Spectrum from the SMH and it has a story in the Life section about divorce and how it "..can unsettle the lives of family, friends and even aquaintances." I haven't had a chance to read it in its entirety, but will see if it has anything pertinent to your situation and get back to you.

SF - I love how so much of the city is hidden in plain view, if you know what I mean?

Telfair - but it's so pretty where you are now, too!

Nutmeg - thanks! I probably still have that section at home - must dig for it!

Anonymous Shula said...

DAMN! What kind of phone is that?

Remarkable. If I didn't know where you were, I'd say you were in Melbourne. You have to look up here to see anything, it's so flat, but the cricked neck is well worth it.

Must do a round of the CBD with the camera sometime.

Shula, you should! I love your photos.

Nokia 6131.

Blogger h&b said...

It's not often I look up, I am loathe to admit .. although I think I used to, when I lived in the city of your Southern cousin.

The Bank pic is especially divine, and no, i've never seen the Matrix ;)

Blogger Angry Dad said...

Your phone sure takes some nice shots! I love how you can see the obscure parts of places as well, like the GPO.

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