Monday, January 15, 2007

The Pea Princess made a special garden. Plants purchased with pocket money. Soil lugged from back of house to front by bucket. Decorated (although they're under mud in this shot) with gigantic oyster shells from the beach.


Did anyone else other than Stomper Girl notice what Velcro let slip in her latest Root Shoot Marry entry via comments? You should go check it out - delicious gossip.


Speaking of RSM, I footled about today with an archive for all the games so far in the sidebar. Since Blogger continues to taunt me with its standing invitation to 'make the switch' and then to deny me access every time I foolishly enter my details, I continue to gaze jealously at the labels gracing all your other blogs. My sidebar archive is the next best thing, and I can't imagine why I didn't think of it before.

It did, however, remind me how painfully in need of pics those first few games were. You have all been terribly patient. And imaginative. Maybe you were sitting there drawing pictures of Mother Teresa and Sean Connery on your doodle pad next to the computer? I like to think so.


The slow and satisfying new year is sort of coming together.

The Pea Princess and I played Monopoly between other jobs today: does that count? She's currently whupping my butt, due partly to an early bulk-purchase of railway stations and utilities.

I am making some gains on her now that I have hotels on Todd Street and Smith Street. Yes, you've got it, the two cheapest sites on the board. I've always been a fan of inner city gentrification.


Entertaining friends tomorrow night and, despite knowing this is not a good idea, I am going to try something new-ish and butterfly a leg of lamb and cook it on the barbeque. Wish me luck. If it looks like working out I'll take pics.


And finally, the real reason I am still up at this dreadful hour?

I've been threatening the Prof with a full blog post on this issue, but it seems impolite and not conducive to long term married bliss.

So, without giving you an entire post (even though I've composed it, many times, in my head, in the night) let me leave you some visual clues.





Blogger Joke said...

I feel your pain.

Which is reassuringly disturbing.


Blogger Joke said...

P.S. I wouldn't butterfly the leg o' lamb.

Anonymous shula said...

He snores?

Like a crab?

Blogger Joke said...

He snores like an express train carrying a consignment of crabs to the movies.



Blogger My float said...

The Pea Princess should be proud - that garden is lovely. And good for her that she's beating you at Monopoly - she'll be running the country by the time she's 15 (with any luck!)

By the way, subtle selection of pix - very conducive to long term married bliss!

Joke's description is so apt I could weep.

Also, you're right Joke, it's more boning it, spreading it out as evenly as I can and doing an almost-dry rub all over before the bbq. It's very popular on the celebrity chef trail at present and we had it at a friend's house a couple of weeks ago.

I'm still in two minds as to whether an mid-week dinner is the night to try it.

Blogger nutmeg said...

I'll keep my comments to the pea's mini garden. Delightful. Budding green thumb. I feel your pain over the monopoly, the Diva is currently whipping my ass in the junior version! Should I be embarassed?

As to those pictures - I don't think I'm as visually oriented as I thought - a few things came to mind but none of them were as good as Joke's.

Blogger meggie said...

Is Velcro spilling the beans?

Or dishing the dirt?

Blogger Surfing Free said...

Oh, I'm no good at cryptic clues!! You have to spell it out for me ... something about crabs on a train???

Yes, I also HATE that is signed up for the new Blogger! The only way I can sign in is if I leave a comment on my site or on My Float'
s site. Tres bizarre and VERY annoying!

Blogger Surfing Free said...

Oh, and if the big nose on sleeping next to you make a noise like a steam train, leaving you crabby and with insomnia - I feel your pain THOROUGHLY!

Hubby has been banished to sleep in the spare room ever since I got pregnant because I cannot go another night lying awake hating him with every fibre of my being because he is emitting noises that are unhuman!! I can still hear him in the spareroom but it's not as bad.

Blogger meggie said...

I was going to suggest you are both crabby- he from lack of oxygen due to the snore, she from lack of sleep.

And, dont believe all you read about the new Blogger- they have NOT ironed out all the wrinkles yet, & this endless signing in to ones own blog gets bloody tedious!

Blogger Joke said...


Click on and register for the freebie 14-day trial. Then see how they boned out the leg (many ways to mangle it, only one way to do it right).

Alternatively, watch this:



Joke, uber-helpful as ever but the boning is already done (by instinct - I shall check your links and see if I got it right!)

sf - I so identify with the lying there hating every moment. He's so apologetic and he really tries to stop it, including using this reasonably helpful herbal rub thing-o, but I am a light sleeper at the best of times...

The crab, for those speculating, has a double meaning. Firstly, there is a clacking noise amid some of the snoring. It is quite regular and has the same effect on your almost-sleep as listening to a tap dripping into water. Then, naturally, there's the fact that I'm just plain crabby about the whole thing.

What was that indy song that was on JJJ a few years ago where the girl is singing about all the terrible things her boyfriend does and then suddenly breaks into whiney speech partway through and says: "But I LOVE him!!" ???

Blogger Blue Moon Girl said...

The Pea Princess' garden is simply beautiful! Go her!

I didn't notice Velcro's comment until you pointed it out. SO jealous. Because if his brother was better looking than the already delicious Ewan, I am drooling!

As for the new Blogger, I have taken to highlighting and copying all of my comments because I never know when I'm going to lose one and that way I don't have to re-type the whole thing! It's a pain. If I forget to sign in before I post or don't hold my mouth just right, it's gone.

And as for the snoring, I feel your pain!! If I don't go to sleep before Mr. B or if I wake up in the night, you can forget it! I have taken to poking him until he rolls over to hopefully stop few a little while...

