Tuesday, October 03, 2006
STOLEN BY BITACLE Overrated Things Meme

It's been a little while, but it's time for a meme.

(because crap yes I am tired and why on EARTH are my kids taking turns to wake up at somewhere between 10 minutes to and 10 minutes past FOUR A.M. for the past WEEK - oh, and yes, that secondment to VERY Busy and Important that I referred to HERE, well it happened and they've also changed the offices around so I don't even get THE VIEW for the next three weeks which also happen to be extremely busy weeks in my REAL JOB and can you see why I would keep LEAPING into CAPS LOCK at the MoMeNt??)

Ahem. The Meme.

Doing the rounds lately has been the Overrated Things Meme (see here, and here, and here, and here for recent players). I find myself drawn to it because every time I read it I think of more things that are overrated. Some might call this attitude 'jaded' or 'cynical' but I prefer 'worldly wise'.

The number appears to be random so let's aim for a nice neat 10 - and I make no apologies for anything culturally obscure; that's what Google is for, peoples, so go learn something.

Things That Are Overrated

  1. Scanpan
  2. Pretty much any job on a women's magazine
  3. The right to bear arms
  4. Whingeback radio
  5. Food processor pastry
  6. Scrapbooking (how did that even become a word?)
  7. Semillon
  8. Chick Lit
  9. Kids' team sports
  10. Jessica Rowe
  11. Toddler milk
  12. McMansions
  13. Eddie McGuire
  14. Playstation Karaoke
  15. Jamie Oliver
  16. Any 'pesto' other than basil

Looky-there. A nice neat 16 instead. I could have kept going too. But then you'd have had to call me bitter, when I'm really just going for weary...

Dammit, edited to add #17 - breastfeeding as contraception.

'night all




Blogger blackbird said...

um, was #17 an announcement?

Anonymous sueeeus said...

Ummm... What she (bb) said. Do tell! :)

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

Holy Mother of Unmerciful Fecundity, no!!

But in the bright light of morning I can see how you might think that...

A) Not pregnant.

B) Not breastfeeding TWIN FOUR YEAR OLDS! Eeyew. They eat STEAK.

C) Just think it's overrated. You see it mentioned a lot on Mom/Mum blogs as an article of faith.

I have friends with kids 11 and 13 months apart who can testify against BF's contraceptive value, as well as my own rapid return to Periodsville despite constant suckling.

Better choice might have been "breastfeeding for weight loss". Consider that #18.

Also, for the record, this morning the Sparkle Twin made a slight break with the current routine and woke us at 20 minutes to 4.

I am so tired. Does anyone else have trouble getting to sleep when they're too, too tired?

Blogger telfair said...

Ha! Ha!

We never got the Eddie McGuire thing when we lived there, either.

Blogger meggie said...

I went to read the others- found I ageed with Joke on most.

I confess I will have to go & look up some of yours! haha.

Also, I cant have Sushi in my list, I love it.
GOM & I tried Starbucks- never to return. The coffee was SLUDGE.

I'd like to add James Blunt too. His squeaky voice is dreadful live and his lyrics just annoy me. "Those three wise men have got a semi by the sea..." WTF?

Anonymous shula said...

Our house (and car) are a Blunt Free Zone. That is not negotiable, under any circumstances.

I had to laugh when I heard he'd been in the army. Perhaps he was a a Weapon of Mass Destruction. You could just pipe him through a loudspeaker and there'd be not soul within earshot left breathing in 10 minutes flat.

Blogger My float said...

Definitely agree with you on Scanpan and almost all other points, except kids team sports and that's only because mine isn't old enough to play them! What the f about scrapbooking? How the hell is that fun? It's just a money spinner. Geez, I don't even have time to stick photos in an album, doggone it, let alone decorate the darn thing.

As for Jessica Rowe, well, she was an excellent newsreader. I think she has an amazing sense of self to keep it together when Eddie tried to bone her (WTF?)

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Great list! I especially agree with 3,6,8 and 13 and would like to say that the chicklit spin-off "Hen Lit" (and why didn't they just call it Chook Lit and be done with it?)is just as high on my own list of personal irritants.
Maybe daylight savings will settle your kids waking habits? That's what we're hoping for, although we're talking 6am not 4 am, sorry not meaning to rub it in..

Blogger Surfing Free said...

