Thursday, October 12, 2006

First Guide Camp
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For the record, the Pea Princess had her first real Girl Guide camp recently.

There was much to be organised.

Long lists, with a very sensible check box to show that each item marked as packed to go was also marked as packed to take home.

We were puzzled by the shower cap requirement. Can you even buy shower caps any more?

The PP was greatly excited. Until it came to this moment, of heading to the car with Dad and driving off into the night to camp.

"I'm a bit scared," says she.

"Don't be," says me.

"It will be great fun," says me.

Silent nod and lip biting, from she.

I managed to control my own bottom lip until she was in the car and couldn't see me.

The camp, as you probably guessed, was a huge success. There was a bonfire and treasure hunts and somehow, amid all the Anglican starchiness of Girl Guides, the leaders wove a 'Disney Princess' theme that was just right for these 7-12 year olds.

Lookee there at my baby: she travels!



Blogger Emma said...

Whoa! Sudden flashback to my first Girl Guide camp (chicken roasted in the coals, eat around the blackened bits, then late that night washed out by storms and flash flooding) I hope the Pea Princess had as much fun as I did!

I hadn't realised how Anglican it all was, but then I was raised very Anglican, couldn't see the trees for the forest. LOL


Blogger scribbit said...

Yea, my 12 year-old had her first camp this summer and it was like that. Great fun for all, bit of a quiver in the lip seeing her go.

Blogger My float said...

I can remember the days when she was just a tiny little thing...sigh.

Blogger telfair said...
Blogger Em said...

My 7 year old is off on his first camp next month (overnight at the zoo). I can't believe they start so early.

Am I the only person who still wears a shower cap? (I only wash my hair every second day...)

Blogger Em said...

PS Love the new look!

Blogger meggie said...

So hard to let them go!
My daughter got so homesick on her camps.

Then Granddaughter got a 'special award' for managing to last it out, when she got so homesick they thought she may have to come home!

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Good to hear she had fun, the big, brave girl.

Yes, she is brave! I remember being horribly homesick at most of the Guide camps I attended and at one even considering slicing my finger with the craft knife so I could be taken home (another girl had just done that and her dad came straight away - unfortunately since she was a local and my dad was about 300 km away I just couldn't take the chance on being so lucky!)

Blogger h&b said...

Aww.. she looks gorgeous .. all freshfaced and new.

You don't have showercaps at your house ?
I must admit, I steal mine from hotelrooms, but they're everywhere, Coles, Priceline, Woolies .. geez ! ;)

{ reading } - ah good - em, you are not the only one .. although I have to wash every day now with the short hair .. most annoying !

Blogger nutmeg said...

Lovely pics of the Pea Princess. She does look all ready to go! First camp is a mixture of excitement and dread. Like Emma my first guide camp was a washout and we had to go home early after lashing all those pack holders together and all. I also want to know which guides got to canoe as all I ever saw on those girl guide advertisements were them canoeing. I must of joined the wrong troupe. Hope the pea gets to canoe (this really isn't a sore point and all ;-))

PS - WTF is wrong with Blogger lately - so slow and pernickity.

Blogger MsCellania said...

Wow! She looks so OLD.
Yet -- so young, too.
And OH CRAP about this Blogger Malaise. It's taking ForEver to comment.

Blogger Emma Kaufmann said...

I love the pictures of Pea Princess. Glad she had a good time. I can't wait until my daughter is old enough to join the Brownies.

Welcome Emma! (Emmas everywhere today - how lovely!)

And yes, MsCellania, she does look so old! That's what being eight gets you - that whole old/young look.

And is everyone having comment problems everywhere or just here? Just for once, Blogger's treating me nice so I'm worried it's the new template here that's giving you grief?

Blogger Suse said...

Last year Son #2 who is the brave and outgoing and far-too-social-for-my-liking one, left on a class camp. He kissed me and got on the bus just fine, I turned to talk to another mum, and when I turned back the bus was pulling away and he (of all the class! the brave bossy one!) was sobbing in the arms of the big hairy man teacher.

That was a sight that remained burnt into my retinas for the next 3 days.

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