Saturday, January 20, 2007
Root Shoot Marry #20: Which Jennifer would Hugh choose? With, for one week only, a PRIZE!!
Ah, another weekend, another Root Shoot Marry. And, since I'm still on holidays and can't think too hard without bleeding slightly through the ears, I'm very grateful for the inspiration for this week's boys AND girls.

Yes, folks, you can all thank Stomper for this one. And all those other lusty lasses who pined for Hugh Grant in last week's Fops session for RSM.

This week you have three Hughs and three Jennifers. And since one or two or maybe three of them have appeared here before, I searched long and hard to make sure there was a difference in the way they appear this week.

Does everyone remember Sesame Street? And that song:
"One of these things is not like the other
"which one is it
"do you know?
"Tell me which thing is not like the other
"And I'll tell you if it is so!"

So apart from the usual choices of Rooting, Shooting or Marrying, and hot on the heels of the fun we all had with the rebus back there (the responses to which, by the way, my husband has only partially forgiven), this week's RSM comes with a sub-game of working out which picture does not belong with the others. Not compulsory, but maybe fun...

Onwards to the plunder and mayhem!

The Hughs

Hugh Jackman, but in case the Boy from Oz thing throws you off, here's another shot that might just do it for you (also, because it's so kitsch I couldn't resist it).

Hugh Laurie (by special Stomper request)

Hugh Grant (d'you see that fringe, girls? So totally the fop!)

and the Jennifers

Jennifer Aniston (ahem, uncovered, gotta let a little bit slip in this game from time to time)

Jennifer Garner (I have nothing mean to say here: she's just plain gorgeous in every single photo I googled)

Jennifer Lopez (or is it Barbarella? I always get those two crazy chicks mixed up)

To recap: this week the choices are to root, to shoot or to marry one of the Hughs and one of the Jennifers, and, if you like, take a stab at which picture is the odd one out.

And did I mention there is a prize? So be prepared to receive a small and colourful package in the mail if you're the first player with a correct answer to the odd one out.




Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Well clearly, all the rest of them are lazing around in the prone position whilst the man-of-my-dreams aka Hugh Laurie (pretty wild dreams they are too) is sitting up.

Also, before I play, may I congratulate you on the lovely photos you've chosen; complete spunk-fest going on in the Ladies Lounge tonight. And your sub-title, very witty, Hugh crack me up!

R: Hugh Grant. I think he'd be good at it. And he's been curling my toes for the best part of a decade now, so despite Divine Brown and the fact that he really only likes thin, posh girls, I really couldn't knock back the opportunity
S: Hugh Jackman. But just to wing him, and then I would probably nurse him bravely and he would fall in love with me and pursue me with thoughtful gifts and beautifully sung serenades.
M: Duh. Hugh Laurie of course. Fixit you are so dumped. Seeyas.

Blogger h&b said...

Jesus, I think Stomper's been drinking !

R: my foppilicious Hugh Grant

S: Hugh Jackman. Am I the only woman alive this man doesn't turn on ? And it's got nothing to do with The Boy From Oz. I just don't like him ..
If I stand him next to Ms Lopez and get my aim just so, even better ...

M: Jennifer Aniston. I just love her, and there were no more Hughs to choose from ( sorry Stomper, Mr. Laurie doesn't do it for me )

Blogger h&b said...

P.S. - that pic of Hugh Grant is rancid. What's he doing, grinding away on an old brown blankie ?

In leather pants.


Blogger Lazy cow said...

Hugh Grant is topless, but that's too obvious isn't it?
R: Hugh Laurie, I suppose. I really don't see the appeal. (So someone probably wants to shoot ME).
S: Hugh Jackman. Again, even less appealing than Mr House. He's just to effeminate for me.
M: Hugh Grant. I just love him. I don't know why. He'd be a lot of laughs anyhow.

Blogger Jane Henry said...

Ah well now....

I could never root Hugh Grant looking like that. h& b you are soooo right, those leather trousers are vile. And he is unsufferably so smug. So....

Shoot Grant.
Root Jackson (I think he's incredibly sexy as Wolverine all right? Ok my back is going to look a little bloody, but hell... it will probably be worth it)

And marry marry marry delightful darling wonderful Hugh Laurie, with whom I have been madly in love since I saw Peter's Friends (but shhh, don't tell my husband).

Hugh Jackman is the only Australian, but that seems a bit boring, so I have no idea which one is the odd one out.

