Friday, December 08, 2006
Watch out for Super Sunday

Yes, this week's Root Shoot Marry will appear on Sunday: not just any Sunday, this will be a SUPER Sunday.

I've had this RSM in mind for a while and want to do it justice, so you're going to have to wait till the most underprepared party SINCE TIME BEGAN is over. Please bear with me.

This groovy fellow is the party's mascot. Isn't he jolly?


Blogger just offered me Beta and then took it away, claiming I have one or more blogs that can't be moved.

Blogger, as we know, sucks AND blows.

I want categories even more than I wanted this pretty template.

They won't get away with this.

Anyone else have their offer retracted?


I'd like to thank Joke for his contribution to both baking and engineering with his suggestions for turning out the un-turnable cake from a tin.

Having thanked him, I have to note that only a man could have come up with such a solution.

Read that how you like.


My home email is not behaving.

If you were expecting something from me and haven't seen it, it's because of the aforementioned malfunction.

Or because I forgot.

One or the other.


We moved the furniture last week and I like it a lot more.

The lounges now face each other rather than being at right angles.

I leave you with this illustration of how we got the lounges the right distance apart.

And the proof that gravity works.


(remember, RSM is a Super Sunday this week - it may even include some totally unprepared, probably disastrous party pics)


Anonymous shula said...

Don't mind me. I'm just going to sit here in tapasya until it's posted.

Call me early. I care not.

Blogger velcro said...

we really do have the same couch except your two lack that distressed look you get when sharing living quarters with two cats.

I'll see your two cats, Velcro, and raise you one border collie and an additional two children... I'm cheating here, because the covers are only a couple of months old and you can't see all the animal hair in the natural light from the window. It will cover every party guest at some stage tonight, however.

Shula, you have no idea how strong is my urge to just sit in tapasya RIGHT NOW and not get out til the party is done. Bless you for being there instead!

Blogger Joke said...

I knew my Y chromosome would come in handy one day.


Blogger My float said...

Oh, brave overachieving soul that you are. I had hopes of organising a Christmas get-together and then realised I was in cuckoo-land with all the chaos that surrounds our household at the moment.

The party will be fabulous, I'm sure, cat hair or no cat hair!

Blogger nutmeg said...

If you're organising a party it will be great (even if it is, by your standards, a little under-done; only you will notice that is for sure!).

I am resisting telling Mr J about your christmas cake and icecream combo as he'd attempt to find your place in a flash seeing as his favourite icecream is Ben and Jerry's vanilla and cookie dough and he hasn't had that since he was last in the US about 6 months ago!

Best wishes for a great party and am looking forward to Super Sunday RSM :-)

Blogger scribbit said...

I've been waiting to switch just because I'm afraid of some of the reported problems with Beta. I figure, let 'em work the bugs out and then I'll think about it. They bug me about switching every time I go to my dashboard.

Blogger kt said...

I'm with scribbit--it's working (sorta) (mostly) (kinda) now, so I don't want to tempt the blogging fates.

(Sounds kinda like a good swear you could say in mixed ompany and in earshot of small personages, yes? After that ^&*#$^% cuts in front of you without using a turn signal, you can shake your fist and heartily shriek, "May the blogging fates skin you alive!" or some such nonsense.

Ok, I'm babbling now, but you should know that I'm alert enough to note that your jolly gent has his peace symbol on upside-down. Is it an anarchistic thing?

Eagerly awaiting Sunday on this side o'the globe.

Blogger h&b said...

"The most underprepared party SINCE TIME BEGAN" ?

I didn't know I was hosting this week ?


Blogger Stomper Girl said...

I'm sure you will be a Faaaaabulous hostess, even if you are under-prepared.

I've just realised the only Christmas parties I'm going to this year are kids' ones. I'm appalled by this. Go you for giving Christmas cheer to some grown-ups. If I wasn't in Melbourne I'd consider gatecrashing.

I could have written the same thing re Beta that Scribbit said. Enough with the nagging, Beta. You should try Kirsty's blog at Two Lime Leaves (there's a link to her at my site) she had a really good experience changing to Wordpress

Blogger Angry Dad said...

Blogger does suck sometimes, and I can't wait for categorisations - but I'm debating about shifting over as I don't have long to go with my current blog!

I loved the way the couch got shifted.

Blogger Carolyn said...

Sounds good to me.

I'll be waiting with bated breath, or maybe I should go brush my teeth.

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