Friday, October 27, 2006
Everybody wants to work (oh no, not me) - The Uncanny X Men. Theme song for Root, Shoot, Marry #11. [Stolen by Bitacle]

I love and hate this time of year.

There is something about being part of a hard-working group of people, with common cause and common drive, with a sense of greater good, with care and consideration and wit and intelligence; it simply makes you feel more alive.

I love this job more than I have ever loved doing anything in the world of work.

But fuck you feel dead at the end of this part of it.

And we're not quite at the end of it yet.

So. Twirling those Pollyanna curls, here we go with three good things about working too hard:

  1. Remembering dawn is awfully pretty in springtime.
  2. Cabbing it home every night on the corporate bill.
  3. Knowing it ends; knowing it pays off in a year's worth of respect and allowances made for the flexibility I demand for kids and co; knowing it's a worthwhile job (ok, I'm cheating on the three things. I'm Pollyanna, right? Give me a break.)

Were you waiting for three bad things? Do you even know who Pollyanna is?

Anyways, there are, of course, far, far too many more than three...

Meantime, I try to enjoy the ride.

escalator, martin place

Quickly now, to Root, Shoot and Marry #11 and then to Sleep.

For speed's sake, you're only getting the boys tonight, girls tomorrow.

Hard working lads

1. Bill Gates

2. Donald Trump 3. Richard Branson

Root, Shoot, Marry rules in full via the link on my nav bar above.

You have my two week gap to make up for, so Bed 'em, Dead 'em and Wed 'em with a vengeance, folks.


And just one more thing, especially for Shula at Poppalina.

Guess who I'm listening to as I finish this post tonight?

Shula, darling woman, when you see Jackie on Sunday, can you please tell her I love her music beyond all sense and reason?



ps - dealing with mad jealousy at the amount of face to face meeting going on down Melbourne way just now. Please note that Nutmeg, My Float, Kim and I are getting very close to a date for a mass Sydney bloggy meeting and EVERYONE else is welcome - email me.

pps - goodnight moon.