Blogger telfair said...

Is anyone going to marry anyone other than Hugh Laurie? I would walk across broken glass just to see those beautiful blue eyes up close, for a brief moment.

*ahem* Enough rhapsodizing...

Root: Hugh Grant, although I have to agree with h&b and say that the comment she left was hilarious -- it is a truly rancid picture, and what on earth is he doing on that brown blankie?

Shoot: Jackman, because like many others who have been here before me, I DON'T GET IT.

Marry: Hugh Laurie. Hugh Laurie. And they lived happily ever after.

*le sigh*

Blogger Lisa said...

Hi. I'm new here. And I'm from the states, so I'm sure glad you explained in the rules what "root" means. Whew.

So for this week:

I'd root Hugh Grant. Does this even need explanation? I mean, look at him!

I'd shoot Hugh Jackman. Anyone who would allow themselves to be photographed as such is harming the gene pool.

I'd marry Hugh Laurie, mainly because he is not wearing leather or satin pants. I just couldn't marry anyone who wore leather or satin pants.

Which also answers the second part of the quiz...Hugh Laurie is the picture that is not like the others, because you can't see his pants!!!! (I hope they're not leather)..

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

Hmmmmmm... this is a toughie. Could I just root them all and be done with it?

Root - Hugh Laurie. Love him.
Shoot - Hugh Grant. He kind of annoys me sometimes, but as Stomper Girl said, I'd just graze him a bit!
Marry - Hugh Jackman. I don't care what any of you say! He is a man of many talents! ;o)

And for Mr. B -
Root - Jennifer Aniton just because.
Shoot - Jennifer Lopez because she is generally nasty and she is especially nasty in that picture.
Marry - Jennifer Garner. Enough said. (I think I may have mentioned before that he has already informed me that he is leaving me for her.)

And as for the which one of these is not like the others... that's tough! I think that out of all of them Hugh Laurie is the only one who's first name isn't actually "Hugh," it's James.

Blogger Badger said...

Oh my God, RSM is getting too goddamn complicated for me. I have no idea which picture is different, except that rose picture is clearly gay.

R: Jackman. I could never marry a man with a name like that.
S: Grant. He does nothing for me whatsoever, and he strikes me as a giant prat.
M: Laurie. I mean, duh.

Blogger meggie said...

This is a really hard choice.
Hugh must be joking?? (Sorry)

Agree H & B just cracked me up, & broke my concentration for the matter at hand.

I would like to just shoot all the Hughs as well as all the Jennifers!

But, if I have to;
R Jackman.
M Ultimate fop, Grant- he makes me laugh!

As to the Jennifers- pass.
No idea who is odd one out
Perhaps the surly Laurie, flesh flashing?

Anonymous sueeeus said...

I'm hopeless at this, but I'll say HJ#1 is the odd one out, as he's not looking at the camera, whilst all the others are engaging the viewer head on with those come and get me eyes.

R: HJ because I don't know who he is and I know nothing about him, so how exciting is that?!

S: HG because, ugh, yechhh, blecchhhh.

M: The delectable and delicious HL. DUH! Like Badger said. :)

Blogger Tracey Petersen said...

OK. I'm playing. I watched last week, but it felt wrong to just watch. By some logic the morally correct choice is to play. Mind you, none of these guys are impressing me greatly and I am just using 'who will make me shudder least' as my criteria.

R - Hugh Jackman, but only if he is in his wolverine persona. He looks too clean otherwise.

S - Hugh Laurie, loved him in Black Adder, but He looks too grubby.

M - Hugh Grant, he's the one left. He's not too clean or too grubby. He's just right. If he annoys me I can always send him down the street with fifty bucks and get a bit of peace.

Hugh're all giving me hughge amusement this week: such hughmorous entries from such a talented bunch of hughmans.

Next week, I promise: pun-free zone.

Prize-winner (and there WILL be a winner) announced on Monday.

And, by the way, yay to all of hugh for going for it when hugh don't even know what the 'colourful' prize is. Hugh're courageous, that's what hugh are.

Blogger MsCellania said...

Dammit, where's blackbird with her keen powers of observation when we need her ...

Root Jackman
Shoot Grant
Marry Laurie

Um, Barbarella's death-sprawl on the beach - her arm placement. Everyone else seems to feature a left arm, she's got her right prominent. (I am grabbing straws, here)
Oh, no, wait - Jennifer Garner has her head ON the ground - everyone else is propping their head up.