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

I do think we need more info from Velcro about Ewan and his more-delicious brother and what they got up to at school ...

I'm glad someone explained the picture sequence. I would so clearly fail an intelligence test. Can't you pack the Prof off to a sleep clinic? Surely its rather mortifying to be hated that strongly whilst sleeping. The mysterious clacking gave me a good chuckle, trying to picture a possible cause and imagining your midnight wrath.
If Fixit ever snores (alcohol-induced) he gets poked in the back and ordered to lie on his side. And he has the nerve to get grumpy about that! Go figure.

Blogger Joke said...

I've taken to sleeping with headphones.


P.S. For those who've met TFBIM, they'd never believe that dainty little slip of a lass snores like a walrus being beat to death with an outboard motor.

Anonymous shula said...

I think that deserves a pictorial, Joke.

Blogger MsCellania said...

Congrats to the Princess on her garden! Very nice.

Both my K and I snore now. I do this annoying lip-popping thing that builds to a crescendo of a Repeating Death Rattle. K now snores loudly enough to be heard many rooms away. And On the Inhale AND exhale! I wear ear plugs when we sleep together - which isn't often anymore. We start out together, but one ends up in the guest room.
There was a device on the market called Silent Knight that pulled the jaw forward and prevented the tongue from sliding to the back of the throat. I gave it to my bil who is an infamous snorer. He has a serious overbite and trying to get his teeth to go bull-dog style - well, it was a cruel suggestion on my part-- but we are finally laughing about it now. He would have had to unhinge his jaw like a boa to get his bottom teeth over his top teeth! What WAS I thinking...

Blogger h&b said...

I think your husband has crabs .. but you're just masking it with all the other stuff so you don't feel hideously embarrassed about it all.


Can you catch crabs by reading blogs by people who sleep with people with crabs ?

I hope not.

And new blogger sucks.
I wish i'd stayed put.

Blogger Jane Henry said...

Aha! - sorry this has nothing to do with Bec's crabs - though many sympathies there, I also have one who sleeps on his back and snores loudly after a skinful (I find a pinch on the ear and a kick to get him onto his side usually helps) - but it has to do with the delicious Jeremy Irons.

He's won a Golden Globe for his portrayal as Robert Dudley Earl of Leicester in a tv miniseries about Elizabeth I, with Helen Mirren (she won two playing both Elizabeths which was pretty neat.

Anyway, it was fab. So was he.

Have I got my finger on the pulse or what???

(I should fess up here and say I actually didn't know he was up for a Golden Globe, but he is brilliant in the role!!)
love Jane

Blogger velcro said...

I love the little garden. Can you send her over this way to do some window boxes for me?

You have my sympathies. MrV snores horribly and occasionally likes to vary his nighttime torture routine by doing horse impersonations. Mind you it could be worse, I had a boyfriend who snored so badly it vibrated through the mattress.

Blogger velcro said...

As for the McGregor boys.

McGregor the elder was fancied by almost every girl in town but was really shy. Alas he had a girlfriend who I suspect was probably the most hated person in the area.

McGregor the younger didn't really feature on my radar at all. I remember his chatup line at one point was "fancy a piece of meat" and he played I think the french horn and was lead male in My Fair Lady but like I said I didn't pay any attention to him.

Their dad (who was a PE teacher) used to get quite irate at girls (including me) who had a note to get out of swimming for that monthly excuse - very useful in Scottish winters.

Blogger scribbit said...

Okay, those clues are rather disconnected or am I missing something? I'm guessing it's keeping you up at night :)

Blogger My float said...

(Laughing) Holy heck, I'm so glad I came back because my guess about your issue was SO far from reality that I'm enormously embarrassed about it.

Suffice to say that old time directors used trains going into tunnels to illustrate a certain act, and sometimes that act apparently gives you certain unwelcome visitors (ie crabs) which makes one unable to sleep. (Not that I speak from personal experience, I hasten to add).

(Slapping head) WHAT was I thinking?

Blogger Carolyn said...

I'm assuming that I have a dirty mind. All I could come up with was that he was horny (the long, um nose), but you were blowing him off (the train smoke) because he had crabs and it was giving you both insomnia.

Although I knew it couldn't be what you were trying to say, it was all I could come up with.

Blogger Suse said...

Well I'm with carolyn and float. I thought there was no engine and tunnel action right now because someone had crabs, and said lack of action (and possibly crabs - do they itch?) was causing insomnia on your part.

No wonder he'd divorce you if you revealed all THAT to the internet.


Blogger Lazy cow said...

I thought he was having erection problems, because he was having an affair and caught crabs. Where's my mind at?

I think what the different answers to my rebus show is that the correct conclusion was VERY obvious to those of us (me, Joke, Surfing Free, BMG and others) who sleep with snorers.

Which makes me wonder: do you other grots sleep with people with crabs?

Blogger Tracey Petersen said...

Oh my! I knew immediately what your rebus were saying. I would have used a rhino, not a train, because once I was having terrifying nightmare about being chased by a wild rhinoceros and awoke to find that the noises were real and coming from the other side of the bed. They were still terrifying.

Blogger Stomper Girl said...

Oh my God, I just revisited this page and laughed myself sick at the comments. Hoo!

Blogger h&b said...

I sleep with a snorer, darling, and no, he doesn't have crabs.

I still think you protest too much.

Blogger Lazy cow said...

I too sleep with a snorer, but I never hear him. I'll check for crabs though (ha ha).

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