Thursday, June 22, 2006
What's Black and White and Red all over? The corners of my kitchen...
Revised: Belatedly it occurs to me that I could yet again cheat on a Blackbird Show and Tell by classifying the below post as 'baggage' of both the physical and emotional kind... Much of it will shortly be in packing boxes and moving house - does that count?

Internet is running slow tonight and it may drive me ever so slightly mad to do this but these corners kept catching me when I was home painting this week, and it seems right to capture some moments from the old home before we move to the new one...

I'm going to miss the big mirror; here it gives a double dose of black wok and white colander.

The wok is cast iron inside, enamel outside, from one of our many Asian supermarkets here in Marrickville. It is huge, but not too huge for a big serve of chicken and noodle stir fry for the family here.

Under the wire sieve is a white enamel colander that cost me $5 at K-Mart 15 years ago ... I bought it thinking it was pretty but would chip and die in a year. You've got to love that kind of resistance in a cheap kitchen utensil.

Red jelly in progress - 'jello' for Americans. The coloured plate to the right is part of a full dinner setting for eight that I painstakingly purchased piece by piece, from pay to pay, about eighteen years ago. I've still got all but one large plate and one bowl. The orange and blue made me happy long before it became The Designer Colour Combo of the decade in the 90s ... Well look at that! The Blogger "save as draft" and "publish post" buttons below here are dark blue and orange!

The new clock - the old one died in a tragic wall painting mishap and we spent a week compulsively glancing at the blank space on the wall until I could find a new one I was happy with. This is the sort of product that makes me love IKEA.