Saturday, December 16, 2006
'Tis the season to be ... totally uninspired.

The rocks from our little fish pond. There is a constant and amiable battle waged between me and the kids to keep the rocks in the pond.

As you can guess from the water-less state of the above photo, I usually lose.


Back here I mentioned there were two beyond-busy seasons for me at work?

Observant types may have guessed we're in the throes of the second one.

There's something about a 63 hour week leading into a full weekend in the office that just leaves me a bit flat in the blogging department.

Dunno why.

I've tried to pull it together this week, really I have.

I've rewritten the Christmas meme that's been doing the rounds to make it an Australian Summer Christmas meme. But then I couldn't be bothered answering my own questions and it seemed a bit smart arse to put it up just for other people to do. Do you think?

I wanted to post some party pics but I haven't managed to download them from the camera.

I have some before and after pics of our front garden. Ditto for the camera ennui.

I had some Santa wish list stuff I wanted to record for posterity from the kids, but now I can't find the piece of paper.

I had a rant about the inconsiderate nature of women who give birth in December: aimed largely at my husband's mother, may she rest in peace; but then I realised I couldn't finish it off properly without having a go at the Virgin Mary, and I didn't have the energy to offend anybody as saintly as that.

RSM has definitely gone missing this week, although next week's Christmas one is half-written, so there's a bonus.

You see? I just can't get on top of things.

So in this season of joy and peace, in which I am reminded every year of just how desperately I need a wife, I found myself looking at the fish pond rocks and making a decision.

I have decided to forgive myself for failing to meet my own standards of achievement in the blogging department, and everywhere else, for that matter.

I will forgive myself the last minute gift purchases.

I will forgive myself the store bought cake for The Prof's birthday on Monday.

I will forgive myself the absence of cute home made presents for co-workers next week.

I will forgive myself forgetting to pay the council rates on time.

I wil forgive myself the unsent Christmas cards.

I will forgive myself the failure to blog.

Anyone else need some forgiving? I'm in the mood.




Blogger Carolyn said...

I hope work slows down for you soon. :)

It will! Next Wednesday it all should go quiet...

Blogger meggie said...

Glad things will quieten down for you after Wed.

Blogger nutmeg said...

I just did a massive long post commiserating with you Bec and because I didn't sign in beforehand (new Beta blogger requirement) my comment has gone to the four winds. Grrrr!

Anyway, a shortened version is that I think you deserve some forgiveness. 63 hours! I hope to join you in being forgiven for the unpaid bills, no blogging and Christmas cards (even though I did not intend to send any this year - just plain lazy).

The only thing I have done is the Christmas shopping and only because I went to one of those shopping nights at Myer armed with a ruddy long list!

So please, do take it easy on yourself. You are only one person (even though there are expectations from many quarters for you to be more I'm sure). It seems you've just got to grit your teeth till Wednesday and then hopefully you can slow down a little?

I also noticed the trouble with commenting until I gave in and switched to Beta late last week. It seems the push is on to make everyone swap. Though, I did and it still snaffooed my previous comment!

Anyway, I hope to "see" you on the other side of Wednesday.... :-)

Blogger nutmeg said...

And that was the shortened version....?

Blogger MsCellania said...

Ah - I can help with the comments! You can cut and paste by doing a 'control C' to cut and a 'control V' to paste - just like everything before Windows made our lives like a Mac. So you 'control C' then do your log-in rigamarole, then get lined up in the now empty comment box, hit 'control v' and
Your post, she's there!

Blogger MsCellania said...

I don't think Jesus was really born in December. I forget why December 25 was pulled out of someone's - ah - HAT.

Yes, let's see the Christmas Meme. Please keep Mistletoe the scourge that it is! Tree-choking Weed!

And Forgive yourself! For everything.
Really and truly.

Blogger Kim said...

If it's any consolation, I haven't bought one christmas present yet. Not ONE.

I haven't baked, relished, chutneyed, liquered anything yet. Not one onion into relish, not one sultana/date/prune/raisin/currant macerated for cake, pudding or fruit mince, not one lemon peeled for limoncello.

I'm quite impressed with my lack of anything.

I am so 'blah' towards Christmas this year and I'm not sure why. I look at our tree to find inspiration. But not a nada.

I was drawing consolation from the fact that the height of style and eloquence I believe Blackbird to be was also not feeling festive as yet.

So I guess even in blogging land, whatever this state some of us seem to be occupying, loves company.

Blogger scribbit said...

Hang in there! We're all pulling for you!

Blogger shellyC said...

I think i said last year, if enough of us agreed we could put Christmas off for abour 4 weeks!!! That would help many of us!!

I could DO Christmas in January. What a bloody brilliant idea.

And thanks for all the commiserations - let's all wallow for a bit, shall we?

Blogger Suse said...

Wallow wallow wallow

Thank you I feel better. I have not sent a single christmas card, nor baked a christmas cake or made a pudding (not that I'v ever made christmas pud in my life but you know, this was going to be the year I actually attempted it). And apart from an electric toothbrush, I haven't bought poor old Son #3 anything. Mr Soup is horrified that we're giving our third child a toothbrush for Christmas, but as I keep telling him, he's been begging for one for three years, and he's a THIRD child, so what the heck else can we get him?

