Thursday, September 21, 2006
Joke's Five Meme, spiced up a little (I can never leave recipes alone, either)
What does it say to you when you get tagged for a meme that even the tagger found dull to complete?

Hmm. Well I'm not complaining too bitterly because I was tagged by chance in a sneaky Joke-y way that I intend to repeat at the bottom of this post so I'm not telling you what it was. Yet.

But, while I'll conform enough to comply with a tag, I refuse to follow the meme game so closely that I become just the latest in a long line of bored bloggers - yea, even unto the middle ages. So, I'm going to try to spice it up a little. Given Joke's culinary interests, we might just call it the Five Spice Meme from now on...

Here's the original, and if you want to go there, feel free.
Five things in my freezer:
Five things in my closet:
Five things in my car:
Five interesting things in my backpack:

And here's (maybe) a more testing version, with a fifth category added because - what up with the four times five thing? - I can only assume somewhere in the meme's travels the original fifth list was lost in a hasty cut and paste.

Five things I wish were in my freezer:
A bottle of Absolut Citron;
the pesto I should have made last summer;
the chicken stock I used up this winter;
a spare litre of milk (now we don't live around the corner from the 7/11);
a big box of blackberries.

Five things that shouldn't be in my wardrobe:
Gorgeous black ballet flats, a size too big;
gorgeous Von Troska dress, two sizes too small;
a pink t-shirt that fits like a dream but gives me far more boobage than I can comfortably admit I've got;
my last ever maternity bra (just too goddam comfortable);
two bikinis (who AM I kidding?).

Five things I hate about my car:
Carpet held last summer's sand all winter, resisting even professional cleaning;
bad blind spots through the rear view mirror and driver's side pillar;
front cup holders are too close together so coffee cups won't fit side by side;
rear hatch door opens just high enough to crack you on the head when you straighten up after pulling groceries out of the back;
and finally, despite all its compact styling and cleverly concealed third row of seats, it still looks like a freaking soccer mum's van.

Five things I should throw out of my handbag/purse/briefcase/backpack:
Lipstick with a loose cap;
a Barbie princess crown with a broken side piece;
receipts, receipts, receipts!!;
hair elastics that aren't - elastic, that is;
and (gentlemen, look away) a free-floating tampon that, despite its appearance, just cannot still be hygienically sealed.

Five things I don't want to admit are in my bathroom:
A small army of bath toys where my candles and oils used to sit(but I'll be sad when they're gone);
denture soaker (not mine!!);
head lice treatments (not mine!!);
sleeping pills (ahem);
cockroaches - despite the $200 treatment last month!

And finally, tagging the first five people to comment here. That way I can follow you round and see which version you do!



Blogger nutmeg said...

I was having a nice little chuckle until I read your last paragraph. I nearly ran away without commenting....but I've decided to step up, run with it, give it a go, put my best foot forward,[insert any professional footballer cliche here]. You'll have to come on over to see which one I chose to do ;-)

Blogger Kim said...

You so know which one I'm going to do...

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

I'll do it, but I can't do it until I get home from work tonight (it's 6:30 am right now) here and I really, really need to go get ready for work instead of playing on the internet!

And I'm seriously thinking the second one looks like waaaaaaay more fun! ;o)

Blogger My float said...

Ok...I bags doing it but next week. Floriade beckons this weekend.

Funnily enough, the thing that most struck home was ... your Von Troska dress - sob. I miss the days of shopping knowing that I would fit into pretty much anything (except a bikini, of course. Haven't done those since I was about 15...and even then it was shocking, I'm sure!) But back to the dress. I bet it's glorious and I'm sure the girls will have great dressing up fun in a couple of years.

More boobage? That's hilarious.

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

Ok, I posted mine!

Thanks for the incredibly long comment about the mouse tale. Yeah, if I would have been awake then I would have just let the cat kill it! That's just me though!

Blogger kt said...

Pea Soup led me to you--I consider that good introduction, so I'll play!

Blogger mar said...

do you freeze milk???

Yes! (and butter, if you trackback to Joke's meme for a very interesting comment conversation about such matters).

Defrosts beautifully, although it's wise to give it a good shake to break up any crystals before you pour it in your coffee!

Blogger Suse said...

Oh I love the internet. I now know I can freeze butter AND milk.

The Von Troska dress - sob
The car - Honda Odyssey?
The stray tampon - every bag has one

You should see it Suse - it's silver and satin and bias cut and the bodice is To Die For - double-sob.

If anyone's looking for it, RSM #7 is on its way. There's a particularly good Midsomer Murders on tonight and it's been very distracting...

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