Thursday, November 09, 2006
I got nuthin'. So hang around in Dubbo for a bit, if you like.
Back in April we had a family holiday.

You can scroll down and get straight to the good bits or dawdle and read my whinge first.

I had a great time taking pics and when I came back Blogger rejected the whole bloody lot.

No reason.

Just Blogger bastardry.

Suse kept saying 'Get Ye To Flickr' and I couldn't make that work for an extra-specially-long time.

Then she explained it to me again. And finally I got it.

(the trick, folks, is to use your 'edit html' tab, and paste in the urls you can generate after uploading pics to Flickr. Then come back to the 'compose' tab for all your normal tidying up like italics and bold etc - try it, you'll never go back. Shula, you asked about this ages ago and I am not sure if this will work in Typepad?)

So for the last few nights I've been playing around with Wordpress and setting up a mirror site to this one, purely because Wordpress has categories and until Blogger Beta deigns to look my way I DON'T have categories and I am sick and tired of waiting.

I so lust for categories.

I'm not sure though.

Wordpress seems a bit clinical.

And I've just got all these pretty flowers and things onto the Ladies Lounge.

Anyone else got thoughts on changing over?


Getting back to my original point. I got nuthin' for ya.

Other than some pictures from the holiday at Western Plains Zoo way back in April.

I cannot recommend it highly enough. We're planning on going back every couple of years as it is an easy drive from Sydney and a good value trip for all.

Things we learned in Dubbo

Getting there can be part of the fun:
car trip home 2 015

At least, it can be fun if you're the mum, and the passenger, and in charge of the camera:
car trip home 2 009

It was really too early in the year for the grass to be this dead - anyone doubt the drought?:
car trip home 2 036

And onto the Zoo.

See that thing with the foot in the ear? I can do that when I go to yoga regularly:
day two dubbo zoo 008

It's a sad fact - lions look out of place anywhere but Africa:
day two dubbo zoo 040

Not so the tigers, who mostly just looked hungry. Until they fed this one a baby goat. I wish I could play you the sound of the bones cracking.
day two dubbo zoo 016

Giraffes are interesting no matter which way you look at them:
day three dubbo zoo 010

... or backwards...
day three dubbo zoo 012

Is this not the most beautiful dingo?
day three dubbo zoo 044

I think he had his eye on this mob:
day three dubbo zoo 048

We had two cameras on this trip: one for the Pea Princess to use to take photos of the holiday, and one for me to use to take photos of the Pea Princess taking photos of the holiday...
day three dubbo zoo 059

And without the Pea Princess' camera in the back seat we'd have missed some of this:

It's nice to go home, and take some tigers with you...
car trip home katy pics 2 007

You have to be very quick to catch the giant Stockman on the old camera, Pea Princess caught his head over the top of Sparkle's here:
car trip home katy pics 2 018


So what do you know? Maybe I had sumthin' for ya after all.



Blogger Joke said...

I've thought of a changeover, but I'm too damned indolent.


Blogger scribbit said...

Hear the bones cracking???? You didn't have to play it, I'm hearing it. Ugh. But having said that, a very cool bunch of animals.

Blogger nutmeg said...

Ok. I'm sold on Western Plains Zoo. The gold panner is familiar. Near Kelso - just outside Bathurst?

As to the Flickr thing, I think you'll need to give me a quick tutorial on the 17th...

Will do, Nutmeg! And you're right, it was a gold panner at kelso - I'd forgotten and went for the generic stockman...

Scribbit: sorry lovey. It was Very Very Loud. You could almost hear it in Alaska, I would think.

And Joke, you so push all those Saki buttons I installed when I was 16...

Blogger My float said...

I suspect that seeing a goat fed to a lion would turn me back into a vegetarian quick-smart. Those photos are lovely, although I really do have to see the foot in the ear to believe it!

MF - just tried it and got the toes to the temple. With a warm up I'd just about be there...

Blogger Em said...

I changed to blogger beta for the categories but didn't change my template over because I didn't want to lose my "greenery"... but I was still able to create categories sidebar that works well enough. Do you want a tutorial? I'm still not sure about flickr - I'd better go back and have another look (like you I got stumped the first time around).

Blogger Suse said...

That looks more like an elderly labrador than a dingo. You got duped luv.

Even the tiger's laughing.

Blogger Lazy cow said...

Goodness you take nice photos.
No to the changeover just yet. I'll let everyone else do it first.
Thanks for the Flickr tip. I think I actually understand!

Blogger Lazy cow said...

Oh, and I will FIGHT you for Suse's 7 year old, do you hear??

I have my eye on Suse's seven year old for my four year old girl (and I have a spare four year old boy in case hers and mine turn out that way) - I fancy her musical genius eldest for my Pea Princess. Sorry Lazy Cow - but I will almost certainly have a leftover child who could do for one of yours?

Anonymous shula said...

Can't talk, have to nut out this flickr business. If I could work this out, maybe I could stop blowing out my bandwidth. I seem to have been 'discovered' by most of Norway (they have a thing for my armed robbery balaclava patterns).

Blogger Muzbot said...

I just checked out Wordpress... and frankly, it shited me. Sure, I love the tags, but really, the templates suck... Try using it on an a Mac!.. It wouldn't even let me customise my header image. It bites. Give me two more months here with blogger while they sort out version Beta. If they haven't got it right by then I'll look for alternatives...
Great pics... I love road trips out of Sydney.

Blogger Badger said...

THAT'S a dingo? For real? How do you tell them apart from dogs? And why on earth would one of them eat a baby?

Blogger Joke said...


It's a gift, really.


Blogger meggie said...

I have been warned off Beta- they havent perfected it yet, & want all of us to iron out the bugs!
Love the pics!

Blogger shellyC said...

Love the zoo too!

My sister changed to wordpress
and likes it better. I will think about it when i have time.....sometime.

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Great photos. Glad to hear that you have been somewhere that's actually important and interesting for a change. (as quoted by the Pea Princess).
We did the museum this week, as well as the zoo.

I win.

PS.I can't put my foot on my head though.
You win.

I have freakishly long thigh bones and flexible hip joints.

It's a kind of genetic cheat.

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

I think in the interests of being kind to one's own body image, perhaps "gorgeous long legs" would be preferable to "freakishly long thigh bones"

If only.

But thanks for the thought!

Anonymous shula said...

It was never conclusively proven that a dingo did kill the baby, though I for one never believed Lindy did it either.

The mystery continues.

My parents lived in the Northern Territory for several years (dad was in the police there in the 60s) and had some interesting theories: none of which involved Lindy doing it.

Blogger Irene said...

I really like your blog as it is now. But then again, I am always reluctant when change is involved. :p

Those zoo pictures were great. My toddler had a blast trying to name all the animals. So thanks for keeping him preoccupied and out of mischief for at least three minutes. c",)

Blogger Suse said...

Badger I'm telling you, it's a frigging labrador.

Dingoes are skinny, yellow and have matinee jackets between their molars.

Anonymous CrankMama said...

These are great pics!! How different are out zoos....!!

Irene - you're welcome. After the training I've had it's almost an obligation to seek out the world's toddlers and keep them occupied for at least a few minutes each...

Crankmama - thank you! And yes, it's a brilliant zoo but you do have to drive four hours from the city to get there.

Suse - stop tormenting Badger. This IS a dingo. Or - rather - this is what dingos look like when they eat t-bone steaks and barley poached in chicken stock instead of leftover McDonalds fries and newborns. Every home should have one.

Blogger Lazy cow said...

We'll just have to let all our kids fight it out then won't we?

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