Thursday, June 15, 2006
The road to longevity is paved with... freshly swept floors.
Men should be dying to do housework

Had to laugh - I hope Surfing Free can use this article about men and housework/childcare to back up her domestic campaign!


A Thursday morning dilemma: my 3 year old Gorgeous Boy is, in the way of 3yo boys, besotted with superheroes in general and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in particular; the TMNT are on at 7am weekday mornings on Cartoon Network; the GB has a slightly chesty cough and it is a freezing cold morning; do I keep my promise and wake him for the TMNT and risk his cough worsening, or leave him in bed and risk the broken heart that will almost certainly ensue?


I've been up about an hour, doing my morning media monitoring stuff. It is freezing here, partly because the dog got frightened during a thunderstorm a couple of weeks ago while we were out and attempted to force her Border Collie sized frame through our cat-sized cat flap. We returned home to find the outer border of the cat flap still dangling around her neck and a cat-sized hole in our back door. It's still there because we are replacing the door prior to the tenants moving in next month and there's not much point putting a new cat flap in the old door.

The upshot of this story is that I'd covered most of my body up but there was a patch on my ankles that was particularly copping the icy breeze. The new kitten, she who broke the camel's back and forced us into many hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt for a bigger house, she has just snuggled into the cold spot and is all cosy and purring.

I think she can stay a bit longer.



Postscript: 7am, GB is up and in TMNT heaven. The only part of his body visible is from his eyebrows to chin. He hasn't coughed yet and he lurves his mummy up to the sky and down again - it's a win/win.

Blogger My float said...

Please, PLEASE teach me how to keep two year old son in bed until after 7am!! If he stays in his own bed until after 7am, I'll pay double.

too bad - you have to wait until he's three - it is a truth universally acknowledged that all good things come to mothers whose youngest child is three or more.

Blogger Surfing Free said...

You are a mummy hero :) Its strange to think that one day we will be yelling at them for spending TOO much time in bed! My four year old usually stays in bed until we get up but she sings really loudly while she is in there.

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