Tuesday, November 14, 2006
A corner of my home

Next to my bed.

My favourite photos (some of).

My laptop.

My phones (can you spot the second one? Hint: photo two)

The stack of books was too blurry to publish - but trust me, it's there.

Inspired by babelbabe's stones.


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Blogger My float said...

Ah, the delightful Ladies Lounge offspring. I'm so glad I don't have a (decent) digital camera. It would implode if it had to photograph the mess that is currently beside my bed - namely phone bills (for expense claims), Golden Books (for early morning snuggles and reading) and goodness knows what else. But there are definitely no photos. More things to dust?? I don't think so!

Blogger Joke said...

Looks like there is some record a of a verrrrrrry fortunate groom.


There are some among our acquaintance who still call me the Child Bride and him You Lucky Bastard...

Blogger meggie said...

My favourite kind of corner!

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Gorgeous bedside pics.
Does this mean you blog in bed?

Blogger h&b said...

I love those "corners of my home" type posts, but then, i'm just a stickybeak ... ;)

Blogger scribbit said...

Ah! I got a peak of the kids! How cute. And I keep my laptop close by too--I'd sleep with it but the glowing screen bothers my husband. :)

Blogger velcro said...

what lovely photos and such a tidy bedside table. mine is covered with filing to be done, and nothing remotely interesting to photo

Blogger Joke said...


It's hard to ascertain the former, but as to the latter...I agree with recognition.


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