Friday, February 09, 2007
Root Shoot Marry #21 - Until Theyre Hooves Were Steeped In Bloode
There are enough bookish people who visit here that I can say this without feeling weird.

I cannot find my Morte d'Arthur and it is making me twitch.

It's not a special edition, and I imagine it would be easily replaced, but when I went to look for it to check the quote that was stuck in my head for this post (see title) I. Couldn't. Find. It.

Not anywhere.

Twitching. No, seriously: twitching now.

So, if anyone has their Thomas Malory handy and can find the bit where they are jousting (I think it's in the Lancelot chapter but am not sure) and they fight and fight and fight until theyre horses hooves are steeped in bloode... PLEASE feel free to correct my quote.

What an unsatisfactory way to lead into this otherwise terribly romantic Root Shoot or Marry game #21.

Ah, Lancelot. Do we love him to bits and wish he were ours? Do we hate him as the self-centred spoiler who destroyed Camelot? Do we go for the notion that he was really hot for Arthur but took young Guinevere for the money?

And what of Guinevere? More sinned against than sinning? Annoying twat or warrior queen? Heroine or temptress - or both?

These, then, are your choices for RSM this week.

Lancelot - three ways, and thrice times Guinevere.

Come lay thee down in a medieval bed of love: for lust, for marriage, or for tragic, tragic death.

The Lancelots

Ioan Gruffudd. I admit bias this week. Seriously: I would learn Welsh for this man. I cannot imagine why it has taken me so long to list him. Expect a repeat appearance under some pretext or other for me to post him in his Hornblower outfit in the very near future.

Robert Taylor
Means nothing to me, but the Prof tells me he was very big Way Back When and it makes me feel young for the Prof to come up with movie stars I barely know.

Richard Gere. One of those polarising types. I expect y'all to be fairly evenly split on the love-hate thing for Richard, but, hey! I been wrong before...

The Guineveres

Amanda Donohoe, what on earth was she thinking to appear in a movie with Whoopi Goldberg?

Julia Ormond, probably should have stuck with Arthur in this version.

And Keira Knightley. Oh dear. I seem to have been a bit mean on the girl side this week. sorry about that. Still, shouldn't be too hard to find someone to kill, should it?

If I could find my Malory I would leave you with something chivalrous and courtly to represent the life and death strugggle of cliff, shag or marry.

Since he's lost, I can only say, mtc.



Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Sydney Shapes (or - what on EARTH have I been doing with my time, hmm?)
There have, as some of you have pointed out to me, been many days since my last post.

So what have I been up to, one wonders?

Well, as mothers of small children everywhere do, I have been looking at shapes.

And since pictures say - well - more than a lot of words, here are some of the shapes I looked at on a day recently in one of Sydney's oldest bits, lovingly known by us lucky Sydneysiders as "The Rocks". I've been thinking about these shapes ever since.







Circles and arcs

Rectangles (and old seaman, don't you love that people used to care?)

Criss-cross, or is it zig-zag?



Hard to say: Jorn Utzon thought they were orange segments

Ripples and grids

Plinth; or, possibly, Profile


Squares (left corner, building)

More words next time, perhaps.