Wednesday, October 04, 2006
STOLEN BY BITACLE Black and White Rules

The House of the Ladies Lounge has some very strict rules about animal behaviour.

The rules are simple but tough. You might even say, black and white.

For example, one rule is that it's okay to hang out under a table - as long as there's no food around.

But never ON a table.

Oh, no, no, no.

But some of us think rules suck.

Some of us say, "Listen, lady, you're not using this table right now and I AM. And I'm comfy. So lay one human finger on my fat black cat arse and you will never get my help in a mouse plague ever again."

He has a point.

Harry the Attack Cat. He has proven worth.

Rules, schmools.

in memory of Nutmeg's Howie and h+b's Hamlyn.

Edited to add a laugh via Scribbit in Anchorage Alaska - and if you haven't visited Scribbit yet, you should - who links to this at Looney Tunes. Because, who hasn't wondered what happened to Biff from Back To The Future?

And in honour of Biff, tomorrow's Root Shoot Marry game theme will be 'where are they now' - email any suggestions and credits will be given. (And it's been a loooong week, despite the public holiday Monday, so any help by tomorrow night will be GreatlyAppreciated.)




Blogger nutmeg said...

A little bit of each pet lives on in memory. It marks the passing of time, in a way. Thankyou for this post it is very kind of you. RIP Howie.

Blogger meggie said...

Agree with Nutmeg.
They enrich our lives in ways humans cant.

Blogger Kim said...

You know, this post is the first time it actually dawned on me you have two different species of animals with the same colouring. Weirdo.

How's the other cat anyway?

And re Scribbit - I'm already addicted and in part purely due to the fact she lives in Alaska, just another quiet dream of mine from watching that show based in Alaska - whose name I can't recall at the moment - during a particular impressionable time in my life.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger scribbit said...

Gosh, between you and Biff it's been a great day for my blog, record visitors and my first two in-post links. Thanks for mentioning me (big thanks).

Blogger meggie said...

On the animal front- love them both.

On the RSM -for an ugly, Tennis father Dockitch- not sure of the spelling??
Or another ugly, Posh Spice or indeed any of those blech Spices.

Sorry cant think of a nice- o yes Debbie Reynolds...or should that be another ugly??

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

I love the way they're both laying there! We have the same thing happen all the time at our house. If our kitchen table is actually cleaned off, then the cat is on it all stretched out. That's my excuse for not cleaning off the table anyway...

So sorry Nutmeg and h+b. Animals are so amazing and they make our lives so much better by just being there.

Blogger h&b said...

Oh !
I am so touched .. thankyou !

Those animals looks well loved though, and outdoor tables are ok, right ?

Bloody pets ....


Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Thanks for the link to Biff, watched it about 8 times!
Love the colour co-ordinated pets. And would they be conserving energy before the next rodent onslaught or just lazy?

Blogger Suse said...

My dog is colour coordinated to your two.

I loved your overrated list. Scrapbooking! (Sweet Jesus, why and how did it come about???)

(Kim, it was Northern Exposure).

Blogger Loralee Choate said...

Ha ha ha! I really would like to be that cat right now.

Thanks for the shout out. That video gets funnier every time I view it!

Nice place you have here.

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