Thursday, November 16, 2006
The long and winding road...
Remember I mentioned it was this time of year for me?

Two days left to go.

I bring you this picture, the latest in an occasional series from my camera phone.

It's the path through the park just before I get to my house when I walk from the station.

I like it today because, if you look closely there appears to be a light at the end of the road...

Only two more days.

I remember when the twins were babies and the Pea Princess was only four and a couple we'd known for years - R and D -came to visit.

They'd had two boys in 14 months while living overseas away from any family, so perhaps empathised a little more than most people.

As they were leaving, R said to me: "Hang in there kid, there's light at the end of the tunnel."

Then he paused and looked at me and said:

"It's just a fucking long tunnel."

How true.


This work thing that happens every year is not so long, and, as you know, I love it in my own twisted adrenalin-craving way. However, by the end of the fourth week I could be perceived by some people to be just a teeny bit crotchetty.

Snappy, even.


Oh let's farkin' face it, I'm a downright bitch.

I shouldn't be allowed near people, really I shouldn't.

And yet. Being around people and making fine-point judgments about the management of people issues is what I do.

So I shall try to suck it up and behave myself these last few days.

No matter how STUPID and POINTLESS and RIDICULOUS the things I have to deal with may be.

Then I'll go do tidy ups and have lunches with friends next week (are you free, Kim?)

And then I'm having a whole GLORIOUS week off.

Then it's one more week of relative normality at the office before we head into a seven-day stint that would make your toes curl.

I wish it would make my hair curl instead.

And then, my friends, it will be Christmas.

Now isn't that a relaxing thought.

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Blogger My float said...

Please send the light over my way, I entreat you, because R was right - it's a long fucking tunnel!

I can't believe you're having a whole week off. That's fantastic, and you deserve it after all that craziness that crops up at this time of year!

And Christmas. Again? Already?

Blogger Carolyn said...

I like the giant "POINTLESS" and "RIDICULOUS".

Christmas is swooping up way too soon!

Blogger telfair said...

Christmas is a light at the end of my tunnel because my Christmas gift to myself is to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

If people complain, I shall not buy them presents.

Here's hoping that your long fucking tunnel turns short very quickly.

Blogger meggie said...

Try hard to fuckus- er- I mean focus on the light!!

Blogger Surfing Free said...

Yes, the light ... a good focus point indeed. Hmmm, we need more light over here!! Stat!

And Christmas - don't even start me.

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

But once we get to the wide-open light at the end, will we start to miss the tunnel? And the cozy dark?
Enjoying the photos, by the way.

Blogger Em said...

I am SO intrigued by what it is you do... things get busy every november???

As for the light at the end of the tunnel - it was like that during G's babyhood... the tunnel was so long I could barely see the light - it makes it very hard to go on at times.

Blogger nutmeg said...

Well, if my calculations are correct that "...downright bitch" phase should end around 5.30pm'ish on Friday night? Perfect timing :-)

Anonymous shula said...

I remember that tunnel, it went straight down, to Hell, before it started to go up again.

I like the sound of your friend. It's exactly the sort of thing I would say.

I'm supposed to be several thousand miles away this Xmas, but my clever escape is suddenly looking pear-shaped. I'm currently in denial about it, and would appreciate it if no one mentions the word, Christmas, to me. Oh God.

Blogger shellyC said...

Well if that picture is of a tunnel that leads to Christmas then it is way too short for me!!! yep - haven't given it a thought at all. I usually do around the 20th!!

Blogger Angry Dad said...

I think your work sounds like my work! (And probably 90% of others!!)

Christmas is coming on mighty quick.

Blogger Kim said...

Sure am. Name the day.

Christmas. 39 days to go.

Blogger Muzbot said...

...then there's xmas... The stress of work deadlines, the stress of shopping for that perfect gift and not just some little crappy throw away. But, then there's xmas... Good food, drinks, great friends, laughs, summer, and if you're lucky, you get to share it all with the ones you love.

You all know that I would be much more active in replying in the combox and on your emails if it were not that there is still one more day to go... don't you?

Blogger creative-type dad said...

Christmas? Already.....

Noooo. Time is racing by too fast

Blogger Suse said...

I'm just gobsmacked at Telfair's language. I thought she was a naice gel.

Blogger mad muthas said...

great pic - far better than any i've ever taken with my phone. stick with it, babe (and, btw, it is me - er, meg - with the twins. we must kvetch sometime soon)

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