Wallow wallow wallow

Anonymous shula said...

May I suggest we all bestow upon one another the Christamas gift of freedom from blogging obligations for the next week or so, should we desire it. No questions asked.

I can dig it.

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Keep being kind to yourself. I plan to just keep treading water till Christmas morning. Then when the excited children burst into the room on a complete Christmas high, we'll be able to go "oh yeah baby. This is why we do it!"

But in the meantime if you find out to get a wife, can you let me know?

Those fishpool rocks are fab.

Blogger BabelBabe said...

Um? Forgive me for giving birth in December? (Primo's birthday was last week.)

I like your rocks.

All kinds : )

and Suse, I LOVE that #3 is getting an electric toothbrush! I didn't get one till I was 35! and now my teeth love me!

Forgiven BB! And at least you gave yourself and his future partners and additional week before Xmas Day - the Prof's birthday is exactly seven days before Xmas and before anyone says 'it could be worse', it couldn't because it falls right ON TOP of THE single, most unavoidably frantic day of my working year!

I suppose I should feel sorrier for him than me, but it doesn't come out that way.

I'm trying to work some word-y analogy mojo on Stomper's treading water and my own and Suse's wallowing... Haven't got it yet but if I can eventually insert the fish pond into the wallow and the treading water I shall feel very clever indeed.

Blogger Muzbot said...

This "Christmas" thing you speak of...

It scares me. I can't go into a shop at the best of times, and now, a week before Christmas, I realise that my worst fears are now becoming a reality. WESTFIELD. AAaaahhhhh. I just can't do it. Is it a cop out to order magazine subscriptions online for friends and family as presents?
I'm sure my nieces will love the Barbie mag appearing each month in the post for a year.

Blogger ewe are here said...

I'm still working on our Christmas cards. Sigh. The international mailing deadlines have come and gone, but you know what....

I am forgiving myself. They'll get them when they get them.

Hang in there!

Blogger Lazy cow said...

You've done a good job forgiving yourself! Glad you're buying a cake, I'm - gasp - making a packet mix (Cadbury's, pretty nice) for my son's birthday tomorrow, and I don't have 1/2 the commitments you do.

Blogger Joke said...


Christmas already?



Blogger h&b said...

I forgive you.
Now upload those garden fotos.

Please ?! ;)

Blogger Jane Henry said...

Ah Bec,

You are not alone...

though sorry I have done Christmas cards, but then I don't have a proper job.

I have just written a very uninspiring blog because I was up to my ears in work deadlines last week and have too much to do this week. Somehow I have invited half the school plus mums back tomorrow when the kids break up. The words ... WHY???? spring to mind.

But I have just done this.

I thought you might like to know I've just posted this on You Tube. The soundtrack should of course (and was going to be) Jackson Browne's Running on Empty, but Vivaldi can't sue!

I have just found a whole other way to waste loads of time...

Bec don't be so hard on yourself and don't sweat the small stuff. Christmas will come, the kids will get their presents, we'll all stuff our faces with turkey...

love Janex

Blogger mad muthas said...

bec, my dear, i think you just need to kick back and cut yourself a little slack! have a lovely holiday ... when it eventually comes!

Blogger velcro said...

that should be it over right? Your busy work I mean. I hope that right now you're sitting somewhere sipping a cold glass of wine and destressing after such a hectic few days.

Blogger nutmeg said...

I had the same idea as Velcro. I thought I'd come and check on you and see if things have returned to partial normality! I hope so.

Anyway, as I'm going AWOL, probably until the new year, I'd like to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas day and beyond. It's been great reading your blog and meeting you (in the real world!) I'm sure your preparations will come together (but I don't pretend they will without effort!) and like Velcro, I hope there is a nice crisp glass of white wine waiting for you in the near future :-) Take care.

Blogger thordora said...

ho ho ho! Have a good one!

Blogger MsCellania said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS, Bec and Family!
Happy New Year, too.

Blogger Suse said...

Happy Christmas dear Bec!

PS. Finally got our dates. We're gone 28-31 but back after that. Call the mobile and we'll hook up. xx

Blogger kt said...

Happy New Year!

If and only IF you're up to it, go peruse my blog.

I haf tagged you, dahlink.

Play or not, there's no risk/pressure/expectations involved.

I'm off to open the champagne as it's nearly 2007!

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

I miss seeing you around! I hope things are going well for you and yours!

Blogger Joke said...

You know, this is not what I'd hoped for when I wished that all would go quiet for you...


Blogger Jane Henry said...

Hi Bec,

Hope you had a merry Christmas, and wishing you a very happy new year!

love Janex

Blogger MsCellania said...

Hey! Where in the hell are you?!
One more day of this and you will be receiving an email with questions, Young Lady!

Blogger meggie said...

It souds as if we are all hanging out for a Bec fix!!

I wish you & yours all the Best for 2007.

And I wish for you, rest & refreshment!

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