I agree with the pesto!!! Don't even bother with your fancy corriander and walnut pesto crap, just stick to the original and everything will be okay.
I want to add to the list - corriander (bleck!)
bamboo shoots (taste like soap)
groovey offices (we are moving our offices to the city soon and even though the new pad is ultra grooving it still don't make up for the extra travel time!!!

Blogger meggie said...

Dammit, there are just more & more to add to the list!

Noone mentioned bloody Naomi Robson- or did we shoot her somewhere before?

Naomi Robson is an excellent choice Meggie - you should do the meme!

Surfing Free - you're moving offices to the city?! We have no more excuses, there WILL be a Sydney blogger meeting. We'll get Kim too.

Stomper - It's just a run of bad dreams and I blame myself for caving and letting them watch Dr Who the past few weeks. And yes, this too shall pass!

MF - I know Jessia was good on news, but she's doing that rubbish morning show now and we're all supposed to care about her maternity clothes. Puh-lease.

And Shula, agreed. Even my eight year old - who's hitting the tweenie pop-lovin' stage - thinks James Blunt is rubbish. Worse than the Veronicas!

Blogger h&b said...

I have to take coriander off the list, SF. I grow the stuff, and I really have to, to feed my coriander addiction. I eat it right off the plant, while pottering around in the garden.

Pesto is BASIL. No other wanky recipes wil be entered into.

Breastfeeding as contraception ?
Nopies, but I recommend it for Liposuction. Just remember to wean from the Mini-Mars-Bars AFTER you stop or the fat just comes back.. eugh ..

What can I add then ?
The Wiggles. F'n hate 'em. And Anthony Wiggle totally sucked tonight on "Thank God You're Here".

Four Grown men, and who the hell would admit to doing their graphic design stuff ? Cheap. nasty. Hate.

Blogger scribbit said...

There are only a few I know (I'm still chuckling over Unmerciful Fecundity)

Breastfeeding as contraception is an oxymoron.

As is Chick Lit (humble opinion)

And any pesto besides Basil likewise.

Oh yea, and "scrapbook" isn't a verb.

Gosh I sound grumpy. You must have hit some buttons there.

Completely acceptable grumpiness.

I'm waging a workplace campaign against 'credentialling' as a verb, too. Ugh.

Blogger Carolyn said...

I've never heard of toddler milk, scanpan, whingeback and semillon.

I guess I'll get myself to google.

I'm feeling kinder this morning, since the House of the Ladies Lounge is still sleeping and there's just me and the cats and the dog and the goldfish AWAKE. AS USUAL.

Toddler milk: powdered milk formula designed to screw up mothers who think their toddler's not getting enough vitamins and requires a supplement via expensive powdered milk in a tin. Classic example of the way maternal insecurities are being exploited these days.

Scanpan: supposedly indestructible non-stick cookware. Gives a lovely even heat, but cannot withstand the rigours of The Prof whipping mashed potatoes with a fork. Still useable as long as I pick out the little black bits of Scanpan lining that flake away during cooking.

Whingeback: my favourite description of what you may know as talkback radio.

Semillon: wine. I'm out of energy, you'll have to google it. Also, look for the glowing descriptions of 'aged semillon'. And then ignore them forever.

Blogger nutmeg said...

You really hit your stride with Chick Lit (Chick Fict or maybe Fuct more like it), Toddler Milk (too yummy mummy), McMansions (where's the soul?), Scrapbooking (with MF here; WTF?). Great list :)

Blogger Loralee Choate said...

I live in Utah, which is the USA's Scrapbook Headquarters and I HATE IT.

One day they'll probably ask me to move or something.

I adored Jamie as the Naked Chef. Now?
EH. That causes me pain, but it's true.


Blogger Carolyn said...

Thank you for saving me from Google hell. :)

Anonymous stomper girls's Mum said...

Loved your list - in particular whingeback radio, and am doing my utmost to popularize this description. I cannot stand to listen to me, it arouses such hostile thoughts in me about all the total idiots who whinge unremittingly to sanctimonious opinionated 'hosts' - aarrgh!
You are obviously a girl after my own heart as you list one of my very favourite cookery books, Diane Holuigue's The Clever Cook. It is so good to have a book that tells you clearly not just how but also WHY.

Anonymous stomper girl's mum said...

Oops, typo! should always proofread. 'Listen to IT', not 'listen to me'!

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