Monday, November 20, 2006
Another Nutter's City Limits
And so it was that Another Nutter came into town, almost from the city limits...

It's so odd.

There's an empty chair.

And then it's not.

And no matter how many emails and phone calls you make, you still don't know what to expect.

Instead, suddenly, the chair is chocka-block full of ideas and reasoning and jeepers creepers...

Did we tell anyone yet that it turns out we lived in adjacent country towns for a couple of years in high school?

You heard it here first: Nutmeg and the Ladies Lounge, virtually neighbours. Except no one from her high school or mine ever spoke to each other.

There are topographic issues.

Nutmeg's and mine are VERY small towns. And VERY close together.

(apart from the whole massive mountain range thing)

And a VERY long way from where we both are now.

How. VERY. Odd.

So we hadn't quite dealt with those oddities before we realised we definitely needed another glass of wine.

And pretty soon we needed something to eat.


Wagamama. Positive eating. Positive living.

Positively hopeful that somehow, sometime, one of the five perky waiters would remember that two people meant two orders and maybe a second plate would be handy so we could BOTH eat.

(Nutmeg was the one courageously waiting for her serving - she insisted I hoe into mine. I did.)

Despite the - how do you say? - erratic service, the food was good and the company continued to sparkle.

By the time we'd drunk and eaten we'd established that we wrote differently, parented similarly; and both thought that meeting up was a pretty bloody good idea.

There were any number of other things too, but really: you don't expect a blow by blow do you?

It was infinitely better than I expected - to meet up with someone who could already be counted as a friend of sorts, and find they were so much more interesting. So full of ideas and reasoning and so much more interesting for not having a shared past, because this way we could not get bogged down in the details of common friends' lives, nor too much about our children, nor about work.

Ideas; reasoning; it was fabulous.

But finally it was time to go home.

But not before there was one more photo...

Oops. That didn't quite work, did it?

That's better.

Meeting in Real Life?

Highly recommended.

We'll be doing it again.




Blogger Stomper Girl said...

That sounds fun. I love going out with women-friends and getting gabby on the wine. Makes you feel young and free for a bit. (Feeling very old and tied down this week actually.) Yay for you and Nutmeg.

Blogger Jane Henry said...

Bec, I have a theory about cyberspace. It strips us all to the bare essence of who we are. There's no hiding behind polite manners or larger then life personalities. We cannot dress ourselves up or down... The inner id will out however much we try to suppress it.

Therefore... If you like someone in cyberspace, or find them funny, charming, orginal, whatever. The chances are when you meet up, you may be startled by appearances (I know I have on occasion), but you invariably won't be disappointed. The person you go to know and like online is the same, but more so. How much better is that???

I have yet to be disappointed by meeting an online friend for the first time, and the great thing about it usually is you can skip a lot of the formalities of introducing yourself to someone new as you already know each other well.

Oh and it works the other way too. If you think someone is a dork - they usually are!!

love Janex
PS have a feeling already we would get along. But the UK to Oz is a bit of a stretch...

Blogger h&b said...

What Stomper said, plus addition of wine & food, and minus child(ren) and husband. Ahh, delish !

And then, what jane henry said. Mucho ditto, especially with the stripping down, and being able to disregard the usual slow and cumbersome introductory stuff ..

And finally .. this 'small country town, grew up and moved to the city' thing i've noticed in the Australian Gal's bloggers is soooooo interesting to me. I've got my hand up as one too.

Love the pics of you both :)

Blogger Joke said...

Oddly enough, my wife's not crazy about my going out with women friends and getting overloaded on the wine.

Crazy, right?


Anonymous Shula said...

Given that you fraternize with so many Australian women, that probably isn't much of an issue for you, Joke.

Or is that WHY you hang out with the Oz girls?

Blogger Suse said...

Oh, JEALOUS that this time you got a real date whereas we only had a speed date.

Anonymous CrankMama said...

I'm so jealous! I wish I could meet some of my virtual friends in real life... Alas, no one lives in BF WA State it seems.

Nice pics... such pretty ladies (& if I weren't a woman that would sound positively smarmy).


Blogger Carolyn said...

I'm glad you had fun.

Anonymous Shula said...

What is it with Wagamama? Their service in Melbourne is incredibly bad. Do you s'pose it has anything to do with their waitressing ads, requesting 'groovy cute funbubbles who love working in a fab, dynamic environment' (or some such twaddle), as opposed to 'experienced floor staff required'?

Blogger Em said...

I hope to meet someone "in real life" one day (although I imagine I'd be incredibly nervous). Unfortunately there seem to be a dearth of mommy bloggers in Adelaide so I shall have to wait.

Blogger nutmeg said...

All those photos you cheeky bugger. I only remember the last two! Maybe it was those wines....

I'm loving the lighting in those end photos :-)

Just one question, what does the "...and jeepers creepers...." mean? As you know, I'm a little paranoid!

And yes, it certainly was a GREAT evening!

Blogger MsCellania said...

You two are beautiful!
And lucky to have met.
I have met four online folk and like all of them. Meeting them is like slipping into a pair of lovely, comfy shoes.
It just feels right.

Blogger Lazy cow said...

You two gorgeous girls! So jealous. Sounds like a great night out.

Anonymous emma said...

It sounds like it went great. I haven't met any friends I've met online yet but am going to in January. I'm glad that these online meetings do have happy endings, because on CSI etc. the TV characters always end up meeting an axe wheeling psycho who seemed very sweet online!

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