Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Kim tagged me a, well, a while ago now. But finally, finally I am doing her meme; you might too, if you feel like it.

Here goes ...Target or Kmart?

I’m bucking the trend here and going Kmart. Target stores always seem to be dirty. Ditto Big W. Kmart may not have the best range but at least the staff seem to make an effort to pick things up off the floor.

Beef burger or chicken burger?
There is only one Burger and its name is Cow Meat.

Faux or Fur?
Neither. Or are we talking about teeth? Because I have all my own originals but they are feeling a bit furry just now…

Out of a can or out of a bottle?
Bottle when I can afford it. Otherwise Chateau Cardboard.

You did mean alcohol, right?

Hotel or tent?
Hotel. Alone. On expenses.
Once a regular occurrence.
Last experienced 2003.
Stifle sob.

Coles or BiLo?
Neither, we live in Woolies or Franklins territory and I’d go with Woolworths. Franklins is more expensive, I've discovered, but who’d think it?

Pasta or Pizza?
I have to copy Suse here and say if homemade then either, if takeaway/dining out then pizza.

Thongs or sandals?
Sandals mostly, but there is a soft spot in my heart for the enduring utility of the good old thong. And some of them now are SO pretty! SO cheap! (thongs, for non Australians, in this context mean flip-flops, jandles or any other term referring to bits of rubber attaching to your foot by means of a v-shaped strap over the arch and down next to big toe)

Backyard pool or beach?
Never had a backyard pool (although we may add one to new house) but I lived for a year or so just 100m from the beach and it was heaven.

Souvenirs or photos?
Both. There is sand from the shores of Lake Malawi in a bottle from a creek bed in Dorrigo that has travelled with me to 20 different houses in 20 years so far.

BBQ or foodcourt?
Barbie – at home, preferably.

Chocolate or Vanilla?
Vanilla. I confess, I know this seriously undermines me as both a woman and a blogger but I do not love the chocolate. Except for about three hours once a month when I desire nothing more.

Hair product or no hair product?
Product? I'm sorry, I don't speak Hairdresser.

Cats or dogs? Both – but on my terms.

Organised tour or do it yourself?
DIY. Book one night ahead. Stay longer if it looks nice.
That said, my only organised tour ever was a month in China with 25 geriatrics. Huge fun.

Home cooked or home delivered?
Is it Friday? Delivery. Every other night: home made.Coffee or tea? Coffee. But am developing a fondness for black tea of any kind.

The strength of an ox or the strength of a mule?
Are they very different? Probably mule. Stubborn with a huge backward kick. Look out.

Love or lust?
Yes and yes. Better add ‘like’ in there too. Because sometimes it lasts longer than both the other L words.

Thought or action?
Brief thought: swift action: long reflection.

I am the pin up girl for marry in haste, repent at leisure. Except not for actual marriage. Just for every other decision I’ve ever made. Honest.



Anonymous shula said...

we're an exact match on the vanilla chocolate thingy. To the letter. Not very fashionable, but then cool never is to begin with.

Aah yes, Shula: first we make Manhattan smell like vanilla... then we taste Berlin.

Blogger mar said...

Loved it! specially your Chateau Cardboard - I'll have to remember this!

Blogger Em said...

No chocolate?! Actually I love it but can't eat it - it gives me indigestion... (which sounds even lamer than not liking it).

Crikey Em, how did you go living in Belgium and getting indigestion from chocolate? Torture!!

Blogger scribbit said...

Okay, I called them "thongs" the other day and got shot down by my sister who said, "They're NOT thongs, they're flip flops--there's only one kind of thong and it's not for your feet."

I wondered if I was the only one still calling them that--that's all they were ever called when I was a kid.

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

It's a long-hair thing, right? Who needs product when you can just bundle it up into a ponytail?
I loved that you elucidated on the thongs. I never wear thongs ( not on my feet anyway). Never want to get that hammer-toe syndrome, eeyeww

Blogger Carolyn said...

I have a tupperware dish of sand from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

My Mom saved it on a vacation when I was a kid and passed it down.

It's red.

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