Blogger Joke said...

Aha! I'm the first person to shed light on what ought be done RSM-wise as re. ladies.

As always there is one answer that is obvious and all the others fall into place.

R - Aniston. If you marry her you wind up with Angelina Jolie and, frankly, she's little more than Pam Anderson with a pharaoh's curse. I was torn in this category, but the picture finally tipped her into R and out of M.

S - Lopez! This is the over-obvious answer. Why she is famous is beyond me. I think I need to put her out of our misery.

M - Garner, by default. Pretty in a wholesome way and mostly tabloid-free.

Blogger Joke said...

PS The odd one out is Hugh Laurie in that he's actually perpendicular to the ground.

Blogger Surfing Free said...

I loathe Hugh Grant so he will feel the heat of my bullet.
I LOVE the next two Hugh's so I'm not sure which one gets to feel the heat of my passion just the once or endlessly while we both shall live. Oooh, it's tough!! But I think I'll just shag Hugh Laurie and take the lovely Hugh Jackman home with me ... although I know his current wife might take exception.

Blogger Suse said...

The Huge Ack-man is the odd one out because the other two are poms and he's an aussie.

(And I'll root him, thank you very much for asking).

Blogger nutmeg said...

OK. Seeing I'm so late I'm going to have to get all alphabetical/analytical here with the odd one out. We've got:

Hugh Jackman - HJ
Hugh Laurie - HL
Hugh Grant - HG

Jennifer Aniston - JA
Jennifer Garner - JG
Jennifer Lopez - JL

Two names ending with L and G. Therefore, has to be either Jackman or Aniston. Doesn't help does it?

OK. I think it's Jennifer Garner. She's the one whose picture downloads the slowest. Yes?

OK. Is it the odd one out of the whole bunch or each sex? Therefore Jennifer Aniston because she hasn't rooted Ben Affleck (Oh no, but their names both end in A; is it a sign?) Grant and Jackman both look like they could have rooted Ben Affleck (H&B is right - both their pictures are so rancid - I think she should win the prize, by the way - funniest answer!) - So Hugh Laurie is the odd one out of the boys.

But it would probably have to be Hugh Laurie anyway as he's the only one in an upright position.

Oh, I give up. Other than to say:

Root - Jackman
Shoot - Grant
Marry - Laurie

Anonymous Uli said...

Root Grant
Shoot Jackman
Marry Laurie

Though I do admit I swapped the first two about half a dozen times before actually typing this out.

And can I vote to shoot Lopez regardless?

As for the odd one out, I don't have any suggestions beyond those already made. Though I reserve the right to come back with a guess later after the third glass of wine.

Blogger shellyC said...

Late again!! But glad to see there are others who are happy to shoot Hugh Grant I was worried I would be the odd one out. He is just too squeaky clean for me! And he should be shot for agreeing to pose like that!! I think I would be happy to Root Mr Laurie and I would easily Marry Mr Jackman because as I have said before you get to root the one you marry more than once!!!

Blogger Nic said...

Heck, late again with this one. I seem to be agreeing with everyone else in marrying Hugh Laurie - someone who makes me laugh will always win my heart!

Spent long time thinking about the other two, but simply due to the picture, shoot Grant and root Jackman. (Interstingly enough, that photo of Grant was in a copy of Hello many years ago which is STILL in my mother-in-law's magazine rack...

A says:
Root Lopez,
Shoot Garner (due to his not knowing who she is at all!)
Marry Aniston

Blogger Carolyn said...

I showed up late to the party. :)

Root - Hugh Jackman. Yummy.

Shoot - Hugh Grant. Just because he's the least desirable.

Marry - Hugh Laurie. That voice. MMMMMM.

Blogger BabelBabe said...

I'm late too but as usual I will offer my two cents anyway...

Marry - Hugh Grant. I can't help it. I just watched Love Actually AGAIN and he is so cute. And don't even get me started on how adorable he was in Bridget Jones...

Root - Hugh Laurie. I tthink guys with ...issues...are sexy. His cane turns me on. So shoot me. Or my therapist.

Shoot Hugh Jackman. He doesn't do much for me anyway...I am with H&B on this one.

Anonymous dilara said...

HUGH LAURIE for sure. Hansome, adorable, mascular and sexy. Who else?!

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