Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Milestones and Asterisks
Sometime very soon this blog will get its 10,000th visitor. That's going by my most conservative sitemeter (I have quite a collection if you've ever adventured waaaaaaaaaay down to the bottom of the screen here)... other jazzier and possibly virus-bearing sitemeters set that target way earlier.

But I trust the old conservative one. It reminds me of me.

Wonder who number 10,000 will be?

A friendly face? Or that banker from Saudi who wants ladieswithgiantboobs?


Ah, the joy of the asterisk post. A bit of this, a bit of that.

It's like a salad at the end of summer, when you have a fridge full of barbecued meats and lots of veg and probably a container of cous cous or pasta just begging to be used. So what do you do? Chuck 'em all together and call it yet another lunch to eat at work, if you ask me...

So. I feel I haven't quite captured the spirit of our summer. And that would be a shame.

This was a P.A.R.TAY summer. We entertained until our collective arses were about to collectively drop off.

I'm not big on party pics. All those bright flashed faces and redeyes needing repair. I'm more of a before and after gal.


Some kind of quiche. Seeing as how I'm not a real man, I'm big on quiche as a filler. It's never the star, but it looks nice on a white tablecloth.

And before:

Is it wrong to use a box of cherries given as a gift at one party we hosted to serve to guests at another party we hosted?

I think not. We did take off the ribbon.

and evidence of After:

we saw a lot of this, and also a lot of this:

and a lot, lot, lot of this:

... waiting for the next free dishwasher space. Any glasses we have that can't go in the dishwasher? They're politely told they're not required for parties...

The next morning is always fun for lively, well-rested kids, who do stuff like this:

and this:

to their hungover parents...

... fortunately there's always the beach as an antidote (to the hangover, not the kids)


It was our 10th wedding anniversary on February 15th. We did not do anything then but are about to have our first night away, withOUT children for about eight years, this Saturday, as the kids are going to stay the night with an uncle and his gorgeous, gorgeous girlfriend (oh yes, for serious ladieslounge readers, this was the other thing that happened this summer) . If you've bothered to read this far, you might want to make suggestions as to how to celebrate a 10th anniversary when a couple has three children and a lot of miles showing for it...

Staying: Crowne Plaza Terrigal
Time Away From Children: 18, maybe 20 hours, if we're lucky
Aims: Does wedded bliss sound too corny?




Blogger Joke said...

It sounds ridiculous but the first thing we did on our equivalent vacation was to sleep.

It was so good we slept again. In fact we slept.all.night.long.

Then we ate proper food nonstop, drank wine at leisure, had converstions which touched not a bit on "how was your day?"

We looked for the sorts of shops we like, we took in sights in a leisurely way and reminded ourselves not to do this too often, lest we delude ourselves that we could live sanely with more children.


Blogger Joke said...

P.S. Happy (belated) 10th!

As Wendy would say to Peter, Joke: "Oh, the cleverness of you!"

Note to self: do not return from Terrigal thinking a fourth child is a good idea.

Bigger note to self: do not return from Terrigal bearing fourth child.

Blogger meggie said...

Bec, enjoy Terrigal! and be aware they are telling us we may be in for Thunderstorms in this Terrigal region!
But who cares if it thunders- right!
Hope your weekend is magic for you both.And happy Anniversary!

Blogger Jane Henry said...

Happy anniversary Bex - we had our first free time away from the children four years ago and have managed it three more times since (alas last opportunity on my 40th to Venice is likely to be last time till they all leave home!). I can thoroughly recommend it as an opportunity to learn to be able to speak to each other again like normal adults, and indulge in the joy of wandering without stopping every five minutes for loo breaks/pitstops.

AND take it from me, you SOOO don't want to come back with a fourth baby....

We started saying we don't want a fourth do we? NO of course not, how stupid, and then we'd agreed no, but my body clock tricked me...
THough now I'm not ungrateful...

Have a fab time.
love Janex

Blogger nutmeg said...

Thunderstorms put me in mind of sitting on a verandah watching it roll in and having a wee tipple at the same time. Is there a possibility of such a room where you're going? Either way, do all the stuff which is nigh impossible with children and other stuff that is possible, but better without anyone elses company other than your husbands ;-)

Blogger Surfing Free said...

Have a fantastic night away! The bliss!!!! No stressing out at 5pm about dinner, baths, and bed.... that's got to be worth any money! Instead you grown-ups will be slipping into your fancy threads and heading off to a fancy restaurant ... nice.

Blogger Emma said...

Congratulations on the anniversary. Our tenth was last April, and I had very similar plans to yours. Sadly ours fell through due to a babysitter shortage. It was still nice, just to know we have each other. I am such a sap.

I confess, we're a little too excited that our youngest will be 18 in just 15 years :)

Blogger stompergirl said...

Happy Anniversary and congratulations on 10 happy years. I hope you have a wonderful time at Terrigal.

Anonymous shula said...


Happy anniversary.

I'm terribly impressed.

Blogger MsCellania said...

Happy 10th Anniversary?

Me? On an anniversary ALONE - I mean with the spouse, of course, but unencumbered by more?

EAT: Food I love, and okay, that he loves

SLEEP: Don't know if I could still 'sleep in' but I'd love to try

SHOP: Just wander and browse.

Then do the above some more.

Blogger MsCellania said...

Meant Happy Anniversary !
Not Happy Anniversary ?

And I'm hoping to have a Partay Summer. Since we've had over 65 days in a row with SNOW ON THE GROUND. So Far

Blogger Suse said...

Happy anniversary!

So. Fourth child? Hmm?

Blogger scribbit said...

Oh I hope you'll have a great time, just getting away for a weekend can do wonders.

And fresh cherries are always welcome in my book.

Blogger Nic said...

Have a lovely time Bec, may you relax and not miss them too much!

Blogger ewe are here said...

Happy Anniversary!
I'm sure you'll come up with something enjoyable and fun!

Blogger Caro said...

What Joke said. Amen.

First I didn't get a wv and then I got oxpee. I bs you not.

Blogger Em said...

Looks like you had a great summer :) Happy anniversary... 10 years is a milestone!

Blogger My float said...

Fourth child, huh? Heh, heh, heh. Oh, wouldn't I laugh? (Ok, only a little. Then I'd ask to adopt it! You breed 'em good!)

Anyway, I hope you had a great time up in Terrigal and are all rested and refreshed and blissed.

Blogger h&b said...

Have a great time .. or, being Monday - I hope you HAD a great time.

Did you remember the contraception ?

Anonymous ICSI Mexico said...
Anonymous annmelody18 said...

Belated Happy 10th Birthday...Wishing you the best.

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