Sunday, September 03, 2006
Garden Update - Spring is Sprung!

So, yes, spring is sprung and while we're still making plans for the back gardens the front yard is taking a very cottage-y shape.

The azaleas I thought were so hideous when we moved in have shown their true colours (bottom left) - but I don't know if I can live with 11 months of ugliness just to enjoy this spectacle once a year!

We've gone large on daisies of all kinds: lovely, happy, kid-friendly flowers that they are.

Other plants that have gone in since we arrived are the housewarming gifts: a lemon, a lime, bottlebrush, lavender (top row, centre). There is also a fabulous geranium sitting happily and permanently in a large pot on the back steps and a gardenia florida waiting for the right spot to claim it. I've added a grevillea, spring jasmine, a hedge of murrayas and a couple of Australian native climbers.

The beautiful double camellia, bottom centre, is actually our neighbour's but grows through our fence looking for northern sun so I'm happy to claim this bloom.

The other pre-existing plant in this collage is a bit of a mystery to me. Can anyone tell me if the yellow blossomed plant (centre right) could be a kind of lilly pilly? Before it bloomed I thought it was, but the yellow has thrown me. The blossoms came from a bright green berry and the leaves have gone from red to green as it grows. The flowers, by the way, have a beautiful scent from up close.

Expect more of this as spring continues to sprung.

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Blogger MsCellania said...

I thought the photo collage was pilfered from another site! You are blessed with a very Green Thumb, Miss Bec. I am very envious. We are still a year away from putting in many plants. I am going to cottage garden the front.

ANyway, it was lovely to visit here today. Thank You! Glad you figured out your photo woes. I'm solving mine by purchasing another cable today!

Blogger Kim said...

OMG - we're coming over next weekend. On Sunday. We can't on Saturday because we're all going to be famous when Sydney Weekender come and film at The Flying Fox. But on Sunday, I don't care what you're doing, but we're coming over to play.
And yes, it is 1am. I've been finishing the filing (don't ask), cleaning, stewing apples and pears then sealing portions in snaplock bags for the week for the New Recruit, cleaning and getting ready for the week.
I'm going to bed NOW!

Blogger Surfing Free said...

Sweet sweet spring! I leave for work and our flowers are uninspiring and I come home and they are ALL blooming - its lovely.
The basil I planted last weekend is now 10 cms high - everything is growing soooo fast!

Blogger nutmeg said...

Beautiful! Also, please can you tell a complete novice how you did this collage? It's absolutely amazing. I'll trade you my copyright on "Spring has sprung"!

HI Nutmeg - the collage is a function of Picasa, which is free photo management software from Google (google it!). Picasa has a 'blog this' button that lets you put single pics up directly to your blog.

Blogger Lazy cow said...

Lovely flowers. We have 2 scraggly hyacinths. That is all.
I love the term 'borrowed vista' which describes what your neighbour's camellia is doing.

Blogger mar said...

Lovely flowers! how nice to know I will have some flowers to look at during our winter months...!

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