Sunday, September 03, 2006
Red Tweed, for Suse
Breathe easy, internets, my Blogger/photo bitching is over. Being, in truth, a Bear of Very Little Brain, I realised last night that my pic problems stemmed back to the loss of Old Laptop and the use of New Laptop. Biggest difference? I hadn't loaded Picasa onto New Laptop. While all the other suggestions to fix the problem - from Firefox to Flickr to some really complicated ftp thing that a Bear of VLB had no chance of following - may have been technologically superior, at least I understand Picasa, and that will have to do.

So I am fulfilling a longstanding promise to show Suse what Bendigo Wool Mills Red Tweed looks like when knitted up. The sideways smile of the Gorgeous Boy is a bonus for the ladies.

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Blogger Suse said...

Ooh I do like it. This is the wool Son #2 wants a jumper knitted with. I'll show him. Thanks!

PS. Cute kid.

No worries - it can look more maroon from some angles and in artificial light - but in daylight it is more like this.

Blogger Kim said...

1. it looks gorgeous, but
2. it's called red tweed and it's not red at all
3. is this photo taken in your new home?
4. you have moved haven't you or
5. was it all a dream??? but
6. if it isn't, how on EARTH did you not blog about moving, because
7. My GOD internalising the level of whinging that moving creates is not good for your health and FINALLY
8. I CAN NOT believe you were on that train, and I totally get your burning urge to RUN and I I've read that post about five times and still can't believe you were on THAT train...

and shall we set a collective goal of actually talking to each other this week!?!

Darling girl, if you would just answer your phone you would already know all this...

Blogger MsCellania said...

Beautiful - mostly the boy but also the wool!

Blogger My float said...

oh that child of yours has the most gorgeous eyes.

Anonymous sueeeus said...

beautiful boy! beautiful knitting!

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